Best & Worst Dressed at the Jordanian Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice & Queen Rania

Best & Worst Dressed at the Jordanian Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice & Queen Rania

Here is a list of the best and worst dressed at the recent Jordanian royal wedding of Crown Prince Hussein to the now Princess Rajwa, some of those who attended included Catherine the Princess of Wales (Kate Middleton), Princess Beatrice and Queen Rania of Jordan, the mother of the groom. We also have Queen Maxima, Princess Catharina-Amaila, Crown Princess Mary, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Elisabeth, and more!!

What do you think of the brides gowns? Who is wearing your favorite look?

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35 Responses

  1. hennahannnah says:

    Princess Rajwa’s wedding dress was an elegant embodiment of modesty which befits the future queen of a Muslim country. The column dress alone may have come across as too figure-revealing. The full attached train offered volume and reduced the contrast of her silhouette which would’ve been more obvious without it. The length of the train seemed utterly suitable for a royal wedding. It seemed designed to show best in the many photos taken on the various turns of the garden path. The train appeared to have floral motif cutouts and embellishments. Does anyone have any information on that?

    • cam lacasse says:


    • A Flutter of Feminine Confusion says:

      Completely agree…possibly one of the most beautiful and perfect dresses I’ve seen on a bride…the aesthetic of it suited her figure perfectly…and your correct about the silhouette…the lines and cut of the dress were faultless…❤

    • CC says:

      I have to agree. This is probably one of the most elegant romantic weddings I have seen in along time. The dress itself is perfection, elegant, sophisticated and suited her perfectly. And her husband was so handsome in his uniform and was a perfect foil.

    • Vicky Corey says:

      I agree with you! It was absolutely gorgeous and so is she! They make a beautiful couple!

    • Donna Lynn says:

      Can I just say that you described the dress exactly as it looks, elegant and perfect for the place this wedding is and you did it in very few words. The Joan Rivers wanna be spent 10 minutes ripping the bride to shreds.

  2. regal damsel says:

    I really love the bride’s dress. Modest, figure hugging, and neat detail without being too much.

    • AmethystDew says:

      I agree – beautiful.

    • ckp2ator says:

      The more I saw it in pics and videos, the more I liked it. The asymmetric neckline and fitted diagonal draping across the midriff was different than the usual and highlighted her figure. It didn’t steal attention away from the beaming faces of the couple.

  3. Terry Trammell says:

    Since Beatrice got married she’s definitely dressing better and I think a member of her husbands family is teaching her how to dress. Always before she and her sister dressed like their mother and Fergie has never been known as a “fashion plate”.

    • Isis Barom says:

      I think she is simply maturing. Our tastes change over time, and Princess Beatrice has arrived at that place where she knows what makes her looks fabulous.

    • Amanda Begg says:

      Totally agree with you King Charles needs to bring both York Princesses onboard.

    • martha Lee says:

      @Isis Barom I’m really liking how Beatrice looks and I think that Eugenia and Beatrice are their own selves with husbands and children and seem to be happy to be out of the limelight.

    • Rosemary May says:

      She does look better now but a pity she never got her teeth straightened

    • Donna Harvey says:

      I thought she looked great… tiny waist

  4. Valkyrie Sardo says:

    I think her degree in architecture explains the gown very neatly. It is not the usual mess of bling and frills. The lines are clean and highly scuptural. The train is covered in custom floral cutouts. The fabric is the ultimate in luxury. That can be seen in the way it drapes and reflects the light. It makes the fabric of the other gowns look like pillow ticking. That princess has exquisite taste. She has a precise vision of what she wants and who she is and all of that firmly grounded in reality. Her husband is a fortunate man. Aside from that, he is rather petite and if she’d gone the frou frou route, he would have looked like the topper and she the wedding cake during the ceremony.

    • Christine Galloway says:

      Really loved her dresses, some cultures dresses are over done with bling ,no disrespect please,its really beautiful

    • Mamtha's smart moms says:

      The groom’s parents are ‘a tall wife and petite husband’ combo themselves

    • Baylor Sailor says:

      It’s a traditional cut for the region.

    • Katherine Wagoner says:

      I agree in everyway. And, to me the dress had a hint of art deco design. I loved the modesty of it. Was perfect.

  5. Sherri Zanoli says:

    In India, white is worn for funerals and red for weddings. I thought both dresses were amazing. I loved that she is an architect and had an asymmetrical front on her gown. It was a nod to her career and the woman she is or was. I am sure her career choice has changes since she is now royalty.

    • OliviaM says:

      Yes, it’s nice to see the women in the Islamic & Middle Eastern regions with more freedoms in their daily & event styles. They really are embracing their options. Although not all of the women in those regions can afford lavish western styled events. Some women still have zero options and are still wearing traditional attire/garments. But they have more freedoms now than 15-25 yrs ago!!
      These are things women in the western cultures take for granted. Most in the west have no idea what It’d be like to have less opportunities & freedoms. 🙏🙏🤞😔🤔

    • SpareMe says:

      Yes I know.

      NEVER buy white flowers for an Indian, they’ll consider it a bad omen.

  6. Sherileen Lambert says:

    I think a lot of the guests, particularly the female guests, looked stunning and sophisticated. Thumbs up from me where the first wedding dress worn is concerned. I personally didn’t like the second choice worn by the bride. There was too much going on. Having said that, the bride looked absolutely gorgeous. Have to disagree about Princess Catherine. Her first dress choice was stunning. 😊

  7. E Manship says:

    Rajwa’s wedding dress was excellent for an architect. It is architectural and perfect for her. She looks amazing in both dresses. The reception dress isn’t meant for dancing. Never having been to a Jordanian wedding, I don’t know the expectations. Catherine’s Elli Saab dress is a dream! Beatrice wearing the York tiara was a welcome sight! Everyone looked fabulous.

    • Mary Knuese says:

      Really? Even Pelosi? You must not be from the US! Not all of them looked fabulous. That chubby who isn’t even 20 was dressed so frumpy. She has heavy arms and that short short sleeve looked awful! She should have had a different neckline and a longer sleeve. The ruby color was pretty. Whom wore the royal blue dress? I agree , it looked like a dress top for a ice skating competition! I didn’t like the design at all.

    • Mary Knuese says:

      Who not whom

    • Yvonne Read says:

      stop picking out faults! people wear what they can afford true beauty comes from the inner person not the outward Garb….. some can look over dressed but it’s their choice and what money can afford! best not picking up on it snobbish! talk….

    • Linda Hilton says:

      Princess bet

    • Linda Hilton says:


  8. I Kozden says:

    The wedding gown is elegant and fits the bride perfectly. The pleated front and slanted neckline are the focal point, no need to add lace or embroidery, etc.

    • Helen Taylor says:

      Elegant is the word that came to me, too. Just perfect on her!!

    • Miss Mew says:

      Agreed. Had there been more done on the ceremony dress it would’ve taken away from the beautifully unique neckline. I loved it as well!!

  9. alanaw27 says:

    I liked the bride’s wedding dress and felt it worked well as she walked through the palace. It made her look tall and very elegant. I was surprised, even knowing the bride wore flat shoes, that Princess Catherine was so much taller. I felt the evening dress was pretty but a bit fussy and overwhelming on her. She is a beautiful woman and the couple were glowing with happiness and that’s what really counts.

  10. Jenni G says:

    I absolutely loved…. Catherine’s first dress, I didn’t think it was too much at all. Just stunning. I would even have to say it’s my favourite dress she has ever worn. But I do agree, Beatrice really did shine in both her choices, I was pleasantly surprised, beautiful ❤🇦🇺

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