Beth Behrs Raps an Anti-Drug PSA with Kat Dennings

Beth Behrs Raps an Anti-Drug PSA with Kat Dennings

Jimmy shares unreleased childhood photos of Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, and the 2 Broke Girls stars decide if they would have been best friends as kids.

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Beth Behrs Raps an Anti-Drug PSA with Kat Dennings

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20 Responses

  1. derp says:

    they should’ve done the ew with sara(with no h).

  2. RS Addy says:

    Archie comics :D!

  3. aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

    They’re nice but the show sucks so bad. Don’t know a single person who
    watches it.

  4. leonardo michaelangelo Donatello Raphael says:

    i like kats dress

  5. BLOOD1MONEY says:

    “An anti drug rap” yet these hoes look like they sniff cocaine and suck
    testicle juice for crack rocks.

  6. Zana Zizo says:

    come on people, lets not fool ourselves, kat is sexy as hell!!

  7. RRoJ says:

    Kat fine af

  8. GrandAdmThrawn says:

    Kat OMG! Kat OMG!!! :)

  9. Arterton Reyna says:


  10. Joseph Schneider says:

    What is uncool about the pads? Helmets do look stupid, but the pads make
    you look like Robocop or something! …

  11. Junior Diaz says:

    kat needs to give some of her boobs to beth

  12. Livvy Kennah says:

    Kat Dennings gives me life

  13. GRAWSLAVE says:

    Kat “Way too HOT!” Dennings

  14. Addy A. says:

    Kat Dennings’s boobs are Untouched Jewels! o_O

  15. Vincent Choi says:

    Two babes

  16. Rafael Lima says:

    kat dennings s2

  17. VvXXXvV says:

    What is this shit?

  18. imesh fallee says:

    i dnt care if ppl find their voices annoying or Arnt sexy enough ..Go ahead
    judge them..but those girls dont just do comedy …they are genuienly happy
    with their work and life…Thats is what i Love <3

  19. ZeldaPlayCentral says:

    Two sluts try to rap but fail miserably.

  20. Stugots fatcocini says:

    they are soooo hoootttt! …..its going in the spank bank LOL