Bethesda Showcase at E3 2019 in 15 Minutes

Bethesda Showcase at E3 2019 in 15 Minutes

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79 Responses

  1. fluxx says:

    Anyone else feel like the audience was over zealous?

  2. BlueDragon says:

    What’s up with the (paid) crowd? They screamed louder than Apple’s cheerleaders at WCCCD 2019

    • D K-sky says:

      Well I somewhat disagree. There where a lot of genuine “wtf” reactions in the crowd at WWDC 2019, like that one when they announced a stand for 999$ and a lot of “crickets chirping” when the crowd wasn’t impressed. So I think they were legit.

    • Stabgan says:

      Apple ? Grapes are always sour haha .

    • A Bite Of Life says:

      anonymous one …….. your comment is the proof that the audience is paid . No one would cheer for the debacle of fallout 76, not even the most hard core fan. These people are getting a paycheck for sure

    • AdDiCtEd GaMeR says:

      Yummy Hershey I’ve be to E3, I don’t think I would cheer as loudly as these guys for mobile games.

    • Jacob Jenkins says:

      thats exactly what i was thinking

  3. Pan John says:

    Looks like they hired some paid wower in the audience.

  4. abc 123 says:

    Never heard a crowd so excited over mobile games

    • David Baldwin says:

      Shatter people who love mobile games are vastly in the minority of people who spend thousands of dollars and choose to make e3 their vacation. At least 90% of attendees couldnt care less about mobile games

    • Shatter says:

      David Baldwin people who loves mobile games are the silent majority because they wouldn’t be making them if people didn’t download them and play them, these companies are obviously making a decent profit off of these games and it’s indicated by the number of downloads.

    • Lilian says:

      And DLCs

    • Barry Chapman says:

      It is so embarrassing, E3 is supposed to be a press event for unbiased journalists…

    • Alucard Helsing says:

      Looks like fallout 76 is improving with human NPCs. Still passing on it due to the paid mods.

  5. Innocent_Bystander says:

    I’ve now lost all hope for @Bethesda…

  6. chris conley says:

    Sitcoms had the laugh track and Bethesda has the applause track.

  7. Nobody says:

    yes thank you for not saying a single word about starfield and/or elder scrolls 6

    • DivineNihilism says:

      You da real MVP, my dude. Just saved me 15 minutes. Greatly appreciated.

    • dragoselle says:

      @Wyatt Darnell it was 1 fking year god dammit at least 1 more small teaser its all we ask it cant be so hard

    • Jusey1 says:

      @RookieDrifter Technically, the other stuff (76, mobile games, etc) aren’t part of the Maryland team’s works. Todd and his team is only working on Starfield right now, and probably a bit of TES6 via concept art and ideas. TES6 shouldn’t be in game development until Starfield is release. This is usually what they do.

      So, those other things are just extra stuff being done by other teams and people do enjoy those things. Let people enjoy things and be patience.

    • D00mnoodle says:

      @RookieDrifter well making games is hard, i don’t expect games to be bug free at launch, just playable for the most part. And while FO76 was a bit of a miss in that department i think by now they’ve improved it a lot that i think people should really stop hating on it and move on.

    • Randy Dewitt says:

      Your a hero for saving people from wasting time

  8. Zebra Syndrome says:

    That cup of noodles had no business looking that good

  9. locs13000 says:

    Definitely paid clappers in the audience

  10. scrubslover9 says:

    Paying people to cheer you on has got to be a new low. How sad of a company do you have to be lol

    • Just a cunt says:

      @WolfieMate don’t disagree with your 2nd comment as that is an objective fact but it doesn’t make it any less scummy. As for the 1st one I don’t care. Give me good game I give you money. Give me exciting news about good game, I cheer. This presentation was boring as fuck, and the *feelings* of the devs don’t matter. They’re not my friends, they’re providers of entertainment and I’m their customer.

    • TopOfAllWorlds says:

      WolfieMate as if the company did it for their employees and not for their audience so they feel like what they presented on stage was actually good

    • AdDiCtEd GaMeR says:

      WolfieMate Diablo Immortal… At least they’re crowds are real because they were booing at a mobile game. Bethesda should dseserve the same thing that happened to diablo immortal.

    • GANAMO Beats says:

      please clap.

    • Og maco Sheesh says:

      16x the ego

  11. LyricBoss says:

    *These fools screamin’ like they watching Kanye West moon-walking.*

    • maahgle says:

      This is better

    • Mulder & Scully says:

      The worst E3 in history.

    • Per Johansson says:

      well making some noise for 20 bucks

    • Tyler Bryant says:

      I noticed that shit too, I was like “Why are you guys cheering for NPCs in FO76? The ship’s already broadsided and sunk!” Lmao

      It’s just like reviews on amazon now-a-days.. Got these bot-nets that auto-create accounts and go 5-star rate this one item hundreds of times only for it to be a pile of shit when it arrives. Capitalism in a nutshell I suppose lol..

  12. letsgobulls24 says:

    Thank you for making this. Saved me 75 minutes of my life

  13. Music Memories says:

    they show off mobile game on E3 presentation… wow times are changing

    • Jordon De Annon says:

      @Tenma being legit bro

    • Jordon De Annon says:

      @AdDiCtEd GaMeR lol not to be that guy but he LITERALLY put “/s” at the end. If you have been living under an internet rock this means “sarcasm” -.-…..

    • Seedonator says:

      @Jordon De Annon i said in my above reply that the only good mobile games are ones that are ported/remade from pc or console. Pvz1 and terraria are also really good but its because theyre ported from the pc. Games created for mobile almost always have microtransactions because barely any game companies have heart anymore.

    • Jordon De Annon says:

      @Visraider   honestly, a lot of the general population would say the same about us “real gamers” being devoid of intelligent thought. But that would be a gross generalisation wouldn’t it?

      Don’t confuse games like candy crush with games like PUBGMobile. You also have Fortnite on mobile. These games are top shelf with very good learning curves. Deffo PUBGMobile anyway. It was made with passion, has EXCELLENT gameplay, and reward structures. Also it is HIGHLY responsive.

      You use the witcher 3 as an example of top their story telling and gameplay and graphics (which it is to this day the best single player experience I’ve have, barring nostalgia from Skyrim and oblivion) BUT, not everyone has got the time to delve deep into the Witcher 3s deep and long story. I am one of those people today. I am far to busy to kill 8-12 hours a day on games. I used to be able to 5 years ago but these days I just play about 18 hours a week. So I primarily play multiplayer games namely battlefield v and some apex legends with a bit of FIFA and PUBGMobile at home and at work sometimes. Quick and easy games for 2 hrs a day ISH. A game like The Witcher might take me a couple of months to complete these days. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be more in depth mobile games with great stories and such but I feel the mobile “genre” caters to a wider audience and calling one set of gamers more stupid than the other because of their interests/lifestyle is stupid in itself.

    • Jordon De Annon says:

      @Seedonator oh yeah, I won’t fully dispute that, but it’s like saying that every non exclusive game on console is just a pc port so in Xbox’s case “the only good games on Xbox are pc ports”. Microtransactions are not necessarily a bad thing when 90% of the market is free to play. The problem with these mobile game companies is the implementation of p2w NOW THAT is where the cancer is. If I was a game Dev I’d want some microtransactions in my game too. They would be cosmetic only obviously, but man’s gotta eat.

  14. Lluquinator 24 says:

    This is a great conference to make your public buy Skyrim for 36th time

  15. pantslesswrock says:

    To whomever edits these: first off, thanks. Second off, I’m guessing you have a timeline in Premiere or whatever that’s nothing but that one guy yelling? If so, please post it. Thanks. I love you.

  16. Luis Velasquez says:

    Bethesda is straight A garbage now. They’re getting closer to EA at this point

    • Luis Velasquez says:

      Google User fallout 4? That’s the most disliked one by everyone though, even fallout shelter has a better following lmao

    • Google User says:

      @Luis Velasquez fallout 76 was worse, 4 was somewhat decent

    • gimmedamemes boss says:

      @No No Dude I swear if ES6 ends up being trash im gonna be so devastated like i’ve waited 8 years for that shit and it’ll likely be 13 years before it ever comes out

    • No No says:

      @gimmedamemes boss Yeah, I really hope they realize they gotta do something amazing with their biggest IP.

    • gimmedamemes boss says:

      @No No Hopefully its their top priority. Since Starfield and ES6 are being worked on at the same time I’m hoping they aren’t cutting corners to meet a deadline. That or the staff isn’t too overloaded with two massive projects at the same time.

  17. Raj K says:

    Man: Hello… Everyone
    Crowd: (screams)
    Man: Today….
    Man: …we’re going to…
    Crowd:(screams louder)

  18. Just a cunt says:

    Bethesda: reveals something completely vague no one truly understands
    Crowd: wooooooooooooooo

  19. sortedevaras says:

    Blizzard is kicking themselves for not thinking to have a paid crowd for Diablo Immortal.

  20. Lord Katakuri says:

    Bethosda: I will kill your families
    That crowd: Yaayy oooh

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