Bethesda’s Game Design Was Outdated a Decade Ago

Bethesda’s Game Design Was Outdated a Decade Ago

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41 Responses

  1. @NakeyJakey says:

    Break up with basic browsers. Get Opera GX here:

    man I just hope this shit is entertaining! like im sleep deprived and nervous as hell right now ngl but if you see this I hope u enjoy the vid and have the best holidays! see u next year for Jacob Patch 1.37 that finally adds ray-tracing to my lil tiny ass
-jarby <3

  2. @SgtWicket says:

    You never want someone describing the quests in your game as “this could have been an email.”

  3. @Tiraelina says:

    I liked when I had an inventory and a ship’s floor littered with stolen items. I started a passenger mission that had a few nameless dudes in my ship. After I picked up a stolen item off the ground, one of them stated it was theirs and then walked over and took every single stolen item out of my inventory. My first response was to shoot at them after, promptly learning they were flagged essential. Then my crew was also shooting at me after that. 10/10 game.

  4. @Craggle25 says:

    I stopped the game after 10 hours of playing and I said exactly what you said “I feel like the game is purposefully wasting my time” I didn’t even pay for starfield and I feel like I paid too much.

  5. @SirCaco says:

    I was playing the game last night and landed on some planet near Crucible, just to kinda mess around and get a quick survey off since it only had like 2 resources. I came across one of those workers you mentioned who gives you a quest to go find the guy that deserted and bring him back. So this lady gives me the quest, turns around and starts walking away, and I notice the quest marker is still on her, but the quest already updated saying “Bring back the deserter” or whatever. So I talk to her again, and she looks at me dead in the eyes, PUTS ON AN ACCENT, and says “You sure came a long way to find me. Well I’m not going back!”. These geniuses forgot to populate the planet with more than one person, so the one worker was flagged as both the quest giver AND the target.

  6. @smarkies says:

    16:57 This is gold! My daughter was clapping and smiling when she saw the Ms Rachel parody hahahah 🎉 she deserves a raise! 90% goes to her.

  7. @Sitron_ says:

    We already had Starfield in 2008, it was called the Space Stage in Spore. However, in Spore you can actually just fly the ship to the planet

    • @sintanan469 says:

      We already had Spore’s Space Stage in 2003. It’s called (depending on PC or Mac) Freelancer or Escape Velocity Nova.

      20 years later and Bugthesda falls short trying to do the same thing.

  8. @mothersbasement says:

    Shooting on location with the exercise ball was an inspired directing choice

  9. @gibbs3000 says:

    Bethesda could be the Rockstar Games of RPG’s with how much money and experience they have making “Bethesda games”, cranking out iterative, massive, incredible games that absolutely blow everything else out in the genre of the water. But they just don’t seem to learn from their mistakes at all and they don’t take criticism in a constructive manner either. It’s a real shame.

  10. @Craig-lk1sp says:

    The most hilarious thing about the DLSS mod was that because the game had ‘early access’ (or late release for poor people), the mod for DLSS was technically released before the game was.

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