Bette Midler Wins Best Leading Actress In A Musical At The 71st Annual Tony Awards

Bette Midler Wins Best Leading Actress In A Musical At The 71st Annual Tony Awards

See Glenn Close present Bette Midler with the Tony Award for Best Performance By An Actress In A Leading Role In A Musical for her work in Hello, Dolly! Stream the 71st Annual Tony Awards on CBS All Access.

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20 Responses

  1. Lucas Bradley says:

    All I can say is… FINALLY!

  2. Troy Gabo says:

    This should’ve been Eva Noblezada. She portrays a character that is both emotionally and vocally draining to a human being. sigh, Bette Midler won because she’s a ‘legend’.

  3. cadavra8 says:

    Don’t ever try to play Bette off. You will lose big-time!

  4. ssilva872 says:

    DEAD at her telling them to “Turn that crap off!”

  5. pamela frew says:

    So deserved,well done Bette. 🙂

  6. Ana Exe says:


  7. Mapuata Eric says:

    Wind beneath my wings

  8. Idk what Im doing with my life rn says:

    um… I don’t give a furry little rat’s ass if she’s some “legend” but does she know that there are people who are trying to make the show run as smoothly as possible and she is genuinely giving them a hard time? like… its not cute or sassy its just downright disrespectful…

  9. Bob Mrk says:

    that’s soul for you…we love u too Bette

  10. Chanell Heeter says:

    the orchestra be like BYE DOLLY!

  11. Autsada Intuprapha says:

    EGOT is coming

  12. BeckhamBelieves says:

    NOBODY puts Bette in the corner!

  13. Tommy Marosa says:

    Patti Lupone: “That bitch [Close] stole my Norma!!!”

  14. Mish Y says:

    Eva was robbed. This is so not fair. I understand she is a legend but was she the best performance…. in my opinion no

  15. Brian Eduardo says:

    I feel with the Tonys they always give the prize like this to the big name – the actress in Miss Saigon is luminous …. I have heard that Miss Midler is just ok in the role

  16. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    How weird – I hear her talking but her face isn’t moving.
    Bette, bless her heart, has had more work done than my kitchen remodel.

  17. IAmaPersion says:

    Damn this got annoying fast. I felt bad for her watching an old woman who seems to be losing her mind.

  18. Gabriel Glorioso says:

    “shut that crap off” is the new “shut up its been 29 years”

  19. Alexander Hamiltrash says:

    the teleprompter says “PLEASE WRAP IT UP!!!!!!!!!”

  20. dasoulfoodbuffet says:

    At that age, they just dont give a fuck anymore.

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