Better McMuffins – You Suck at Cooking (episode 109)

Better McMuffins – You Suck at Cooking (episode 109)

The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, also known as the HackBonalds Jeg NickRuffin, is a fun sandwich to add things to. Also to take things away from. Also to hold while spinning around in a circle while yelling “hey look at me I’m a McMuffin!”

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55 Responses

  1. Some Random Internet Ninja says:

    He really just warped through time and space with a makeshift ball pit

  2. Random guy In tha suit says:

    I wouldn’t recommend using a French muffin, they are more cakey then their English counterparts

  3. No One Knows says:


  4. Terrible Mic says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t let a single egg say good buy first.

  5. Kabaub says:

    I made these this morning while simultaneously stopping a limeade popsicle feud with icecubes. Thank you for breakfast, YSAC.

  6. Luke Choi says:

    Guys there’s definitely something going on here. Every time he cracked an egg the shell was not visible. This has got to be the return of the egg series. He even tagged the playlist at the end of the video! Maybe the eggs are replacing themselves with oranges now and kidnapping dolls to get revenge for their fallen comrades. John is returning!

  7. Panneapple says:

    so we’re all just gonna ignore that one “egg” he cracked was a tangerine?

  8. Kickled Kekkers says:

    This berserker grabbed a coffee mug out of a microwave with his barehands

  9. Isaiah Garcia says:

    I’m not gonna lie I don’t really like McDonald’s that much but this is probably my favorite YSAC episode

  10. Michael BallsPenis says:

    “Paint the ceiling with mayo” … okay Tobias Fünke

  11. Chris Lee says:

    Me: Can we buy toy story 4?

    Mom: we already have toy story 4 at home
    Toy story 4 at home: 5:07

  12. lenainabox says:

    “…and now we’re gonna fry up a slice of ham until it starts *breathing like a l u n g”*

    can’t say i’ll ever look at ham the same way again

  13. Kody Bartley says:

    Me: Hmmm that egg looked really orange

    Rewinds to 1:12*

    Me: oh.

  14. Artificially Intelligent says:

    *falls into ballpit*

    “Hey. You’re finally awake.”

    • Robert Dicke says:

      This shit right here is the sort of thing I forget about all the time and will inevitably show up to take me by surprise.

  15. noobslayer135 says:

    This episode of You Suck at Cooking was directed by David Lynch

  16. gozzilla177 says:

    As a boy raised by a single mother, I’m curious how the Mcbastard is made?

  17. Gabriel Jewett says:

    “it’s like an accordion but it sounds good” Weird Al is going to kick your ass if you’re not careful

  18. Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back says:

    This is like my 50th vid on the channel and I’m starting to think he doesn’t suck at cooking…

  19. Mib Dang says:

    imagine having a youtuber roomate and one day he like: ayy you want a role in a vid?
    “ye sure why not”

  20. Jarret Bussman says:

    Its about time someone made a sequel to inception, i could do without the advertising but this trailer looks soild

    • Andella Kovar says:

      I was thinking about how this seemed very inception too… Er… I mean.. yes this sequel looks amazing can’t wait to see it when the world is released from our homes 😂

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