Betty White Prank Called James Corden

Betty White Prank Called James Corden

Ahead of her appearance on The Late Late Show, Betty White called James with some special requests.

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19 Responses

  1. biglaughngirl says:

    Because BETTY WHITE kicks butt!


  2. Rob_temsis says:

    Volume in really low on this video.

  3. Vanessa Gamero Soto says:

    she's beautiful
    I love James and Ben too...

  4. IzInAZ says:

    Betty rocks. Hearing her curse like a sailor in Lake Placid remains one of
    the highlights of my adult life

  5. okkcomputer says:

    what if james said: “this fucking old cunt wants bla bla bla”¿¿??

  6. jl Lewis says:

    Not funny at all. The guy and the old woman are unfunny.

  7. Paul Lasko says:

    Aw how nice of Johnny to get her the M&M’s.

  8. Youwanna Spamme says:

    This guy is such a schmuck… millennials like this guy?

  9. julio hernandez says:

    she’s close to 100 thats awesome

  10. OneEye1942 says:

    Love me some Betty White: “If I had a dick…this is where I’d tell you to
    suck it!” Betty White as Delores Bickerman in Lake Placid.

  11. phenchurch42 says:

    Charlie bit me.

  12. SaviorSixtySix says:

    Could you make this video any quieter?

  13. KarunKaboom says:

    Pretty sure I just witnessed betty white having an orgasm while getting her
    yelllow mnms

  14. Priscilla Fumero says:


  15. TheTuubster says:

    Noticed something? Corden wasnt funny one second during the phone call.

  16. wisterV says:

    Who is James Corden and why do they keep giving talk shows to foreigners?

  17. MimiGoesRawr says:

    james is so adorable what the hell