Between – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

Between – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

The body count is rising. A mysterious plague is killing everyone over age 21 in Pretty Lake. Quarantined and afraid those left must survive without help, a cure, or adults. Starring Jennette McCurdy, new Netflix original series Between premieres May 21 only Netflix. #PrayForPrettyLake

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Sloppy says:

    Does this show feature young clones of Kyle Maclachlan and Christian

  2. That Girl Over There says:

    So insanely excited for this, bet Jennette is amazing in it :3

  3. Ethan Summy says:

    Looks good! Wish season one was available all at once though. Still

  4. Loïc Bogacz says:

    Gonna be another good show on Netflix.
    Seriously someone know the song ?

  5. ramseph says:

    Dawn of the walking leftovers…AND weekly? First Netflix misstep, hope it
    doesn’t start a streak.

  6. mjstory1976 says:


  7. Josh g says:

    Meh, looks over dramatic and not in a good way.

  8. groc byx says:

    Meh, looks shitty

  9. Lorena Medina says:

    this new show seems very good. :D

  10. Pazkizzle says:

    Netflix I’m loving u more each day

  11. VMG3001 says:

    This feels like under the dome idk I how I feel about this 

  12. Petreanna Aching says:

    So, like Under the Dome, without a dome?

  13. Gabriel C. says:

    Go Jennette!

  14. Tashtan Tashtanov says:

    I appreciate Jenrette McCurdy

  15. Hannah Smith says:

    not as good as The Tribe…but interesting

  16. slimydick23 says:

    Nice try, but without iCarly, I don’t think I’ll be watching this.

  17. Tucker Monticelli says:

    This idea was already a movie called Those left Behind by Martin De Thurah.

  18. InfiniteFreedom says:

    What is this song? Pleeeease!