Between the Scenes – Justin Timberlake’s Confusing Halftime Performance: The Daily Show

Between the Scenes – Justin Timberlake’s Confusing Halftime Performance: The Daily Show

Trevor weighs in on Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show, where the pop singer stumbled through sound problems and a controversial Prince tribute.

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67 Responses

  1. Stelar Cornet says:

    I absolutely agree

  2. crimson sage says:

    Hi Trevor!

  3. Ahriman S says:

    Bruno raised the bar so high the halftime shows just bore me now

  4. Mahir Abedeen says:

    Am i the only one from Bangladesh who likes his videos.

  5. EvolMuzik4ever says:

    Yeah, it was really lackluster. Next year, no one will remember this half time show.

  6. Jamie Joy Houck Gatto says:

    Sound is super tricky in those types of arenas. More of an issue with the technicians than the artist. But let’s face it, we are always gonna be hard-pressed to top Lady Gaga flying down from a hole in the roof. I mean, who can follow all that?

  7. verdatum says:

    His adlib stuff is consistently better than the scripted stuff. What’s that about. Either way, thank you for posting it.

    • verdatum says:

      Obviously he didn’t write the script. Jon didn’t either. Things working is more about the synergy between the writing staff and the host, and they don’t mesh quite as well as jon did in his prime. My only argument is, if his improv is better than scripted, then they should possibly investigate mechanisms to add a bit more of his improve into each episode, as he’s honestly quite good at it.

    • Shine Onn ENT. says:

      The jewwhite writing is trash plain and simple

    • thiefofa1073 says:


    • Fabian Lohrmann says:

      true, but maybe that is because they only show us the good stuff of the in between scenes.

    • nelsonta00 says:

      Hard to put my finger at it, but the way I feel is that he appears more professional with subtle jokes in his interviews/between the scene, while in his segments he comes off kinda childish with the jokes.

  8. Sierra White says:

    Prince himself said he found virtual reality ‘demonic’, so they went with a projection out of respect, it was actually very classy of Timberlake to do it that way.

  9. Sung Ra says:

    Yeah, the first part was hard to hear, but I could hear the rest of it. Still, I really did like the Prince tribute.

  10. Jordyn Muldrow says:

    My theory is that Justin performance was bad on purpose. He needs to appeal to the new fan based he’s trying to build with that “Man of the woods” album and it’s not the same people who like him for his pop/hip hop albums. He needs to get hate on so that one side can come to his rescue and be like y’all fruit cake haters don’t like his new sound.

    • Alouise Fortuin says:

      Jordyn Muldrow my husband bought his album…he skipped most of the songs(he just like the first song)πŸ˜„andm actually confuse by the album his it country or hip/hop r&b

    • ErykaSoleil says:

      Can it be both? (I have not heard it at all, but now I’m intrigued.)

  11. Triple Tiger Kick says:

    People think this is funny?

  12. moiraine_damodred says:

    I like thinking about the person tasked with uploading these vids at midnight lol
    hope you’re okay, getting enough sleep etc

  13. Alan Overwater says:

    I already paid for this anger! I cannot take it back to the store!

  14. SeoulTeamworkGaming says:

    “We chose anger before we knew what you were gonna do!!! AHHHHHH!” Me whenever I have interactions with my younger sister

  15. MRiGOThim says:

    Michael Jackson raised the bar so high only BeyoncΓ© can top thatπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  16. lynn Broadus says:

    He spent a LOT of time just getting from one place to the next. There was barely any singing, and the outfit was confusing as well as distracting. What was the purpose of the all those mirrors? They could have made a face or transformed to something.

  17. Miles Dixon says:

    BEYONCE set the bar so high that JT was so underwhelming . I don’t care how much you hate Beyonce, you cannot deny she is a fantastic performer

    • TheCstar07 says:

      Miles Dixon Actually they can… no reasoning against hate

    • Noneof Urbusiness says:

      Beyonce is the most ugly ass overrated bitch ever!

    • darknightoftroy says:

      So, I was going to compare Beyonce and Brittany Spears as performers, and then realized how much hate I was going to get, but had already started typing, and just posted it anyway. Bring on the hate!
      Invest in anger, it has fantastic growth potential, though sadly has low economic solvency.

    • Titania Evil says:

      Noneof Urbusiness and she talks about empowering women yet she stays with a cheater who she sings about cheating on her

  18. teamsuperand1D 1 says:

    Bruno mars and BeyoncΓ© set the bar pretty high

  19. Maria Rodrigues says:

    Justin didn’t respect prince when he was alive, why the sudden change? He just wanted attention for his bad album. You might like his music(as I did once), but that performance was bad. The prince stuff was just uncalled-for.

  20. Jonah Bodnovits says:


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