Beware the Slenderman (HBO Documentary Films)

Beware the Slenderman (HBO Documentary Films)

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan McKenzie says:

    Children absolutely can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
    What a ridiculous thing to claim.

  2. IanzGurrl says:

    Just an excuse to act upon the evil inside their hearts.

  3. Rocks Blocks says:

    “His skin is white”


  4. Chris H says:

    a real argument would have been ‘ marble hornets version made me do it’

  5. Dirty Whore says:

    This happened months ago, HBO needs to catch up

  6. Cornivus7 says:

    This don’t diserve a HBO Documental, not at all…

  7. Tasha Rob says:

    This is how you know you failed as a parent.

  8. Juan Bertero says:

    @1:05 | Is that the voice of Richard Dawkins I hear?

  9. MrFunkyHypnoCat says:

    2016: trump will never win

    2017: trump cant do that can he

    2018: i hope i win the hunger games

  10. Isaiah Anderson says:

    this is exactly why you dont let cringy, what ever the fuck sexual, emo
    white retarded fucks who believe in anything on the internet.

  11. 49DRmc says:

    Only white kids believe this and would do something like this nor hispanics
    or black kids would fall for something like this

  12. Maliha Intikhab says:

    I know a horrendous man too, he also seems very unreal sometimes. His skin
    is orange though.

  13. BlueDreamKush23 says:

    if slender man is real then I’m blaming trump.

  14. slowpoke luver37 says:

    so they’re trying to find a creepy pasta? good luck

  15. Jason Tello says:

    these girls should not get all this attention

  16. No Comment-Kd says:

    *Is this a Documentary On **#Donald* *#Drumf*

  17. Kennedy ج‎ says:

    If his skin is white then just capture us white people, we are the real

  18. spungbub says:

    Why is this #6 on trending? Lmao slenderman is old and this shit happened
    years ago.

  19. Harambe says:

    wtf this doesnt deserve an HBO documentary. This is quite literally 2 dumb
    white girls stab theyre friend to death for urban legend. I DESERVE AN HBO

  20. K- dentualz says:

    It’s not even out yet and people are pushing their agenda and making