Beyoncé Breaks Record For Most GRAMMY Wins In History | 2023 GRAMMYs

Beyoncé Breaks Record For Most GRAMMY Wins In History | 2023 GRAMMYs

Watch BEYONCÉ’s acceptance speech for Best Dance / Electronic Music Album For ‘Break My Soul’ at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

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32 Responses

  1. Danielle Tilda Moro says:

    Some people may not like her brand of music but no one can deny her talent, acclaim and hard work. This woman has been working since 9 yrs old. She loves making music and performing and she’s great at what she does. So proud to support such a sweet, humble and graceful black woman like Beyoncé.

    • The Red Hall - Talk Manchester United says:

      Worshipped like a god…she ain’t the Greatest that’s a fact..

    • Sooyaaa says:

      even so many ppl aint like her but we cant deny dat the fact she is talented and she break the grammy record and it will be a history of all time

    • Linny W says:

      @Carlos Williams “her soul is gone” if you don’t get outta here with that illuminati world order bullshit 🤣

    • CauseIsayso Well says:

      @Your friend 🥰 lol, really, no talent, lol. So, tell me why is she the most celebrated and awarded singer in our history?

    • Carlos Williams says:

      @fecctionatepix i get it from your perspective it just went over your head

  2. Tae 7 says:

    She stood up once she heard “we are witnessing history tonight” they didn’t even have to say her name 👑

    • Drevonn Adams says:

      @Princess Samia A she stood up when he said wow it’s a honor because all everybody been talking about is her breaking the record she ain’t need to here her name cause she the only one who do it how she does

    • Drevonn Adams says:

      @notrlvnt who are you Beyoncé is more than a performer you must be talking about Janet Jackson 😂 Beyoncé is one of the only artist who sound the same if not better in person . Beyoncé is An amazing singer can’t nobody hit notes and still move like her even the greats Mariah Aretha Whitney all talked about how talented she is vocally . It’s always people who can’t even read music or know anything about real music always got something to say but y’all mad cause Bey is your favorite artist favorite artist 💯

    • Drevonn Adams says:

      @Bihzy no Rihanna sells are based off of streams n Spotify stop trying Bey

    • Plug🔌🎶 says:

      Congratulations 🎯

    • Drevonn Adams says:

      @Bihzy your a hater and maki g a bunch of false statements Beyoncé is the only artist to have every single solo album. Go #1 lmao lion king was a soundtrack and she still won Grammys . The Grammys ain’t scripted because if so she would’ve been went home with album of the year . Beyoncé is a force and a planet all of her own put some respect

  3. Joe Mama says:

    The way she just stood up knowing damn well she was meant for it. What an absolute queen 👸🏿

  4. Agustin Alvarez says:

    She deserves and more. Definitely deserved album if the year. But the love that the artists who she’s inspired says enough and more than any award

  5. Lowkey fall asleep says:

    She is not only talented asf she works hard asf and is creative asf. Much deserved

  6. el is sad says:

    30+ years and 32 grammys in and she still gets emotional during her acceptance speeches.

    i know it’s a big honor to make that kind of history and that’s probably why she’s emotional but for her to STILL get emotional as if she doesn’t realize she’s THE BEYONCÉ just shows how humble she is and just how hard she works.

    i wasn’t a huge fan of the new album but she will always be the queen. and she deserves everything she has.

  7. Casie Domingos says:

    We are witnessing history not only that night but in Beyoncé’ whole career!
    Her beginning in DC we have literally watched this woman grow up and become the POWERHOUSE that she is today! Her talent/hard work/work ethic/thinking outside her comfortzone. This is what a LEGEND looks like! This is what an ICON looks like! Beyoncé THE GOAT!

  8. Lou Lou's Treasure Trove says:

    I love how she placed God first, then her parents. She is such an inspiration, not just talented, hard working and well deserved, she is humble, thankful and grateful. I love her for Many reasons, not just one. May God always protect you and your family Beyonce! Sending you much love and prayers always~~Sindy.

  9. msbuttercup0427 says:

    Renaissance is such a great album, every song, she deserves this award so much, she works so hard for her fans to give us such great music!🐝❤

    • Gabriele Mariotti says:

      yeah maybe….but tell what the hell she has to do with Dance/Electronic music, other artists nominated were much more suited for this award

  10. Chioma Ubani says:

    She looked like a piece of artwork in that dress. Beautiful and well deserved

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