Beyonce shocks CMA Awards

Beyonce shocks CMA Awards

Dixie Chicks were joined by Beyonce at the CMA Awards in Nashville, for a suprise performance of the pop star’s track, “Daddy Lessons.” (Nov. 3)

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20 Responses

  1. jonathan garcia says:

    she’s working her way back to Georgia to get golden fidel back..

  2. coco chanel says:

    she sounds great.but too bad ppl are mad.typically Caucasians.but we still
    let them do the genre of music that blacks created and way less hate

  3. Shonda Williams says:

    great job Yonce! You have covered all genres of music, and have performed
    or collaborated with ALL the grates living and dead. you are the Bentley of
    music and the worlds greatest living entertainer ans I live the fact that
    your african american , you make us all proud

  4. Pam Wyatt says:

    The fact is they are all talented women, some of you should really be
    ashamed of your comments. Why do you have to see negativity in everything,
    seriously grow up!

  5. christo says:

    The problem with Beyonce is that she isn’t very visually appealing. Her
    Breasts are not large enough and men will not accept that

  6. leah says:

    Y’all are acting like Beyoncé not from Texas bro.

  7. Jazmyn Spencer says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading in this comment section

  8. Greed777 says:

    wtf don’t wear clothes if you’re going for a naked approach fucking
    ungrateful whore, go plan some more cop murders you black panther

  9. Michael Bell says:

    You know society has went down the toilet when you complain about the
    ethnicity of the person that is born in Houston TX singing country music.

    If that was lady gaga, Adele, or Justin Timberlake. You know damn well this
    wouldn’t be an issue.

  10. Jasmine Velasquez says:

    WOW! ThiS was SHOCKING!! A singer was singing at a show that celebrates
    music! Someone alert the press!

  11. Charlie D says:

    my god Beyonce is so amazing. she’s so versatile and open minded. I am not
    a fan of country music but I really appreciate her sentiment

  12. E. M. Fisher says:

    Instead of the white ppl being backed by black ppl …. I think black ppl
    being backed by white ppl sounds better ….. personal opinion ?

  13. dfunkt says:

    lol, i am no fan of beyonce, but i always enjoy seeing countryass bumpkin
    racists getting their nose rubbed in their manifest inferiority. xD

  14. 1qaaa 2aZxsS says:

    She’s not that good. People need to chill. And it seems like nobody loves
    Beyoncé more than Beyoncé does

  15. Angel Boy says:

    Iconic performance. Honestly, Truly.

  16. angela ortiz says:

    CMA had the highest rating ever because of Beyoncé’s 5 minute performance.
    What slayage!

  17. mythumbsablazin says:

    I hate Beyonce, leave country alone you talentless ass shaker. She doesn’t
    write her own stuff.

  18. dany manchster says:

    Why does beyonce always like to be wearing underwear only. Like whatsup
    with that

  19. Nabi Sonyeo says:

    I can’t believe Beyonce invented country music yesterday. Thank you

  20. Anthony Carter says:

    Racist rats USED BEYONCE to get ratings and views. No one watches the CMA’s
    so they used her and ended getting a 6000% percent boost. You heard, SIX
    THOUSAND! Hating racist rats jealous of this talented, accomplished, rich,
    and successful woman. Just naming some of the aspects that NO ONE EVER in
    the CMA music industry will EVER achieve.