Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Live)

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Live)

Beyonce – The Formation World Tour September 10, 2016 St. Louis, Missouri

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20 Responses

  1. whlv22153 says:

    “Now let’s see if you can do the choreography after all that” LMAOOOO

  2. Chelseababe352 says:

    I love the relationship Beyoncé has with her dancers.

  3. Dunder Mifflin says:

    Beyoncé knew Ashley since she was 16 years old!! I CANT DEAL WITH ALL THESE

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  5. Queen NeNe says:

    who else is here with Beyonce (or is it just me)

  6. boofisgod says:

    Im not a fan of Beyoncé but that was nice

  7. Naomi Slays says:

    I hope they are not boys

  8. Leasia Sanders says:

    why did I get a notification for this.

  9. ervin bizzle jr. says:

    If this was published yesterday why did I get notified less than a minute

  10. Nat Mos-Hunter says:

    Queen B!!!!

  11. stac123100 says:

    Jesus is soon to appear .Repent call out while you can and are Alive!!

  12. Micah Jones says:

    And ppl call Beyoncé a bitch and self centered well she’s not she really
    cares for her fans, family and her team. Congrats to Ashley and wishing her
    the best. I love how close Beyoncé and her whole team are they been rocking
    together since the beginning.

  13. Dark Eco says:

    A B C E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y AND Z
    Notice anything?
    The D is out for harambe.

  14. TheRandomDude R says:

    big booty bitch!

  15. LaKeisha Wallace says:

    that was sweet

  16. SMZXVV says:

    This is a top comment.

  17. Extreme JetBomber says:

    All the single furries, all the single furries ,please kill your self.

  18. Jessica Williams says:

    One thing I have noticed about the negative comments on this post it’s
    either from SOME idiot white guys or people who are talking about police
    violence. Smh.

  19. Mollie R says:

    Beyoncé is in the occult. she worships lucifer. notice the snakes on her
    outfit. don’t be fooled people…just look how demonic her latest music
    videos have been.

  20. Aquarius Love says: