Beyoncé –“Spirit”+“Bigger” extended cut from Disney’s The Lion King in theaters now (Official Video)

Beyoncé –“Spirit”+“Bigger” extended cut from Disney’s The Lion King in theaters now (Official Video)

The Lion King: The Gift album featuring “Spirit” and “Bigger” available now:

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59 Responses

  1. Laporsche La Belle says:

    Love ? I love the part when the black men was lifting up the black woman powerful message!

  2. Patiency J. K. says:

    The opening words

    “Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme” are swahili words which translates as “long live the king” in english.

    Welcome to Tanzania everyone, home of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti park

  3. Kamil Ayad says:

    When you so proud to be Black ?? hit the ?? if you realy proud

    • Anthony hopperpup says:

      This has nothing to do with who is black. No disrespect to you or Beyonce, but Africa’s beauty is it land and animals. Everyday poachers kill hundred of animals in Africa and Beyonce does nothing to make the situation better. All they care about is making money and winning Grammy Awards..

    • Joe Ann says:


    • Angela Renea Eason says:


    • Alphonso White says:

      My last name is “white” I loved everybody!!!!

  4. Jordan Nicole says:

    I felt chills throughout my body, all I could say is wow Beyoncé ✊?❤️

    • Oyelle Pson says:

      You need to get those demons out of you.. your programmed and bewitch.. google Hive set yourself free and othera

  5. A’NUME VSG says:

    This needs an Emmy,Grammy,Oscar, this is the most beautiful video I have ever seen I am literally crying ? ???

  6. Linda Mitchell says:

    Beyoncé once again over-deliveried. We’re part of something way BIGGER!

  7. Gentleman Gaming says:

    2018: Black Panther
    2019: Lion King

  8. LaShawnda Wrice says:

    *taps screen* Academy…Ummm… yeah, y’all better start making her Oscars RIGHT NOW! #BeyhiveComing #iCried

  9. Nimoh`s Kitchen says:

    ❤️ AFRICA
    ❤️ SWAHILI

  10. Deboarah idehen says:

    Blue must be so proud of her mom like I am of mine #moms

    • Ria Gladney says:

      Go to her IG and watch Blue sing Lift Every Voice and Sing. You can tell she is having some training. Can’t wait until she is performing her own songs.

  11. Queen Tisha says:

    Thank you for representing black so beautifully✌?

    • Anthony hopperpup says:

      She could also represent the thousands of animals that poachers kill every year. These R&B Artists could promote things like animal protection, because these things are more important than winning Grammy Awards.

  12. Rosannasfriend says:

    This is gorgeous music. This could be my favourite Beyoncé ever. Ever.

  13. Amin Amin says:

    *Beyonce i got ❤ for you all the way from somali.*

  14. Yerlin says:

    Blue Ivy looks so *beautiful* ?
    I am loving this video, amazing colours ☀️???

  15. Mai Almalik says:

    Beyoncé wears that blue dress exactly like the women in my African tribe do ❤️❤️❤️ #Sudan #kingdom_of_kush

    • Le Bêbeve says:

      @Zac Lodro Sudanese come in all shades. Not all Africans are dark skin. I hope you know you can be indigenous Afrian from any part and be light skin. We don’t need European to be light skin.

    • Azazi-Lelei peremoboere says:

      Mai Almalik.. Your traditional attire is just so beautiful ❤

    • EC DC says:

      @Le Bêbeve while I get what you are saying the original Sudanese are not light-skinned people. Anyone in Sudan right now that is light skin are probably transplants or descendants of transplants or mixed. Let’s not act like native Sudanese are not dark-skinned.

  16. Dennis Opoku Agyarko says:

    OMG this is woman is blessed to be a blessing to us all…thank you Queen B for always empowering blacks .we Stan and stand with you ?????

  17. Aubrey Lawrence says:

    That Bigger video….WHEW. This woman is just unbelievably talented. My whole body just transported to Africa.

  18. Barack O Mandela says:

    People from all races and backgrounds are part of the Circle of Life.

    • Oyelle Pson says:

      That sound so good. This mess and that movie and all music is made to program and bewitch the people.. Educate yourself for the. Children’ Hive and see what it mean

    • Anthony hopperpup says:

      Well said, because many people say that the video only promotes black people. I believe Africa is a place where it’s land and animals distinguish it from other countries. Also, I will like to see these R&B artists promote things like animal protection, because every year thousands of animals are killed by poachers. These things are more important than winning Grammy Awards.

    • L C says:

      @Anthony hopperpupagreed and taking better care of the EARTH God blessed us with…

  19. Natural Fav says:

    Beyonce: I’mma get a Grammy.
    Me: No, You are gonna get something bigger.

  20. Jasmine Horton says:

    What a great time to be BLACK AF right now ??✌?❤️

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