BHAD BHABIE – Breaking Code Silence – Turn About Ranch abuse Dr. Phil | Danielle Bregoli

BHAD BHABIE – Breaking Code Silence – Turn About Ranch abuse Dr. Phil | Danielle Bregoli


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41 Responses

  1. Bhad Bhabie says:

    see links in info

  2. Jazlynn Westbrook says:

    Love you girl, appreciate you for speaking out for others.🤞🏽

    • Falon Morgann says:

      @Textual Predator pls I hope you get some help for that victim/god complex of urs.

    • keeshon anderson says:

      Look if there is an issue there, I hope it gets brought to the light. HOWEVER… Do yall remember this little girl from the show? Wtf…she was a terror. I mean her min wasn’t that great either but what is all this, I’m proud if you girl, or I support you girl bs. This girl needs a reality check. Don’t fuel her ignorance.

    • Ricø Tv says:

      @Khaleel08 can you not read ? They said there’s other kids that went to the same thing that she did and they said that the same things happen your just on the internet hating 💀

    • goldenGOAT says:

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    • Seven Hunnid says:

      The FBI is looking for me ): they want to send me to prison for smoking weed on my YouTube channel, they tryna stop my BAG 🤑

  3. Andrea Reyes says:

    No one is just born a “bad child”. Children are highly affected by what is in their environment. I really hope she heals from this 🙁

    • Fatcat123 says:

      @Amanda Nightstar well then you need to educate yourself on sleep deprivation and the long lasting effects it has on kids, psychological too. And maybe just move on like a mature adult would, what I’m seeing from you is a narcissistic child.

    • Team Super Cool says:

      @Amanda Nightstar You failed as a parent by hurting them. Kids are less likely to kill themselves due to bad behavior rather than trauma. Meaning “too much from real life” doesn’t make sense because that doesn’t happen. Kids commit suicide due to trauma, depression, and anxiety. By doing that to your kids you are allowing them to have those things. Oh and by the way you don’t have to cry but you could get arrested for knowingly pursuing your child into suicide.

    • Alyo Renee says:

      @Amanda Nightstar sounds like you need to grow up. Maybe pay the ranch a visit?

    • Amanda Nightstar says:

      @Team Super Cool acctualy I couldn’t as nothing about me raising proper kids means I tried to convince them to do a suicide

  4. Chantel Robinson says:

    When she said when a child acts out due to traumatic experience etc… the worse thing you can do is send them to a place about punishment that’s so true. The worse thing you could do is blame on them just being “bad” or troubled but understand it’s a reason behind them acting out.

    • Samie Delta says:

      Right?! People out here are always protecting predators and real quick with the “respect your elders” smack talk to perpetuate the abuse of children even more. & people wonder why our society’s fked up… Maybe bc the system is filled with pedo judges, therapists, head priests, and mfkn government officials!!!

    • Dola B says:

      I know right , I’ve had a bad childhood and my parents would always threaten me they’ll “send me” and would talk bad about me with my cousins and all of that , it makes me sad they don’t know that I’m just a victim of a past situation and can’t control how I act .
      I wish anybody can understand how I feel .

  5. Ny says:

    The ranch she explains reminds me of the movie “holes”

  6. DankScole says:

    You see how hard it was for Danielle to open up…I can’t imagine being out through something like that. Proud of you and all your growth. Thank you for speaking up for those who can’t.

    • Owen Edwards says:

      Yes I totally agree with you she was so vulnerable and put herself out there she is an amazing young woman.

    • Lovelykiia says:

      Im happy that people like you see this because your so big please share her story love.

    • LJGAMES TTV says:

      DankScole Your late!!

    • Eileen the Queen says:

      Huh, well the real reason she was afraid to say something was because of her behavior on the show. She was big and bad, talking the most mess, and proud to run wild. Then she got a record deal. So what was really going on behind the scenes either before or after?

  7. chol bu rap says:

    Muito top Danielle, os cabelos tão foda! Um salve do brazil

  8. Yashiro Nene says:

    The fact that he ignores parents who are at fault for there children’s problems no child is born bad it’s what there told by there guardian/parents

  9. Joseph Castillo says:

    Paris Hilton has talked about a very similar situation in her Youtube documentary…it’s time we start listening to these women, and do something about it.

  10. Anita Leahy says:

    That’s so horrible. No child, no matter how “bad” they are, deserves this..

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