BHAD BHABIE “Get Like Me” feat. NLE Choppa | Danielle Bregoli

BHAD BHABIE “Get Like Me” feat. NLE Choppa | Danielle Bregoli

ME n Choppa stole a lemonade truck ??? Stream Get Like Me feat. NLE Choppa now at

#BhadBhabie #NLEChoppa #Get Like Me

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65 Responses

  1. Bhad Bhabie says:

    ?? ?? stream??this??song?? and comment some lemons if u a real bhad bich

  2. Anjelina Rizzo says:

    trying to understand this video will take me the rest of my life ??‍♀️?

    • cookie monster says:

      @Maria Cerna I understand..but didn’t everybody do the work for her. All she did was show up. Cause that beat the point of the lemonade symbolism

    • mario lujan says:

      @Maria Cerna ah thank you ??

    • mario lujan says:

      @Maria Cerna im mexican so i have to say would it be like a taco truck lol but in this case a lemonade stand ?? if u say yes i would completely undertsand

    • Maria Cerna says:

      cookie monster i guess you have a point. She gets money just by rapping the rest is done by the people who give her attention and help her out.

    • Maria Cerna says:

      mario lujan ohhh I say yes ? Latina alll the way

  3. Nicole Analise says:

    Here before the milly,great combination of the two ???❤️

  4. theyyluv nya says:

    Just two 16 years olds making some money??

  5. MrBurks5 says:

    I knew when i saw “Bhabie and Choppa” it would be lit! .. ?

  6. Ste Ven says:

    Who only came for Choppa?? (Not to offend anyone but Danielle got bars but I just came for Choppa)

  7. victor ramarathinam says:

    Nle Choppa is never tired of dancing with his own music?

  8. the bOoty m0nster says:

    Perfect couple, both legal, 1 problem, nle is not single :?/

  9. NessaryShot_YT says:

    Who came here just cause they seen bad bhabie and nle together

  10. Kid Lee says:

    Seriously ? Between us
    Do you prefer :

    Nle Choppa : Like
    Bhad babie : Nothing

  11. infection cx says:

    like if choppa went off? this is his year

  12. PuRe Clan says:

    Ay i’m selling Choppa replays


    it cost one like

  13. el daniel2425 says:

    Director : Will this song be about Malu?

    Bhad Bhabie : ?

  14. M i N M O C H I애정 says:

    No cap they look good together… choppa current girl look like his sister. ???

  15. Unibrow Boi says:

    People be hatin’ on Bhad Bhabie but she lowkey got bars and flow ??

  16. Dan felicien says:

    Bhad Bhabie should rap fast more i love her flow ?
    Getting those Nicki vibes Fr Fr?

  17. Ima end this man's whols bloodline says:

    Danielle: Turns 18*

  18. ErrieHm says:



  19. Jadyn Brown says:

    No one:

    Absolutely No one:

    Dr Phil: *on his way to work jamming out to this*

  20. CORONADO 4LIFE says:

    Lil Pump in Febuary: Errybody wanna be like me!

    Daniel Bregoli in June: get like me!

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