Biden Says Russia Deliberately Targeting Civilian Areas in Ukraine

Biden Says Russia Deliberately Targeting Civilian Areas in Ukraine

President Biden made brief remarks to reporters before departing the White House for an event in Wisconsin. Asked whether Russian forces are deliberately targeting civilian areas in Ukraine, the president says, “It’s clear they are.”

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41 Responses

  1. Moon_ Phaser says:

    Reporter: Are those sun glasses Joe? Joe: Yes they are! Reporter: thanks Joe!

  2. Old Tape Archive says:

    Hard hitting, in depth journalism. Quicktake is an understatement.

  3. kilroy987 says:

    Reporter: I’ll describe the truth. Is this the truth?
    Biden: Yes.

    • Kyle Sanders says:

      Russia has a state run media.
      America has a media run state.

    • Jesse says:

      It’s total propaganda to take it tongue next level. This is the crap that Bush pulled. Except back then it was a Republican in charge and republicans supported war. Now, we can all see clearly that we shouldn’t screw around in foreign wars, but the democrats that were so fierce against war support Biden. It just goes to show that it’s not about war at all, but more who people support. Sheep!

    • Mike Leslie says:

      Truth is.. this an attack on all civilians,. Who belong to the union. A united Front!

    • Jamie R says:

      He would not know the truth if it bit his ass. He hardly knows who he is half the time

  4. Cindy Spikes says:

    We’re in deep trouble right here in America.

  5. Kevin Brooks says:

    Imagine voting for Biden and NOT thinking this is what would happen to the world!

  6. Southbay227 says:

    When will these ideologues who call themselves “journalists” learn to ask a simple, non-leading question? They ask a question, and instead of waiting for the answer, immediately follow up with a bunch of verbiage in an attempt to steer the answer.

    • Evan Finch says:

      @Robdog 1 LOL Putin respected Trump? To know what Putin really thinks of anyone is at best a guess. All we know is Trump was less globalist which worked for the Russians on this issue.

    • CTB Rico says:

      But isn’t that what being a “ideologue’s journalist” mean…I mean don’t get me wrong it’s dumb questions which already gives off answers…but being a journalist…meaning you need something to write about truth or not! So if I’m a journalist I’m not going in asking questions to get a answer, ima go ask questions and give the answers I want to write about to draw readers like you into my story to make a bigger picture!

    • Huzaifa Ahmed says:

      @Robdog 1 Putin didnt respect Trump and neither should he have lol.

    • Robdog 1 says:

      @Miraziz Akmalov leaning right and actually being right are 2 very different things. Leaning right usually means you’ll vote for the RINOs who don’t actually do anything. That’s as bad as being a dem. Putin respected Trump, he doesn’t (nor do I ) respect Foghorn Leghorn. And I’m an independent, personally i loathe both sides, but I’d take trump over this moron any day.

    • Miraziz Akmalov says:

      @ThrashTillDeth83 Well sorta. Trump was putins lapdog so war wasnt neccesary and i lean right before all you subIQ trumpsters who think of him as your god try calling me antfia 🤣

  7. Lean cannon says:

    Edit title : Biden says “clear they are”

    • Benji The Engi says:

      @Shane Dancer Exactly. These people are treating it as if he called press conferences then had his staff force the reporters out to avoid questions. The man simply doesn’t have time to answer silly questions.

    • Shiin Daisuke says:

      @no name Bruh, would you wanna waste time answering genuinely dumb questions that should be obvious to anyone at this point? To ask a dumb question like is a murderous tyrant like putin who’s been trying to take over Ukraine through various means for years now is targeting civilians intentionally is like asking is red red.

    • Shiin Daisuke says:

      @JACOB FRANK Spotted the putin spy. If you are genuinely that stupid I pity you. Putin 100 percent is intentionally targeting civilians. Anyone who knows even a little basic knowledge of the History between Russia under putin & Ukraine knows that he 100 percent gives no fucks about the civilians, & if you’re gonna seriously spout that crap then don’t be surprised when seen by any with knowledge, & taking this as seriously as it is as a putin bootlicker. Trump was the liar still is & if you still can’t tell that you should avoid all political discussions. This isn’t the time nor place for that kind of conspiratorial crap political division.

    • Shane Dancer says:

      @no name It seems more like he doesn’t want to be asked 1000 questions about the war when he’s trying to get somewhere. He doesn’t need to break down and cry every time anyone mentions it

    • no name says:

      @Amateur Hour he didn’t really seemed like he cared tho,,, Biden

  8. Darrin Nunyah says:

    “Joe, do you think the war will continue?”
    Joe: “Only when rain can’t see why I want a bike in front of some springtime if you see it”
    “Thanks, Joe. That’s what we were hoping you’d say”

    • Robdog 1 says:

      @72marshflower15 bro… that monologue made less sense than an interview with Joe

    • 72marshflower15 says:

      @Joe oh really? Cause I popularized the term.. There are no liberal political parties in the US when they all operate on capitalism, a conservative construct, thus serving the Capital Establishment, a conservative entity. Dems being the controlled opposition of the GOP, is why they always “lose”.

      Same with US MSM ~ CNN i$ FOX i$ MSNBC i$ OAN..

      All the money goes back to the same Capital Establishment farm.

      You’re too politically illiterate to engage me.

      It shows..

    • 72marshflower15 says:

      @Mr. Joshua H ~ the original poster here or Biden (?) cause I can’t tell..

    • Joe says:

      @72marshflower15 You have no idea what controlled opposition even means. The GOP aren’t in control of anything.

    • Relaxing White Noise, Nature Sounds, Ambient Music says:

      Things that have never happened for 400 please.

  9. George Of The Jungle says:

    A few years back I watched a movie called “Idiocracy” I remember I laughed and laughed thinking it was a comedy and all the while not realizing that in fact it was not a comedy it was prophetic.

    • George Of The Jungle says:

      @S0ulFlay3r REALLY? after watching Biden for a year you STILL run off at the mouth about Trump? Wile E. Coyote has nothing on you does he?

    • S0ulFlay3r says:

      Indeed. Like how we elected Trump. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho was still cooler though.

  10. The Sunshine Group says:


    • Luna Linda says:



      Huh? Is this a serious statement or are you joking? This is a 9th grade question with a kindergarten answer.

    • 777MEF 29 says:


    • chrisk86 says:

      @CHILD OF GOD This is what 80 million hacked votes gave us lol. Biden looks like he woke up out of a coma and or is in a vegetable state every time he speaks lmao🤣. If Biden needed 26000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Corbin Hoevers says:

      To be fair, it was a quicktake. 😂

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