Big Baby Update! Our Next Step!

Big Baby Update! Our Next Step!

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Vlog tease & intro 00:00
Bright Cellars Sponsorship! 00:37
Getting Alpacas!! 01:57
Preparing our barn & barn Tour! 09:22
Come Shopping with us 11:35
NEW candy Taste Test 15:52
Meeting Our Egg Donor, Baby Update! 21:34

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20 Responses

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    Seeing Shane speechless and crying while you’re talking about the baby was so heart warming. You are both going to be such amazing dads! 🥰

    • Brodee Van Leuevn says:

      It’s genuinely nice to Shane not faking his happiness anymore, he seems to be actually perusing real joy with life❤

  2. Ashleigh Mellis says:

    This feels mildly off topic, but I’m LIVING for Shane with more facial hair. Like it looks so freaking good.
    P.s. I’m happy for you guys in your journey to conceive 💕

  3. Aunt Rowdy says:

    I think documenting your baby journey is also inspiring to others who want to build their family thru non traditional means.

  4. Amy Dingledine says:

    You know what I love, the banter between both of you first off but if you look back on Ryland’s vlogs in LA he was alone almost everytime he left the house. Now in Colorado you two are always together, Shane goes everywhere there and I am just so proud! The change is apparent and it just gives me hope for myself. I’ve been in a depression for years but after my mom passed suddenly I am a hermit I only go to work that’s it and seeing you guys thriving does give me hope that one day I’ll snap out of it.

    • Jamie DeLori says:

      You just saying it all is the first step of you coming out of Amy. You got this girl and I understand what you are going through only I lost my Brother not my Mom. I have became a hermit but it’s also has me working on myself mentally and physically. Love you Rylan and Shane!!

    • Gipsy says:

      I’m sorry about your mom, may she rest in peace. I was in a similar state after my mom’s passing. It took me about two years to want to go outside and interact with others willingly. I’m sure you’ll get there when the time is right. Don’t rush it & be kind to yourself. Order your favorite food, watch your favorite comedies, try a new game you can play at home. If it’s possible (& you don’t already have one) get a pet. My pets were my protective angels after I lost my mom. At some point it will hit you that you too deserve to live a happy life and ONLY YOU have the power to give yourself that desired life.

    • iheartShaneandJeffree says:

      @Vanessa thank you 🖤

    • Vanessa says:

      @iheartShaneandJeffree aww I’m so happy to be of help! I have a 2 year old daughter so I can relate to you! I had major depression during my pregnancy and even still. But ironically, the one thing that keeps me going and brings me the most joy is my daughter! You will find your way to happiness whether that’s from your baby or something else! 🥰 wishing you the best!

    • iheartShaneandJeffree says:

      @Vanessa I’m not the person you were replying to but I wanted to let you know your comment really helped me and my own depression. Which is even worse now that I’m pregnant. Hormones are a nightmare. Thank you

  5. Jessica Jenkins says:

    The way Shane smiles at Ryland and vice versa when he looks at him melts my heart. Y’all are the cutest😍

  6. SkeletonSamurai says:

    Ryland: “I am not trying that”
    Also Ryland: * leans over for a bite *

  7. Directionless atm says:

    Aw seeing Shane completely speechless and so clearly invested in this, it’s really sweet since he’s almost always cracking jokes. Very happy for you both and glad it’s working out so well.

  8. Kaytrin McGuire says:

    the taste testing segment was gold, i couldn’t quit laughing, and Shane snapchatting everything was really getting me😂

  9. lee says:

    I love how spontaneous you guys are. I swear every new vlog is a different journey. You’re already amazing dads to the dogs! so I believe you’ll be outstanding parents. I’m so proud of where the both of you have come. Like seriously you bring so much joy to me ❤️🎋

  10. sp00kyMerBabe says:

    Ryland you were so articulate when Shane questioned your excitement about the baby, cause I kind of had the same thought but you explained what was going on in your brain really well! I’m a lot like Shane and my partner seems to operate a little more like you, and sometimes I get kind of down cause it seems like they’re not excited about something but this kinda gives me some insight so that’s cool. So pumped for you guys! ❤️

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