Big Ben & Mike Tomlin Mic’d Up vs. Panthers “Can I get a hug?” | NFL Films

Big Ben & Mike Tomlin Mic’d Up vs. Panthers “Can I get a hug?” | NFL Films

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, and head coach, Mike Tomlin, mic’d up vs. the Panthers in Week 10 of the 2018 NFL Season.

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81 Responses

  1. Justin Medrano says:

    The Panthers were being pounded instead of pounding

  2. nolimitangel_ says:

    Good chemistry all thru that team real brother hood at Pittsburgh

  3. BlehBlehBlehNarf says:

    “Way to humble us.” Wow. That’s a pro. You have to respect that.

  4. Druddigon says:

    mic’d up making me like nfl teams I shouldn’t out here

  5. EnlightenPanda says:

    Remember when Pittsburgh fans were wondering if they should fire Tomlin and quite a few fans wanted that to heppen, remember that? Go ahead and fire this man so another team can scoop him up. A career 66 percent winner as a head coach, his worst seasons being 8-8, 8-8, 9-7. At his worst the guy is average and you guys wanted him gone? You think coaches grow on trees man?

    • EnlightenPanda says:

      +BrotherApexx ah my mistake. But yea I’d take it that every head coach in the league has a bad record against Pat’s.

    • James Allen says:

      That’s not how they do things in Pitt. Steelers have only had 3 head coaches since 1969.

    • brandyn pykare says:

      I mean hes great. But he got handed a superbowl developed team, and still riding on ben. Ben’s the winner. Give Tomlin another qb, he doesn’t win half the games he has with ben

    • nick robb says:

      The issues is he isnt consitant and has issues controling the team (lev bell,mike wallace,holmes) he has alot of strenth issues and cant put his foot down bad plays calls. He not a bad coach he just needs a foot in his ass.

    • 12Hatcher23 says:

      What was impressive to me was there were a lot of I love you from Pittsburgh players telling each other… I don’t think it’s an accident since Todd Haley left Big Ben started talking about playing 5 more years. Mannnn that dude seem so happy.

  6. Matt Ponikvar says:

    This is coming from a Browns fan, I envy how great of a head coach Pittsburgh has in Tomlin.

    • Paul Kuhns says:

      VICC FM bro come on. Don’t pull the race card. People criticized bill cowher the same exact way till he finally won a SB. People criticize Tomlin because 1) he’s s players coach(people have said he’s to lax sometimes and let’s to much go unchecked)
      2) people will say he won the SB with cowhers team (which honestly he did).
      3)they have been so talented and can’t make it to the super bowl for 7 years now.
      That being said. I love mike Tomlin! They hit a lull in 2011 and the Steelers almost faltered. But Tomlin is a great coach and brought the team back to relevance immediately.
      A lot of his shortcomings are because tom Brady. If the patriots weren’t so good Tomlin probably has 4 Super Bowls.

    • Victor Thompson says:

      +Paul Kuhns I love how they say he won with Cowhers team when Cohwer went 8-8 with that same team. Cowher also lost 4 AFC Championship games at home during his tenure as well. Maybe social media is the reason steelers fans have so much hate for that man. Tomlin is a great coach. He’s not Belichick, but he also didn’t go thru spygate either. Belichick was damner on his way out before Brady got there lbs! But overall, those that say he’s overrated, what makes him that? Bcuz he doesnt win the chip every year? If that’s the case, 95% of the leagues coaches aren’t that good then lol!

    • 7Lothar7 says:

      a roster that went 9 ;7 the year before he took overif i remember correctly then if it was cowher roster than tomlin oviusly is the better Coach because he won when cowher didnt even make Playoffs with the same roster

    • Rabbitzblue says:

      +David M Bill Cowher couldn’t even win the Superbowl with his players the year after they went to the Superbowl the Steelers went 8-8 Tomlin takes over that roster makes some tweaks and Bam they’re 10-6 then 12-4. Cowher only made it to the Superbowl despite himself. He never invested in good QBs and didn’t even want to draft Ben let alone start Ben over that crappy QB T. Maddox. Ben got Cowher to the big game and he would have never won one without him. Hell he probably would have never been back. This is an offensive league now and he would have been out of his element.

  7. Mike Okhurtz says:

    As a pats fan, people get surprised when I tell them I respect the Steelers ??‍♂️

    • Ed Jones says:

      Mike Okhurtz I understand what you saying man as a die hard Pats fan I’ve always respected the Steelers. The historic players, there consistent winning, they whole swag. They like the blue collard version of us.

    • BeastModeKingYT says:

      Same I respect every fan I just want to watch a good game that’s its #nohatejustlove ?

    • 1995Rebel says:

      Who gets suprised when you say that on a serious why tf would that come up in a convo anyway unless the other person says “I like the Steelers” and in that instance they are probably suprised that someone can bandwagon so heavily.

  8. JP Maverick says:

    le’veon bell dislikes this video 3 times…

  9. Thông Nguyen says:

    Cook his ass TJ ?

  10. Mr Tiddles says:

    Ben really seems like a leader on the field. Seems like the dad of the team always checking and complementing his teammates to motivate them. Great player

  11. Canchola 33 says:

    “man, stop trippin”

  12. osbert says:

    Always good to see Will Ferrell out there slinging it deep.

  13. ToastlasertosT says:

    Ben: “I shoud’ve scored.”
    Tomlin: “Man stop tripping”

  14. Ryan Curtis says:

    Ben tries not to curse so much lol

  15. Anthony Kyser says:

    I would play for that coach in a heartbeat!

  16. Evan Patterson says:

    When you burnt the pizza rolls 2:35

  17. Plumo Harris says:

    It’s funny how the media had me believing Mike Tomlin & Big Ben were at odds w each other, mainly bc Steelers drafted a qb. However, they seemed incredibly close and their rapport is like family. I swear the media just pull things out of their ass just for a story

    • Evan Salisbury says:

      I’m sure Big Ben loves having Dobbs as his backup instead of Jones

    • yoshigotgun says:

      That’s why they call it “Fake News”. They need to have crazier and crazier headlines that will get people clicking so they can make money.

      I don’t even blame them, but don’t expect me to believe a word they say when they literally NEED to lie to make a profit.

      It’s like a baby shitting its diaper and you getting mad at it. Like what did expect?

    • Joshua Hunter says:

      They needed a backup, and moved on from Landry Jones cause he def wasnt the future??‍♂️ it happens

    • Thomas Rossi says:

      Fake News

    • nick robb says:

      Ben is all about back up quaterbacks. Carlie batch and ben were close as could be big ben is a team player unlike brady. He wants to share his knowledge with backups becuase he knows it only makes then stronger and more dangerous.

  18. Iuck be a lady says:

    Lmao Ben knows he’s mic’ed up and is so wholesome

    *Gosh dangit!*

  19. AK Buckets says:

    I don’t know how other Steeler fans can hate on Tomlin. He’s a great coach and we’re lucky to have him!

  20. bladespn says:

    Tomlin is like a madden youtuber controlling a team in real life lmao

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