Big Changes Coming (channel update)

Big Changes Coming (channel update)

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After beating cancer, we’ve decided to make some BIG CHANGES and involve all of you in our upcoming BUCKET LIST YEAR! Leave a comment with your biggest dreams and why we should pick you & let’s go make it happen! ✨

This week we shut down our cabin in the woods, meet a bunch of you at the breast cancer run for the cure & attempt to fly over to Spain to hang with our buds @Kara and Nate and @Raya and Louis on a silent yacht BUUUUUT Covid had other plans. As always, it’s a roller coaster!

0:00 you won’t believe this
0:34 goodbye cabin
3:23 the bucket list year!!!
4:15 Bob’s dream 💭
5:15 meeting YOU!
7:21 breast cancer merch
8:44 and now this…
9:55 Eamon travels alone
12:40 APPLY NOW!!
16:26 I made it to Ibiza but…
22:10 we finally made it!

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25 Responses

  1. Kara and Nate says:

    let’s GOOOO!!!!!!! Eamon and Bec are BACK BABY 🥳💪🏻 I am overflowing with joy! Love you two and cannot wait to see what this next year brings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Max & Occy says:

    You both deserve the world & I’m so glad it’s finally once again yours to conquer. Cannot wait to be taken along as you help people achieve their dreams 🙌🏼💛

  3. Meghan McAughey says:

    I’m sooo happy for you guys !!! Seeing your joy and strength brings tears to my eyes . As a Canadian I got the Canadian disease of ms . I’m stable right now and feeling good . My biggest fear is waking up one day and that not being the truth anymore . I’d love to hike to Mount Everest base camp while I still can . I actually got the desire watching Kara and Nate . I want to challenge myself and see what I can do physically . Life is short and precious do everything while you can !!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to this year you deserve it !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Sophie Marie Robertson says:

      My Canadian grandfather has been struggling with ms for years, but he’s still fighting everyday. It is because of inspirations such as him and you that demonstrate humans are beautiful ❤

    • David D says:

      I hear you Meghan and I am in the same boat as you. I too am Canadian and I have ms as well. The only thing I am grateful for is having a great family and I’m so happy I’ve traveled to 25 some odd countries before I started getting all sorts of weird symptoms and was diagnosed a couple of years ago with the Canadian disease. You are not alone. A small percentage of males get it as well.

  4. Sarah C says:

    Reading the other comments has inspired me to share mine too. Thank you, everyone! And thank you to you both, Eamon and Bec, for giving someone the opportunity to live their life dream.

    My sister was big on bucket lists. She had her own list but in January 2022 she died after a devastatingly short second fight with cancer and she couldn’t tick off some of the things she had on hers. The main thing that I have been wanting to tick off of my bucket list for years has been to renovate my own van and an addition to my bucket list now is to call my van, Suzanne, after my beautiful, brave sister. My sister inspires me every day to live my life to the fullest and I have presents that she bought me for the van ready to have pride of place in her.
    You are both so inspiring. I wish you all the health and happiness in your lives and can’t wait to continue following your journeys. Much love 💞

  5. Mary Ann A says:

    This made my Sunday for sure as you both are such an inspiration! Been watching you both for years! Life has challenged me for sure – beat kidney cancer in 2008, cared for my late dad with Parkinson’s in 2012, went through divorce and raised my best sidekicks now young adults aka kids, five years later cared for my late BFF with cancer, and five years later and currently, caring for my 90yo mom with dementia while working. I would do this in a heartbeat for my loved ones. I’ve been told that my life’s calling is being a caregiver. I say Bring It On and it’s my honor! No worries, I’m aware self care is important. I love and immerse myself gardening, in nature and hiking. When opportunity arises, I do weekend camp in my old SUV. Like everyone else, the pandemic made me binge watch van build. I’ve been dreaming of a high roof top van, but I don’t have the skills and finance is tight. I am a decade from retiring, and my dream is to see my beautiful country and visit US National Parks with this van!!! Montana’s Glacier and Yellowstone to start!!!

  6. Kinging- It says:

    Aw guys – what a bloody gorgeous vlog – we found ourselves smiling alongside you especially after the year you’ve had – you deserve the world. So excited for TBLY!!! 🤗
    p.s We’ve got our merch!! 🥳🥳

    • MalikaRene says:

      On my bucket list: in 2020 you inspired my courage to try Van life. My kids lived across the country and I needed a constant way to see them and experience adventures along the way… so I bought a toy hauler.
      I even started to renovate it with some friends. Fast forward, my kids live with me full time now and we’ve often daydreamed about what to do with the trailer. It remains unrenovated. I would love to still create this space of adventure for my family. I’d love to finally finish renovating my trailer so we can go play!

      Thank you for inspiring so many of us to dream big again! #hopingtobeseeninthereplies 🤷‍♀️

    • phyl999 says:

      I just burst into tears seeing your ending and where you are!! This is the absolute best!!
      My bucket list … polar bears in Churchill MB, an extended visit to the island of Bermuda and to volunteer help in a wild animal sanctuary and feed a chimpanzee baby.
      You are on the right continent to visit a sanctuary… just sayin…

    • Eamon & Bec says:

      We love you both so so so much 💛💛💛💛

    • Eileen Eiden says:

      Thank you @king-it for helping out with the cabin. Love your channel. I am looking forward to the final boat tour and adventure on your channel.

  7. Lynn Hachey Nordhagen says:

    I’m so grateful you both have made it to this point. I just wanted to say thank-you for your video and channel. My Mom survived breast cancer when she was 47 and when I was in grade seven. Today your video helped ease the pain of losing her to Alzheimer’s this morning. My Dad has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s this month too, so I can’t think of something now, but I would love you to do something that says ‘not today’ and ‘you will not take my joy’ to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Keep spreading your light and love! Thanks again!

  8. Angela Reichenbach says:

    The past few years I have learned all about the power of positivity and doing what you are born to do. Bec is such an inspiration in this and Eamon’s enthusiasm for Bec makes me smile every time I watch one of their videos. Anyway, on to my bucket list. I had a back injury in 2018 and eventually had to leave full time teaching. I still had to make a living so I reinvented myself and became an online vocal coach. (I was a music teacher so it wasn’t a far stretch) I went back to voice training and opened an online voice studio and now have students from all over the globe. The surprise was that I actually love teaching onli E and have found my life’s work. It’s not an important job in the grand scheme of things but it brings me and my students such joy and I know it’s what I was designed to do. At 55 it’s a really great feeling to have quit my job and found my calling. Recently, I went to England to meet some of my students and teach them in person for the very first time, even though I had been teaching some of them for two years! It was amazing. I even managed to weasel my way into their choir rehearsals, meet other choral singers and really enjoy the beauty of singing together. Singing together had been taken from us during the pandemic so it was all the more meaningful. During the trip I had the idea to reinvent myself again and start traveling and meeting my students all over the world. I want Eamon and Bec to teach me how to vlog!!! That’s my bucket list item. I think that would be the coolest thing ever. 😂 I can already video edit (I make conducting and vocal coaching videos so it’s a skill I’ve learned these past few years) , I’m funny and cute and i would be great on YouTube! It’s not much of a bucket list item in comparison to some of the others here in the comments but it’s mine. ❤I think a back scenes video series with Eamon and Bec on vlogging and how they do it would be cool.

  9. Andy and Rachel says:

    Ohhhh what an AMAZING idea! Before I even heard about the logistics I was crying just so happy for the two of you about the year ahead of you!😭🥳 Andy and I each lost a parent to cancer way to soon which is part of what brought us together and set us on the life path we are now on… chasing our dreams daily. Anyways, our dream would absolutely positively be to photograph your wedding!!! We are wedding photographers obsessed with getting to capture the most special day ever for people who are truly in love! The other thing that would make it bucket list for us is now we are mostly local to the Pennsylvania/Ohio are photographing weddings but one of our ultimate dreams is to not only travel for fun but capturing love all over the world!!! We are sure getting to capture your day would help us get closer to that dream. It would change our life 😭😍 📸

  10. Leticia Castillo says:

    Greece has always been on my bucket list, the last year I have been taking care of my parents especially my dad who survived two aneurysms fifteen years ago. Speaking with them I realized I need to start living my life so there are no regrets when I get to their age. They came to America seeking a better life and they are happy with what they accomplished. It’s time for me to make sure there is nothing left on my bucket list when I’m much older. You guys helped me through the pandemic. Thank you. And why do I always cry now when I watch you video’s????

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