Big Sean – Light ft. Jeremih

Big Sean – Light ft. Jeremih

Watch Big Sean’s official video for “Light” feat. Jeremih

I DECIDED, Available Now

Directed by Lawrence Lamont

Music video by Big Sean performing Light. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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20 Responses

  1. Ma ma says:

    *This video is fucking deep.*

  2. Juice Box says:

    If I see a nigga that look like big Sean beside a van my ass is running ????

  3. Jay x Breezy says:

    I think this video is portraying Big Sean as the person who takes the innocent people to heaven.
    Man this video hit me like a truck.?????

  4. khalid ahmed says:

    Shoutout to all my real Niggas who turn they microwave of at 0:01 to not wake any1 up during the night ?

  5. Robert Fleur says:

    Honestly Sean is one of the only real rappers left right now. His flow is perhaps one of the best. It’s sad that an amazing song by extremely lyrical rapper who makes real music with real meaning is being topped on the charts by rappers like Kodak black. Sean don really is one of the most underrated rappers

  6. Nirvana Pantz says:

    Type of video to give you chills

  7. Ali Reshad says:

    For the first time in forever, theres a rap song, with a positive message, not about hoes, or money, or pimpin, but about your soul

  8. Quaiton Mcfarland says:

    This comments gonna survive from 86k views to 10 million views keep it alive.

  9. akaittany says:

    good hip hop still exist, you just gotta dig it out the dirt! Where the real Sean Don fans at? 😀

  10. zinny boi says:

    big Sean is my favorite rapper. and I ain’t talking about switching to another rapper every month type shit.

  11. Jay Shah says:

    This video has such a great message about whats going on right now in the world.

  12. Joshua Williams says:

    Play this at my funeral??‍♂️??

  13. FlyBoy Luciano says:

    Blacks have been treated horribly in this land. Mass incarceration, police brutality, Crack Epidemic, Lead Poisoning, Cheap Liquor Stores, Syphillis Shots, Welfare State, False Religious Leaders, Gentrification, Negative Stereotype Media, Emasculation of Black Males, False sense of beauty, Broken Judicial System, STDs, Lack of school Funding

  14. niknatural says:

    Big Sean is a LEGEND. Pure class and talent

  15. Gucci Versace says:

    This will be #1 on trending

  16. JayJay Jones says:

    So far this is the best song meaning of the year, no girls, no butts, no drugs, just depth…

  17. Please Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    So some stupid game can be number 1 trending, but this masterpiece can’t get in trending? SMH AT YA’LL SHEEPLE.

  18. Gigi v says:

    man name an artist better than big sean, daddy mikey or kendrick and i’ll paypal u $200 right now…i’ll wait.

  19. YoungA170 says:

    Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen

  20. TeeOozy says:

    This music video and song was so meaningful ????

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