Big Sean Spits Over Drake’s “Love All” & Kanye’s “Hurricane” In Nearly 9-Min. L.A. Leakers Freestyle

Big Sean Spits Over Drake’s “Love All” & Kanye’s “Hurricane” In Nearly 9-Min. L.A. Leakers Freestyle

After over a 10-year delay, The Don has stepped in the building and the long-awaited Big Sean freestyle appearance left no stone unturned.

Big Sean dropped off a nearly nine-minute feat with nothing but factual bars in the new L.A. Leakers Freestyle 122. Sean wasted no time to bring awareness to not only the untold history of the Tuskegee experiment, to flexing his energy in rare form when he raps, “Sean, you been in love too long, it sound like all your hunger gone; I’m f***in’ starving’!” Sean continues his line, “ I saw a sunset on the way here, so colorful and vivid, reminded me that God my favorite artist. And, the fact I woke up today and saw it, reminded me that I’m winning regardless.”

Big Sean didn’t stop there, as Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk switched up the backing instrumental from Drake’s “Love All” to Kanye West’s “Hurricane.”

Completely BAR’D UP, Sean flipped the flow and went crazy over Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke??”! The Detroit native also made sure to let y’all know that he and Hit-Boy have a classic on the way!

“Yo favorite rapper my f***kin’ doormat, look!
I go at their necks and hearts
The sh*t you was building forever, I tear it apart
Me, I’m a stepper for real, since from the beginning,
I mean, I was born in March!”

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37 Responses

  1. Big Sean says:

    Lets goooo111

  2. HipHopDX says:

    Give Big Sean all the respect

  3. K Hitt says:

    The classic “boy” never gets old. Bodied these beats

  4. King Davis Music says:

    You’ve gotta put Sean in the goat category… one of the greatest pens ever

  5. K Vondo says:

    “5, 6, 7 ways, besides rap I’m getting paid. Started broke, didn’t break, first in my gen, I hadda generate. Verses like I’m Johnny Cage, I’m the boss, meet me on the final stage!” 🐐🐺 Ahead of his time

  6. Da Kid Gowie says:

    Sean Don has been top 10 lyrically over the past decade. The fact that it’s popular to disrespect him will forever be corny to me.

  7. Azerrz says:

    Who doesnt love Sean Don

  8. Tim London says:

    SEAN DON. When you talk about progression and mastering your craft throughout the years since he came in the game, Sean is the epitome.

  9. LakerFan says:

    Hope some how some day I’m able to meet Sean man. A true inspiration.

  10. Gustavo Sifuentes says:

    “People want their flowers, I rather get my hands dirty and go pick my own” 🔥

    I was just thinking about how we should give this man his flowers.

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