Big Shaq “Man’s Not Hot” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Big Shaq “Man’s Not Hot” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

In late August, U.K. comedian Michael Dapaah went viral with his comedic “Fire in the Booth” freestyle. After seeing its success online, Dapaah flipped it into a proper song titled “Man’s Not Hot,” which he released under his rap alter ego Big Shaq. The song has earned over 18 million Spotify streams, in addition to millions of YouTube views on both the original freestyle and the “Man’s Not Hot” music video. He stopped by Genius (in character of course) to break down some of the key lines and address his budding feud with Shaq.

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19 Responses

  1. Bandi Namci says:

    His lyrics his *H E L L A D E E P*

  2. Kadz12 says:


  3. Claudio Funes says:

    MuchDank needs to get on this shit asap

  4. Sly The Sloth says:

    You’re here for 5:19 you’re welcome 😉
    subscribe to me I’m lonely

  5. Seun Alomasojo says:

    I like my fanta with no ice 😂😂

  6. Teddy Edwards says:

    This made his whole persona and song even more confusing.

  7. Bevin Kleitgen says:

    You can’t ask Heinz nothing

  8. Janne Pääkkönen says:

    I am sure af he though meaning of these lyrics after he even dropped the song lol

  9. toogood68 says:

    An for the artist that are still hating….big shaq interviews are more watched than y’all songs….u get me!!!

  10. Its Cloud says:

    Lmaooo when he tries to pronounce “Pythagorean theorem” shit had me dying everytime💀💀💀😂😂

  11. Alex&Cole says:

    0:13 the most inspirational speech of all time

  12. Bosnjo says:

    I’m even more confused now

  13. Purma says:

    Kind of wild that these videos are to help us consumers understand the lyrics but I’m more confused now then I was before I saw this video

  14. Bryce Gonzales says:

    that was….. hard to watch

  15. SK8ERGMR says:

    This was so hard to watch. Very cringeworthy

  16. tigerlily says:

    Can’t decide whether I love or hate his dumb ass 😂

  17. Jake - says:

    Oh my goodness….he’s actually stupid. Now I feel bad.

  18. Help me get to 500 subs With no videos says:

    *A B I B L E R E A D I N G*

  19. Eric Lee says:

    those pauses where he breaks character and almost starts laughing are the best 😂😂

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