Big Smoke’s Order (Food Challenge)

Big Smoke’s Order (Food Challenge)

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If it didn’t convey in the video, I was so psyched to finally get to do this challenge. I’ve always wondered what Cluckin’ Bell would taste like…

How Big Was Big Smoke’s Order Really? —
Big Smoke’s Order —

Disclaimer: I didn’t do the challenge perfectly in line with what everyone determined Big Smoke ordered for himself. I went with this variation due to the size making it a great food challenge!


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19 Responses

  1. MrJrod899 says:

    he seems very happy in this video, like he just blew his load in his girls mouth earlier kind of happy.

  2. Spencer Elliott says:

    This man is a chinese buffet owner’s worst nightmare.

  3. Toigbo says:

    0:42 Reddit.

  4. Tr34Days says:

    Gotta love that cookies shirt. Bay area rep. No wonder you can eat all that food LOL

  5. Tuco Salamanca says:

    Damn Popeye’s chicken sound like it’s crispy as fuck, If I ever go to US I definitely want to try out Popeye’s, In-n-Out and Five Guys, is there a city that has all three ?

  6. Enzo says:

    It’s all fun and games until you get diabetes.

  7. Addie L. says:

    You should make a video with Shane Dawson. I would watch that over and over again.

  8. BrickFilmsCinema says:

    All I learned from this was that black people like chicken.

  9. Jehutyy says:

    WAIT I hear a female giggle in the background…..WHO IS SHE?

  10. Nvm says:

    >blew up in reddit

    >shows 4chan

    u fucking wot m8

  11. Sean Is right says:

    Do a canes 100 tailgate challenge.

  12. Mahdi Islam says:

    Matt stonie should donate his body to science ?

  13. armando martinez says:

    My stomach hurts after watching this

  14. Gaybe Newell says:

    Is he Asian?

  15. Battle Toad says:

    This man said “Reddit” and showed a 4 chan post smh know your memes stonie

  16. Andy Mitchell says:

    Great video and best of wishes mate

  17. Jhon Franco says:

    I can’t imagine how big his shits are.. ???

  18. Brandon Burke says:

    blew up on reddit… or 4chan you fuckin weab?

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