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19 Responses

  1. Eirene Brugman says:

    guys try to listen in 1.25 speed, sounds good too lol

  2. binh dip says:

    Vip đâu hết rồi qua cày loser 10m vượt kỷ lục snsd đi

  3. haylzRAWR says:

    Feels like Im watching one of those corny 90s boy band filmclips. Haha love

  4. 임하은 says:


  5. Swifties' Galaxy 13 says:

    I feel weird now lol…… my ovaries
    but seriously there’s something about this song……

  6. darkaya says:

    VIP we need more Views!!

  7. Stella Liman says:

    well, i’m 15 and i actually understand some of these weird symbols but can
    someone explain me the whole mv? pls do an mv analysis? 

  8. Yin Lo says:

    4,830,999 🙂
    I’m glad that my loved group can produce music, mv and ideas that they want
    to express. Support!

  9. Rome Viduya says:

    Is it just me or does Daesung always get the depressing part of Music
    Videos xDD

    And seungri always has his face on boobs XDDD or have girls feeling him up

  10. Ivy Crizzelle Supsup says:

    I didn’t understand the whole message of this song but I understand the
    squirting part of T.O.P xDD Lol. Is this common sense or I’m just green
    minded? I know many out there could relate :D

  11. Larisa Lary says:

    Taeyang’s armpit..

  12. Jubillee Anora says:

    I Love GD !! ❤

  13. Melike doğan says:

    T.O.P. asdfgasd

  14. Kendy Nho says:

    내가 사랑하는 빅뱅 (지 드래곤)

  15. John Ander says:

    ahahaha the lyrics are so weird

  16. Duong Trucvy says:


  17. eve256 says:

    They all look so high in this mv. And top is the highest. Lol. Pun

  18. Sela Iqbal says:

    I love both songs Loser & Bae Bae but I just love Bae Bae a little (tiny
    weeny) bit more.. <3

  19. Hazelyn Lin says:

    Seung Ri looks damn good with that hair colour!!!!!!