I’m… Ancient Now

Lindsay Small-Butera …… Penny
Olivia Craighead ……………Billie
Tim Batt ……………………….Tim
Chris Fleming………………..Cesare
SungWon Cho……………….Doctor
Ayo Edebiri……………………Frances
Alex Small-Butera………….Conrad


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35 Responses

  1. Kruggsmash says:

    This series is so fascinating. I love it, man.

  2. Just Stop says:

    We’ll probably never know if Steve is too dumb, too smart, or too Steve to look inside the backpack before taking it

  3. Jazz says:

    0:59 The way Cesare says “Steeeeeeve” while slowly shuffling toward him, then cutting to him being very close to Steve, leads me to believe Cesare did this for at least 5 minutes, while they all waited patiently for him to get there.

  4. Redstainglass Cat says:

    “don’t listen to a word they say, they’re all THEATER MAJORS.” had me genuinely laugh out loud

  5. Il FENEX Il says:

    “I’m ancient now”
    -Me whenever my back hurts. lol

  6. Arthur Sears says:

    I’m so infatuated with this series the art style is great the acting is just fun and good god the music probably my favorite part it’s like waking up on Saturday to watch cartoons again

  7. Paul Frakher says:

    I love that Billie seems to take everything at face value. Between “is this normal food truck stuff” and “So you’re also wearing makeup” I’m starting to think Steve sold her a burger and said “You’re hired”

  8. Greeble Pleeb says:

    This show is on a whole mother level of “I want this to be my life”

  9. Shui Hoppy says:

    I love how both Steve and Cesare are a genuine Clown and Vampire, and are on opposing sides of an ancient rivalry… And show that rivalry with competing in food trucks, which they both know very little about. And no one notices

  10. Figment says:

    I love how Cesare implies that Steve is his own kind of species when he says “ like a good _Steve_ ”
    and also the fact that what sets him off to his crew “revealing his brand secrets” is when Alan uses his “regular voice” which means that Cesare can most definitely hear the difference and is terrified of people “finding out” his crew isn’t composed of real zombies
    and also the reverb/echo on “we meet again Bigtop Burger” and really nothing else (except when Cesare says STEVE kinda) just sent me
    there’s so many things I love about this series including this episode I don’t think I can put it all in one comment

    • Miss Hibiscus says:

      Well said! I also love the implication that Cesare has superhuman hearing, since he could distinguish the difference between Alan’s work voice and his normal voice.

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