Lindsay Small-Butera …… Penny
Olivia Craighead ……………Billie
Tim Batt ……………………….Tim
Chris Fleming………………..Cesare
SungWon Cho……………….Doctor
Ayo Edebiri……………………Frances
Alex Small-Butera………….Conrad


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34 Responses

  1. Just Stop says:

    Worthi comes and goes from this mortal plane like an angel’s kiss. He drops quality content, then he’s already gone again.

  2. Widget says:

    The way Cesare is just like “Later” and just nopes out of their plane of existence after pulling such an amazing series of shots with that mallet… This show is so good the only problem is that there isn’t a full length series.

    • flask says:

      I like this format

    • Weaver North says:

      As much as I would like a full length series I slightly disagree actually. Would be cool but then the creator wouldn’t have as much control as a larger team is needed. Animations wouldn’t come out as often and with them as compact as this is you get the most OOMF out of each bit. Short bits her and there seems like the way to go. It would lose its spark if it tried to be something else or be just fundamentally different and be enjoyed for entirely different reasons. (…. did I just do an um actually?? Oh no.)

    • Kitti Lumpo says:


  3. kibateo says:

    honestly the biggest plot twist the episode was that ceasare wasn’t actually invested in the burger business or his crew, they were just a means to an end

    • GhostCassette says:

      @Nandan Kulkarni Seems like they’d been at this for a while, so they definitely spent at least some of it right? More likely Cesare is just an elite enough clownkiller that his bosses don’t mind him paying his fake employees well (or were funding the truck and business so the crew got ALL the money from influencers buying their bad burgers)

    • Nandan Kulkarni says:

      i’m thinking the money was fake, much like the sick lunchbox. the poor crew 🙁

    • ShwintyKat says:

      If he can make weights look like a big hat and a nice lunchbox, I think maybe the money might maybe not have been possibly money

    • Eccentric Downfall says:

      @Ben Diesel I think upper management aka hell maybe supplying Cesare with the cash to get close Steve with a crew and truck of his own

    • Ben Diesel says:

      @samurai tadpole All his money comes from a hole. For all we know that hole just straight up makes money.

  4. Carson Moore says:

    Not only is the writing and acting amazing but the music can’t be ignored. Need a full version of everything!

    • Used to be Krampus says:

      and there is,
      remember the two seconds of weird al in season one? they wrote a whole song for that

    • B D says:

      There are full length tracks for a lot of the songs in BTB! If you search worthikids on Spotify there should be various versions of “Up” and a song called “Down” which the song that plays in this video. Pretty sure the songs are also on YouTube somewhere…

    • crazyspider17 says:


  5. Jake Jones says:

    As someone who works for a food truck I can confidently say this series represents the life well

  6. Sam Green says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to re-watch such a glorious animation over and over again. The pacing in this is simply superb.

  7. TurpinSoups says:

    The fact that Cesare’s voice slightly echoes whenever he yells elevates the hilarity. It’s like he’s transcending time and space just to throw bad puns at a clown.

    • Jax Warp says:

      It really harkens back to the days of Bugs Bunny, when Mel Blanc would do the same thing. It really makes it feel louder to, more grounded

  8. Crowne Prince says:

    I love how this episode implies Cesare is some kind of undead clown hunter, backed by the power of hell itself.

  9. _Underscore_ says:

    Wow, the animation in this episode is insane, totally phenomenal, and chris Fleming nailed his performance

  10. Alon Alperovich says:

    This show is hilarious, and also perfectly showcases how much anxiety I feel when I get an unwanted gift.

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