Biles sticks landing in balance beam, wins Olympic bronze

Biles sticks landing in balance beam, wins Olympic bronze

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  1. StepanJansrud says:

    Interestingly, despite all the disappointment over the second place finish to ROC in the team final, the USA medaled in every single event in women’s gymnastics which didn’t happen in 2008, 2012, or 2016.
    Simone didn’t have the Olympics many of us hoped for, but the team medaling in every event is a success.

    In 2008, the USA didn’t medal on vault (Alicia Sacramone placed 4th).

    • Lo Lo says:

      I thought they did in 2016 too…?? Madison Kocian got a silver medal on bars, Laurie and Simone medaled on beam, AA Simone and Aly got gold and silver, Simone won gold on vault, Simone and Aly medaled on floor, and they all got gold for the team final. I’m confused lol!

    • Talor says:

      Also, every woman on the USA team won a medal this Olympics!

    • Kevin Sam says:

      Get your facts straight, the US ot a medal on all events in rio, simone took a medal on 5 events and kocian got silver on bars

    • chaseypoo17 says:

      Alicia let everyone down in 2008

  2. Marlon says:

    I am super happy for her. I hope she gets the help she needs because it’ll hit her hard when back home and she’s alone. *God bless her heart* for coming back one last time.

  3. easyalpha1 says:

    Congrats to Suni and Team USA for a successful olympics!!! Bronze for Suni and Simone, Silver and Gold for Suni too!!! Both girls did their best…! And yes all our great team got their silver team medal! With Maykala-silver and Jade-gold getting in individual medals also!!!! A great Olympics for all the team members!!!

    • Ann Ball says:

      Don’t forget the silver for Mikayla on the vault who thought was out of it before replacing Simone..
      Congrats for showing up and showing out Mikayla!

    • Air Durant says:

      They carried Simone bails

    • Valerie Teti says:

      @Kyle Bolton Biles didn’t earn team silver she bailed before the competition

    • Kyle Bolton says:

      @Valerie Teti She only needed to be in one of the events to get the Team’s medal, so she got Silver for the Team event. And she got the Twisties, which is a serious issue for gymnasts… if she kept going she could have gotten very hurt. It’s not “bailing.” She also could have worsened her team’s score if she fell again.

    • Yumi Hall says:

      @Air Durant I wouldnt say that

  4. EDWARD MYLEK says:

    👍👍👍Hats off to Simone for getting back out there and winning the bronze medal. I would like to see all the trash-talkers even get up on a balance beam. LOL

    • Avalon Sookdeo says:

      @Chocolate Smitten yes. I agree! I believe that people who are very critical of her are some who feel that the mainstream media is unfair in how they are treating her as compared to others, particularly men. But I agree with you, she deserves a second chance.

    • john macy says:

      @steven meyer you’re the one who originally brought up the subject of the goat when you accused someone of being idiotic for expressing something you thought was incorrect but in fact was true.

    • P P says:

      @MasterSpin77 Then why are you commenting? You do envy her.

    • Marbella D. says:

      @Cat Breath Yes! Absolutely, right!

    • Marbella D. says:

      @R I N A HK It’s only worth USD 5.00 of weight, once it’s melted. LMAO!

  5. Ga Coach Trainer says:

    Remember Simone has her own difficulty scaling.

  6. Pam Hicks says:

    I’m proud of Simone and the whole team USA.

  7. jevonk says:

    Great job Simone getting back out there but also playing it safe as well performing on the event with least risk on your dismount.

    • Z D says:

      @jevonk LOL, I cliff dive and do all kinds of things, popped a gainer off a diving board 2 days ago. Doesn’t owe me a reason? She wears the American flag and opted to represent me and the rest of the population at the Olympics. She is literally representing me right now. I don’t care when athletes quit while they’re representing themselves.

    • Z D says:

      @Kim Sampson it’s really telling that people like yourself support Simone more than Team USA. I support the country first, and the athlete second. Without the USA there would be no Simone

    • jevonk says:

      @Z D Good Lord! You are so white and privileged it’s nauseating. Simone doesn’t owe you jack White man. A gold medal at the risk of their mental and physical well-being is not what being an athlete is at heart. You cliff dive?🙄 When you can do a Yurchenko double pike from a vault then I’ll be impressed. Please go away and get over yourself.

    • Z D says:

      @jevonk And there it is. You’re a racist. I don’t argue with white racists and I don’t argue with black racists.

    • jevonk says:

      @Z D Avoid all you want. You’re racist. Blab about country first and I would bet you won’t put on a mask to health others. You are not an Olympic athlete, MVP, Gold medalist, Champion or even Participant. Take your racist, misogynistic views towards Simone somewhere else. Gr

  8. GH1618 says:

    This is NBC. Why couldn’t they show a clip?

  9. M C says:

    I am proud of all the ladies on the US Olympic Gymanastics Team. But, there was too much emphasis on Simmone Biles while the rest of the field was winning gold and Silver right and left.

    • Ultraman619 says:

      yet simone medaling meant USa medaled in all what no cover simone..we alreadty had emphasis on sunisa lee on NBC if you must know..

  10. BassRanger 10 says:

    The comments are why I have 0 faith in Houston as a city, just plain full of morons

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