Bill Belichick postgame press conference

Bill Belichick postgame press conference

Bill Belichick addressed the media following the Patriots 47-17 loss to the Bills.

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26 Responses

  1. Jeff C says:

    This guy is a hoot to talk to. Holy cow this is brutal

  2. Ron Dobson says:

    After hearing his answer in the first 30 seconds, I couldn’t imagine how there’d be almost another 5 min of this.

  3. Randy Porter says:

    Being the conversationalist that Bill is. I always enjoy these pressers. Bill’s candid breakdown and free exchange of ideas is always enlightening. Bill has established himself as a jovial, exceedingly friendly coach, who loves spending time with reporters and sharing thoughts on the game. Nothing makes Bill happier than a spirited debate on game theory and coaching styles. In this podium appearance, Bill offered detailed wisdom and insight, along with a full explanation of today’s game and the preparation that affected its outcome. I found it insightful and informative to say the least, although some technical aspects Bill touched on lost me at times. Thank you for sharing.

    • Barbaro Garcia says:

      Exactly 😂😆😆😂😂

    • ken hawes says:

      @Inspired One h e hates press conferences and only does them because the league requires them…still, he could be a bit more cordial…lol

    • Provincelands Explorer says:

      @dsdw30 the media can’t stand him, his first wife couldn’t stand him …

    • Provincelands Explorer says:

      @dsdw30 Gronk couldn’t stand him, for God’s sake, Gronk hated Bill so much he quit playing football to escape him – now that says it all.

    • Provincelands Explorer says:

      @TheFoolinthe rainn big difference between recreational amateur athletics and the multi-billion dollar NFL entertainment industry, Bill has been miscast into the role and Bob Kraft, who understands the industry intimately, will rectify this.

  4. Marco Nelissen says:

    When I watch a press conference with Bill I always get the feeling that they are prepping him for surgery and suddenly you hear from the side someone syaing..Ok Bill count backwards from 10 and he falls asleep.

  5. cizia69 says:

    The life of the partay…

  6. allthingspeju says:

    I wasn’t expecting such a lopsided game. Bill’s energy has been zapped by the Bills

  7. Scott Donald says:

    “We couldn’t keep up” and “they were too much for us” along with “I wanna focus on the game tonight” is basically the answer to every question lol.

  8. T George says:

    Thanks for another hilarious post-game Bill. Appreciate all the laughs over the years. We are looking forward to next year’s post-game episodes.

  9. Barry Fernandes says:

    Classic Bill. According to the rules! He couldn’t slip by them this time!

  10. B Diamond Sports Cards says:

    Being a longtime Buffalo Bills fan I want to say that Bill Belichick is one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time. A definite future hall of famer.

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