Bill Belichick praises Tom Brady and explains how Patriots’ defense silenced Rams | Super Bowl LIII

Bill Belichick praises Tom Brady and explains how Patriots’ defense silenced Rams | Super Bowl LIII

Fresh off the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII win, Bill Belichick joins Chris Berman, Randy Moss and Steve Young on ESPN to break down the gameplan that held the Los Angeles Rams to 3 points, Julian Edelman’s competitiveness during his MVP performance and how special Tom Brady is.

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112 Responses

  1. Gabe Ennin says:

    We’ve never seen a dynasty like the Patriots

  2. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Bill should had won MVP making him the first ever.

    • ROCKEATER says:

      Pravda l

    • Brandon Charles says:

      gus mule you’re right! It’s no disrespect to Brady, but it’s true! Belichick is the ultimate Mastermind! Belichick could have done the same with any NFL quality QB! Brady was never a phenom he was drafted in the 6th round! All phenoms the GOATS in all sports are recognized from like age 12 that they’re going to be elite! So, Brady just happen to become the greatest to ever play the position once he started backing up Bledsoe?? Cmon! It’s no disrespect to Brady he obviously is an NFL quarterback and had an amazing career! But without Belichick his legacy would be not much! He isn’t mobile, he whines a lot, he gets jittery when he knows he is going to get hit. It is what it is. Not one man can win a championship, but Belichick is the true genius and his system is the sole reason for the Pats Legacy!

    • gus mule says:

      +Brandon Charles I totally agree with what you said. These people act like Brady is calling the plays, and calling the defense. It’s totally belicheck. They can lose any coordinator and win. But if they lose belicheck it’s over These people say he was crap with the browns I start laughing. He coached excellent games. It’s not his fault the team went to shambles when they found out they were leaving Cleveland. By the way, they still made the playoffs with half ass testaverde. By the way he was color blind, most people don’t know that about Vinny.

    • Brandon Charles says:

      gus mule you’re right!! And he was a big reason the Giants won 2 Rings when he was there! I hate how you’re not allowed to critique Brady or Pats fans call you names! It is what it is they’ve done something no one ever has, but it is all because of Belichick! Belichick can win coaching any team if is given the control Kraft gives him. Put Brady on any other team he ain’t winning shit! He ain’t Payton Manning!

    • Thelonius 84 says:

      You mean MVC? P is for Player

  3. GunsGiftsGalleries says:

    Max Kellerman was absolutely right, 6-3 sounds so much better than 5-4. There was alot on the line for Brady’s & Belichick’s legacies.

  4. animation dancer too much says:

    Defense won that game every body saying it was boring cause low scoring then last year to much scoring no defense shut up

    • Pennywise Wadford says:

      Also, throwing a flag for the Rams not letting the Pats catch the ball ruined it. Set the tone. I saw Goof get drivin into the turf but they throw a flag on a DB hitting a RB that just caught the ball….

    • Greg Litrell says:

      Sure they did all of sudden patriot has a defense after all season they had one of the worst defense in franchise history now they can play do u know what u call that rigged fake wwe fake plot nfl is becoming more fake than I’ve ever thought possible. U dont become all of sudden in just one week fake fake fake

    • J Clm says:

      animation dancer too much good game .out of the 40+ sb i have was Not a blo out bolt 49ers style

    • Greg Litrell says:

      Fuck you fuck all of u Pat’s fans I think u are all sorry excuses for human being

    • Classy Villain says:

      +Andrew Gangale yet they’re in the Super Bowl LOL

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Tom Brady ? qb
    Bill belichick ? head coach
    Patriots dynasty ?????? lives on

    • Chastity Slaughter says:

      +schmokes brady is the goat…u know it and u wish your qb was as good as he is…next year he will win another ring and u will still find an excuse to come up with…your team has young players but are they in sb??? Your team had a chance and didn’t make it…case closed

    • schmokes says:

      +Charles patriots fan for life Ward
      Youre right this debate is over.
      They didnt have to rely on other teams to get good players.
      Have the Pats ever had an entire draft class become a hall of famers????

    • Madara litchiha says:

      +Kelly Merrill you sound like every mother in America lmfao just one excuse that’s it

    • Sports Deeply says:

      RML 3000 v that’s like saying the earth is flat so I don’t know if ur mentally stable?

    • j c says:

      +Kelly Merrill jealous bitch

  6. Joof The Goof says:

    Can’t wait for first take tomorrow… Max when is Brady going to fall of the cliff this year???

    • Sam Atwood says:

      Nice Man

    • Tom Smith says:

      Look at Max’s politics and it explains everything. He’s a liberal. Liberalism is based on hatred and jealousy. Liberals hate winners, and Brady might be the greatest winner in the history of modern sports. He represents everything that Max hates

    • J P says:

      Joof The Goof
      You morons are an example of why Max can say dunb shit. You cant wait to watch their garbage show.

    • Leroy Brown says:

      Maxine will need extra strength manpons this morning. Fucking jew pussy.

    • Greg Litrell says:

      All of these team that lost to fag Brady should feel ashamed of themselves they lost to an old man in football years. Maybe if they stop listening to the nfl and stop roger Goodell from plotting these games Tom Brady would be a joke but they allow roger Goodell to rig these games. So no pay fans I’ll ll never give u credit for anything u accomplished because I know it’s fixed. For one no 41 year old QBs will ever beat out a 24 year QBs for expect me to believe all that is real well delusional

  7. Jacky Bars says:

    Jared Goff looked shook from the beginning of the game. Him and Gurley choked.

    • Kyle Smith says:

      Righteous1 Refs? Seriously? You’re a twat.

    • Tragic says:

      Jacky Bars they knew they should not even bebin the sbowl

    • Snap Shot says:

      +Drank in my cup I don’t know what you mean, people are allowed to have their own opinion, and if you don’t agree, maybe make an actual point that I can see to justify that, other people told me what they disagree about, and most pf them made a better point than me, but you just come out here and say I don’t know anything about football when you haven’t even said what you disagree about.

    • Snap Shot says:

      +Sean Of The Dead Your right, but I mean, Gurley just did not look 100%. But looking back on the replays, now I’m just starting to think it was New England’s defense that was just stone walling him. BTW, I’m not a Rams fan. Lol

    • Snap Shot says:

      +VerdadAmericano Brady is GOAT, Goff is just a average QB, even in the year Brady won it at 24, he was already elite and confident.

  8. The Avatar says:

    Brady is 6-3. Meanwhile LeBron is 3-6

  9. swag newton says:

    Yo give eldemens beard a ring

    It deserves it ☝

  10. Dale Miller says:

    Pretty sure Drew Brees and the Saints would’ve scored more than 3 points.

  11. R E says:

    I feel I’m one of the very few people who enjoyed that game I love defense nothing like shutting down your opponent

  12. Jacinto Garza says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Josh Gordon is a Super Bowl champion

  13. MyContentIsTrash says:

    Can already see ESPN “if Brady wins again he’s the GOAT”

  14. Mark Faith says:

    Congratulations to Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady. Brady earned this one and I would even venture to say that he deserved this one over all the others. 41 years old. 6 time world champ. Hats off to you, Brady. Your work ethic is like no other and your determination is inspiring. And this is from a Packers fan

    • Chas Roscow says:

      Hi Mark…I’m pretty sure I and the Patriot nation appreciate your words. The Packers (and apparently you) are a class act. I feel too it is not as much about the Patriots as it is the Belichick & TB12. Players seem to all turn annually…but these two remain. I think we are at a point where all football fans need to take a moment just realize they are witnessing. Something bigger than Babe Ruth, 1980 Olympic Hockey team, Phelps, or Tiger. Those who resent or are jealous of the Pats success should take a look inside themselves. Something like this should be inspiring, uplifting, applauded, and emulated. Thanks for the cool comment;

    • Kat Decarmo says:

      Who ever youre routing for, you HAVE to acknowledge a team, QB and coach that over and over again MAKE IT HAPPEN when they need to. And, they’ve lost enough to know what that feels like too. They work hard, keep at it, and make it happen. As sports fans we should recognize this era.

    • D Mikesell says:

      As a Seahawks fan he is the GOAT

    • Henry Goepfrich says:

      Mark Faith okay, *wisconsin*

    • Ian McLaughlin says:

      As a Patriots fan thank you. That’s refreshing to hear from a non fan.

  15. I am Negan says:

    I really wanted Brady to call out Max Kellerman by name.

    • Gadiel Silva says:

      Brady is to mature and classy to call out a loser like Max. beside Max talk all this shit because the louder he speak, the most ridiculous he can be, the more people will talk about him.

    • chris klein says:

      I am Negan — What would that accomplish in reality. Tom Brady was not the proximate reason NE won that well below average game.

      The PATRIOTS DEFENSE was !!!!

    • chris klein says:

      Gadiel Silva — Are you sure you really aren’t describing Stephen A Smith there?

    • VariousValue says:

      Righteous1 lol ur salty I get it the patriots just win all the time it’s hard to except, one of the best offenses in the league couldn’t score a single touchdown on the pats with multiple chances too, and Goff threw a huge interception that basically sealed the game which had nothing to do with the “refs”. They lost fair and square and that’s that, lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history we played amazing defense and Goff and gurley didn’t show up

    • Leroy Brown says:

      I wish Brady would call the little pussy Maxine.

  16. stephen cox says:

    Defense still wins championships even in an offense centric league

  17. P L says:

    Brady got 6 chips 6-3 = Goat
    MJ 6 ring 6-0 = Goat
    Lebron 3-6 = LOL

  18. Trumpster fire! says:

    Only one genius in the NFL – Bill Belichick. Maybe next year, Sean McVay.

  19. Richie Mesquita says:

    Tom Brady now has all 6 infinity stones ??????

  20. INFINITYon says:

    Tom and bill best duo ever in history….love he haters …

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