Bill Burr’s Issues With The Airline Boarding Process – CONAN on TBS

Bill Burr’s Issues With The Airline Boarding Process – CONAN on TBS

Bill doesn’t want people in uniform or children boarding the plane before him when he’s worked hard to afford a first-class plane ticket.

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86 Responses

  1. Shubham Dhyani says:

    The voice of reason is back.

  2. stuff says:

    Time to watch these 7 times in a row

  3. tijean sharpe says:

    Time to go on bill n Conan spiral

  4. billy bob says:

    Billy Ole Nuts

  5. I Write A Song A Day says:

    Every Bill Burr interview on Conan:
    1. Conan asks a question
    2. Bill Burr goes on a rant for minutes at a time with Conan just sitting back and enjoying it

  6. I Write A Song A Day says:

    2 minutes into this and I completely forgot what Conan even asked Bill

  7. Simeon Elijah says:

    That one dude was laughing way too loud.

  8. nonoo says:

    Bill Burr for president!

  9. Shashank Adhikari says:

    Bill Burr is one hell of a rollercoaster.

  10. Tim Le says:

    I’ve never seen Conan laugh so hard XD 😂😂😂 2:55 5:25

  11. Travelhat says:

    God bless Bill Burr for bringing genuine joy into Conan’s life.

  12. coloreo666 says:

    “It’s not that she says that I’m a jerk… It’s just, the nerve to be surprised.”

  13. Juneid Mosaheb says:


  14. Khal Drogo says:

    America has a left vs right issue and then there is Bill Burr, the only man that makes sense and unfortunately a dying breed of a man. My favourite comedian with Chappelle!!

    • I AM BAYTOR says:

      Devante Don’t forget Doug Stanhope. He is the king.

    • Khal Drogo says:

      +dogglet1234 He just stated some facts but he is reasonable, all the interviews I’ve watched from Dave he always keeps it classy. Maybe it’s you and not Dave.

    • Lala Ghana-Love says:

      Conan’s Bill Burr interviews are the few times I see a comedian being edgy and the comments not going into meltdown with the word nazi and racist thrown around. That always intrigues me. We all just seem to have fun in the comments section

  15. Šimon Kucka says:

    Me waiting for Bill Burr to appear on Conan is the equivalent of kid waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas.

  16. きよたかとる says:

    Conan should film a 30 min special with Bill. He is the best Conan guest there is.

  17. Elizabeth George says:

    “He was so fat, I was literally sitting next to and behind him.” 😂

  18. aris balu says:

    oh bill.. our Prometheus… what fire of knowledge that you bring us today?

  19. AtomicDeath48 says:

    Went from talking about boarding airplanes to shoving sandwiches up asses.

  20. MikeyStrutter says:

    Whew, new Bill Burr clips, so I don’t have to watch the old ones for the 100th time. Literally…

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