Bill Clinton Explains Why Sanders & Trump Are Doing So Well

Bill Clinton Explains Why Sanders & Trump Are Doing So Well

Former President Bill Clinton has been called “the great explainer,” so Stephen asks him to explain a few things about the 2016 election.

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20 Responses

  1. ArrowInTheKneeGuard says:

    Feel the Bern!

  2. ChBro37 says:


  3. seal3081 says:

    Why are people disliking this video? Considering his wife is running for
    office I thought it was a good response to the question. What Sanders is
    proposing is a far left idea and I don’t see anything wrong with that in
    fact America needs more of it.

  4. Octavian B says:

    Bernie Sanders is the only relevant Presidential Candidate.

  5. Clear Truth says:


    Because you’re all satanic puppets. Fuck your NWO, bitches.

  6. ThePlanBPill says:

    Hey thanks for setting the stage for the banking collapse of 08″, Billy!

  7. The Hoax planeT says:

    A puppet putting a pedophile on a pedestal… sickening!

  8. Hannibal Khan says:

    Thanks for OKC Slick Willy

  9. Manny EHC says:

    Why so much hate?

  10. Al H. says:

    I don’t know why some people are being unappreciating cunts, but Bill
    Clinton was a great president. We were able to distinguish between the eras
    that Clinton was president as opposed to W. Bush.

  11. Michael Johnson says:

    Fuck he looks terrible

  12. fredrikstadtilian says:

    Bill Clinton sucks

  13. zcizzorhandz says:

    OMG look at the votes on the video and realize how dumb people are. He
    never said anything in favour of Trump, and he never said anything negative
    about Bernie sanders. But stupid people down vote because their whole life
    is based on jumping to conclusions and following popular opinion. Welcome
    to planet Earth!

  14. Ludwin V says:

    Better to have blowjobs than no jobs

  15. glo 07 says:


  16. Dori C says:

    The “winner” has already been chosen. It doesn’t matter who you vote for.
    Voting was designed to make us think we have a say in who wins. Nothing
    could be further from the truth. Democrats vs Republicans… two sides of
    the same coin. Created to get us to argue and be divided with each
    other… so the control group, that hidden hand, can conquer and
    control us. It is working well… just look at all the arguing going on
    here in the comments. As long as we are divided, they will retain their
    power. Nothing will change for the better until we choose to stop using
    the system they set up for us. As long as we choose a political side or a
    particular candidate, we are just pawns in their game… and they are
    laughing at us.

  17. mobspeak says:


  18. Kentleigh T. says:

    Donald Trump is doing so well because he’s smart and knows how to run large
    organizations. He tells the truth and doesn’t lie like all these other
    worthless candidates along with the scum bag in the chair next to Stephen.

  19. maylightbewithyou says:


  20. sophie m says:

    Feel the burn