Bill de Blasio – Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak in New York City | The Daily Show

Bill de Blasio – Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak in New York City | The Daily Show

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio discusses the coronavirus pandemic and offers small adjustments that people can make in order to find balance during the outbreak. #DailyShow #BilldeBlasio #Coronavirus

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97 Responses

  1. VTQ Channel says:

    I’m noticing people are saying that “Oh only a few people died so far” and it aggravates me cause I feel sad for those “few people” who died and everyone else just…..doesn’t care
    Sure it’s normal for people to die but still you shouldn’t disregard their deaths like it’s just a number

    • peter says:

      “and everyone else just…..doesn’t care”
      I didn’t read all 40 replies. Just wanted to assure you that this is not the case. You can’t use internet comments or even tv vox-pop to form opinions of what people think. Many people fully have the empathy to wish to protect people other than themselves, and many have the intellect to understand the importance of keeping the exponential rate as low as possible to prevent hospitals being swamped. Only sociopaths would think it was ok to push a granny down the stairs “because she only had a few years left in her”, and there is additionally a perfectly healthy demographic that will suffer badly from this, all the hard working healthcare workers. _Many_ people understand this even if there are sociopaths in charge and certain sociopathic media elements supporting their narrative.

    • Haitian Creole With Luciano says:

      So many psychos in this thread!

    • Bleys McNutt says:

      @Haitian Creole With Luciano Somebody’s grumpy.

    • Librarian-at-Large says:



  2. Kris Mmm says:

    Yeah but kids are vectors, they may not get sick but they can carry the virus and then take it home and give it to there parents

    • C Bryce says:

      Many grandparents live with their adult children and grandchildren. If we send kids to school, we are essentially killing our mom’s and dads.

    • C Bryce says:

      @Concrete Lightbulb Exactly, the casual ignorance IS astonishing! I know of three people who have, “colds” and have been going out and about as if they have not a care in the world. No matter what I say, they poo poo the importance of staying home. As a person with lowered immune system, I am staying home. Thankfully I can. And super thankful that the grocers will deliver.

    • Concrete Lightbulb says:

      @C Bryce I just read a news report of an NBA player touching the mics of every reporter interviewing him as a joke hours before he tested positive for the virus. Too many people have a relaxed attitude regarding this illness and while they themselves may recover without incident, many other’s will die because of their wilful ignorance and general lack of concern.

    • Andrew Tweed says:

      I also had a problem with this point. On the other hand, you do have to think about who takes care of the kids if they are not in schools. The Japanese government abruptly closed schools and those families where both parents work didn’t know what to do. It’s not a simple decision.

  3. Dithi Hasnat says:

    The children might be safe right now but others aren’t, children can pass the corona virus on to the people that are more helpless such as elderly people, many children live with their grandma’s and grandpa’s the only problem to closing the schools was about children receiving food and the department of education has already solved the problem, Bill de Blasio should really focus on actually containing the spread by closing schools across New York.

  4. TheWearyWarlord says:

    The american system is litterally the worst equipped and worst prepared to handle this in the western world. Oficials noone trust, people too poor to stay off work when sick, people without corona test coverage, people too poor to have kids at home. America is going to feel this in the end, and i hope they see how useless and helpless the current system is right now.

    • Me1586 Me says:

      Worst equipped?? Nah, I’ll beg to differ. However we’re worst at preparing. We’re more concerned about stocks, and how we can increase in it.
      We’re concerned about how much we’ll lose as a society, in that we’ll make no money essentially, we’ll have tons loads of bills to pay in the end, if we’re not careful we’ll loose our homes etc.
      Our system is so broken, it’s insane.

    • Corey Mondello says:

      Thanks to Trump cutting billions of dollars from the part of the USGov that could address any virus outbreaks. You know Trump is guilty of the sore as of Corona Virus, because he is now blaming other countries for it spreading in the USA!

    • B1G M34TYCL4CK3R5 says:

      Those that have the power to make the change won’t listen to those of us who see the change. US is to greedy to change anything. They’re more worried about having all the money in the world.

    • B1G M34TYCL4CK3R5 says:

      @Mark Summers LMFAO I saw Bidens dumb face all lit up saying this.

    • Dichtsau says:

      america is the biggest third world country on the entire globe. but shhhht, don’t tell them, they might panic.

  5. Potatoe Doge says:


    • Forfeit Booch says:

      Potatoe Doge just lock them in a room or spray them down with disinfectant

    • Jin Nin says:

      It’s mainly risk-groups though. It’s unlikely that every parent is +50 or has a pre-existing lung condition. A pandemic status means focus is shifted away from containment between countries (too late for that), to mitigating the spread and effects on the population, (like overworked hospitals not being able to give their regular care).

    • yresimdemus says:


    • Allison Thompson says:

      @Jin Nin Those adults also will be interacting with others as well
      The incubation is 14 days last I heard, so there’s no way that’s a good containment system even if the first people to interact with the sick kids are young parents
      That’s 14 days of kids and adults interacting with people and spreading the disease without knowing it, all made more common by kids continuing to attend school in the midst of an outbreak

    • Jin Nin says:

      @Allison Thompson True, but for some families it could be necessary for them to keep their job or something similar. There’s no way the US could quarantine anything close to the very centrally controlled China or smaller countries like Italy… Protecting those at risk should be more important than containing the spread among those who will only get mild symptoms. Hence, mitigation.

  6. Annie S. says:

    Yeah but the issue is that kids congregating together in schools, one of them being an asymptomatic carrier, could then spread it to a grandparent!

    • Kristin says:

      Evral Jones Ebola is much less contagious than this, you needed to be in direct contact through liquids etc. for Ebola. The novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces and be spread through the air. That is why the urgency of the situation can’t be understated, action needs to be taken since this is a new virus most are unprepared for that spreads very easily.

    • nichol shange says:

      I’m way too healthy to worry about Corona….I’m 32 never been sick, never been to the doctor, only injection I’ve ever taken was when I went for circumcision which i was fully healed in 3 weeks. I really am not worried about this ‘flu’

    • Luigi Brioschi says:

      @zesowl thank you, this is exactly what is happening here in Italy where I live, and I have been trying to spread the word (no pun intended) under videos like this one, hoping that at least someone will catch up to the real problems.
      Hospitals being overwhelmed is the biggest issue right now!

    • htc guy says:

      @Evral Jones congratulations, now try to lick your hands

    • Evral Jones says:

      @Kristin I’m fully aware of the virus and it’s affects. My wife works in the medical field and I work in transportation of goods. There’s plenty of airborne viruses and contagious ones we deal with everyday. What makes this virus special is that it’s undetectable initially. Which means you can spread it for days without knowing. Unlike Ebola, this is not a death sentence for over 95% of us. Ebola killed perfectly healthy people. The majority of deaths here are older people and people with health issues. Basically, the people that would have died from the flu, will likely die from 19 as well.

  7. lu lima says:

    1:37 The problem is not kids getting corona, but kids transmitting to elderly people and to people with pulmonary issues.

    • vivian claiborne says:

      @Michael Cera,
      Ms. Wang says that we should copy as the Chinese did, but, they’re the ones
      that started the entire thing, ”’INTENTIONALLY.” I don’t even want to buy stuff
      from China any more. And she gives advice? They took the order, from those
      who have gone under ground, where they have miles, and miles, of things they
      enjoy here. Stores, restaurants, clothing stores, the best of food, with built In
      chefs, doctors, you name it, they got it!!

    • Cats12SomthingOrAnother cats says:

      Yeah IKR, there people and kids like me who have those issues like
      Asthma or Hashimotos/hypothyroidism which makes us vulnerable.

    • American Scarelines says:

      lu lima Thank god people are smart enough to see though this crap.

    • Michael Cera says:

      @vivian claiborne Who is ms. wang? It doesn’t seem like it was “intentionally” done, but it’s definitely china’s fault for their negligence in regulating their food/beverage industry, which led to this. If your consipiracy was true, these people would not have sufficient oxygen underground even with their advanced shelter technology. Consider the amount of CO2 they will release. First it was russia, with their nuclear disaster. Now it’s china, with their virus disaster. china’s doing the same thing the russians did at first, like denying it at first, then minimizing it, then reporting false numerical data, and eventually admission and then the world knows. This is worse b/c it’s not like extreme radiation which is easy to avoid. This is worse regarding the virus’ capabilities.

  8. alcapone212 says:

    People don’t check because they are underinsured or have huge deductibles. They go to a doctor only in very serious condition. This corona virus shall be the beginning of Medicare for all if you want to stop the spread.

  9. Chong Thor BTL says:

    The third person confirm in Minnesota is a 30 year old guy.

    And reality is that not everyone have health insurance and can’t afford treatment for Coronaviruse.

    • Jonson Doe says:

      shawn fellows you can get pneumonia and that requires hospital treatment. The hospitals will be overwhelmed and you wont receive treatment. No treatment likely to die. Look into what’s happening in Italy. Elder have less chance to survive but we all can still get hospitalized and once the hospitals cant keep up we descend into chaos.

    • Ivolo89 says:

      @Marina Guajardo not only older and pre sick dies though but it’s more likely. Theres some cases that cant really be explained cause it doesnt fit the “older and sick” narrative

    • minimoi says:

      It is total mass!!!!!!! So the test is provided but the treatment is not given by the government???!! In Korea , everything is free for corona treatment until the patient perfectly recovers. We treat even foreign people for free if they got infected in Korea. . I feel sad… Health is minimumand the first priority…

    • Corey Mondello says:

      And MOST people don’t have ti option to “work from home”. Also, just because you have health insurance, it doesn’t mean they’ll pay for your health care needs, they’ll find away to get out of that, even if they are forced to pay for Covid19 testing.

  10. Josh Clements says:

    If everyone stepped up and looked out for other people we could save the world from much more than coronavirus

  11. crystal E says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have heard. Kids spread illnesses it’s just in their nature. They’re not careful. They are probably the ones who would spread it to everyone with no symptoms. Just close the schools for a few weeks to slow this virus down.

    • Al71 says:

      @Marina Guajardo so you’re saying that kids cannot be a carrier of a disease that can kill their parents?

    • Marina Guajardo says:

      Al71… I’m saying ANYONE can pass on ANY airborne communal infection. No point in finding something to be hysterical about.

    • Corey Mondello says:

      All the colleges in Boston Massachusetts closed down, time to shut down all schools, and if parents need to stay home to take care of their kids, give them paid time off. Corporations and Companies have plenty of money to do this, they just dont want to!

    • Jayrod Florence says:

      crystal E as a substitute teacher I’m so damn careful around children they are germ central. Evidence shows that children aren’t really showing symptoms so they can potentially be the main spreaders of this virus.

    • Mauricio Villegas says:

      Children don’t have the receptors the virus uses to enter and incubate in your body, that’s why they’re inmune and cannot be carriers

  12. 2unme says:

    I am in Singapore and when this virus started, we had the second highest numbers of infections. Being a tiny island country, we are dense in population. Fortunately, the authorities treated this seriously right from the start so all tracings, notices of quarantine, mass information dissemination, daily communication by an adhoc task force formed by politicians and medical community and experts is keeping this in control. Also, we accepted to dock cruise ship Costa Fortuna even though it was rejected by several countries. Being one of the first countries to experience this, I am seriously worried for Americans when I follow how it was and still is, being dealt with so negligently by people of power. Wall street numbers and campaigns seem to matter more than human lives and well beings of the people. It matters to the families of those infected or passed because of this when there are so many experts, manpower, resources, etc etc yet smaller and less powerful nations are aggressively testing. South Korea has done more than 25 times the number of tests done in USA with less than 20% of US population.

    • Taufik Rahman says:

      I’m a Singaporean too. And I know how you felt. 😔

    • Carla Thomas says:

      @ernest tibbs … because it didn’t start in the US, we had to TIME to watch it spread giving us a heads up so we could be PREPARED. Instead, tRump tried to do down play the situation because he didn’t want the stock market to crash (like it did). He cares more about money than people.

    • Maria Luz says:

      @Kayla Sheppard Those are all fake stories. I am Chinese in China. I sometimes come to youtube just for watching original foreign language movies. I would never want to post anything here. The truth is most of Chinese do not know English, and they do not need to expose things on a foreign website. Why do they do that? If you feel pain if you are suffering, do you prefer talking to strangers(foreign strangers) than talking to your family, your acquaintance, your own kind? Do strangers really feel you, help you more than just laughing around you? Think about it.

    • ernest tibbs says:

      @Milo Zhang …. the ‘virus’ was not the issue; viruses come and go all the time; what is the issue is the transmission from animals to humans – when the jump was made from human to human – it became a problem.
      That requires a lack of sanitation at the source, and then acquires a whole new aspect of deadly proportions.
      Look at rabies, for example; as long as rabies is ‘only’ transmuted from an animal hst – then directly transmitted to a human…its only deadly to Patient ‘zero’ – once it can be transmitted from one human host to another human host… then it becomes an issue.
      Anyone who studies the history of the infection – knows exactly where this virus strain made the transition. There is no mystery.
      There is no need to confuse the issue or attempt re-write the facts.

    • S Anderson says:

      2unme The Singaporean government has been a MODEL of how governments should handle the threat of a pandemic. Incredible forethought, diligent testing, amazing contact tracing and regular and simple communication with the public. Excellent team in Singapore including the PMs speech today!

  13. movieyyy says:

    Most countries, including the US, seems to be making the same mistake again and again: Why the hell let politicians decide how serious and what measures to deal with corona??……. I mean…. c’mon we all know doctors and medical experts are the ones who really know how to deal with it right?

    • Pars Ley says:

      Jia H Wu I thought they didn’t take it serious from the beginning.

    • a a says:

      Haha yeah. Kinda funny that our government and our health minister are kinda having a fight about that
      Tha first one saying there’s NOTHING to worry about and the second just killing himself to persuade people it’s dangerous!
      But.. there’s nothing the health minister can do here… we are all gonna die amd nobody cares

    • Strade8 says:

      @Jia H Wu Actually at first they let the doctors who denunce it die, because to report a bed news up the chain of command is seen as a bed thing. But yeah, if you have a dictatorship you can control people really effectively.

    • Stoney Bonehead Gaming says:

      Sounds like there is a possibility that the US government will create a new sect of power over the people stripping liberties to ensure their cause. Like a good magician using deflection tactics while we watch the right hand the left one is doing all the “magic”

    • dutchkel says:

      @Stoney Bonehead Gaming that is paranoid

  14. izzyhael says:

    Five paid sick days a YEAR sounds absolutely ludicrous to me as a European… You have a long way to go, America.

  15. Whitespace Collective says:

    De Blasio: 5 Days paid sick leave!
    Also De Blasio: Quarantine yourself for 2 weeks.

  16. Anastasia Chorale says:

    Here in Europe we close the schools because it spreads more easily among children who then can infect adults and the elderly. This kind of thinking is called “logic”.

    • dutchkel says:

      In Seattle, which is the biggest outbreak area, we have just closed schools and all local colleges have gone online

  17. Lily Rose says:

    Money comes before people in America, they’re not testing people, shutting down large gatherings because they don’t want to take any personal and financial responsibilities about this disease. Italy is doing the right thing, they’re putting people first which is why they canceled unnecessary things, but key facilities are still open. Even France is closing their schools for 2 weeks. No one needs to go to movies, school, malls and concerts when they can comeback home and give the deadly disease to their older parents or grandparents.

    • Lol Dd says:

      Our America doesn’t like to stop time for them that’s loss of lots of money and we hate looking weak like we can’t handle things so they’re gonna think we can contain this and still lose many people.

    • Leksi Kush says:

      corporations are people

    • PANDA says:

      now america shut down the borders (for europe guys like me who’d have travelled to the usa in a few days….), not quite sure whether that was the right decision

    • Luigi Brioschi says:

      @Jair Espinoza The italian government is already putting in a plan to postpone mortgage payments, gas and electricity bills, school tuitions and various taxes for everyone who is at risk of losing their jobs because of the shutdown.
      Surely we will lose loads of money and our economy will suffer, but better be safe and broke than sorry and dead 😉

    • Yang Jing says:

      Lily Rose The most confusing and worrying fact is that this Bill guy is completely wrong. 1. Coronavirus does not just kill old people. It also has high risk to kill young people. 2. The first thing should be done is to guarantee everybody wear face mask and keep over 2 meters distance from each other, instead of talking about shaking hands or not. It is spread by breath.

      This virus has existed for over 3 months, and Americans people, even the so called expert, seems to know nothing about it.

      In America, people keep gathering, and NOT wear masks, and government don’t try to test suspected cases as many as possible.That is really unbelievable! Like you people are doing nothing, but for waiting for the miracle of curer, or death.

      I don’t think American leaders don’t know how serious this virus is. Why they don’t tell people to wear masks and stop gathering? With this attitude, I can see there will be many many people get sick and die. It’s really the fault of the government.

  18. U HU says:

    Suddenly, people’s fear becomes justified when even Tom and Rita Hanks contracted the virus.

    • Julian Smith says:

      @Mary Rose Kent It’s not any sadder than anyone else having the virus.

    • Carolyn Talbot says:

      @Julian Smith Tom and Rita Hanks are talented, beloved public figures and are highly regarded as philanthropists. No one is saying they’re more important than whoever raised you (however poorly.)

    • Julian Smith says:

      ​@Carolyn Talbot All I did was point out that everyone’s equal when it comes to COVID-19. I won’t stoop to your level and join you in an attack on the family of a complete stranger. I’ll let the irony of your statement take care of itself. Good bye.

    • jan van ruth says:

      they will be fine.
      they can afford an icu bed in the clinic for the 1%.
      they will not have to hope that they will survive the waiting list to get into an icu bed that will come as soon as the shit really hits the fan.

  19. Klara Stern says:

    maybe talk to someone, who acrually know about this stuff… that children/school comment is actually dangerous :/

    • Wolfram Stahl says:

      Even if he’s right about children not being in any relevant danger, that doesn’t mean children couldn’t carry and spread the virus.
      Keeping the schools open “because children are young and healthy” seems like a pretty effective way to deliver the disease to most American aldults.

    • Strade8 says:

      too late

  20. Mu Ho says:

    Heard that same shit in Italy three weeks ago. “only old people die, children are safe”. now they are quarantined. All of them. Because yes, old people die, but many people with pneumonia needs to breath artificially, and guess what when hospital got out of place for that. And children can spread the disease, to their parents and grandparents (the old one uh). And, actually, children could die too.

    • Mari Puranen says:

      Mu Ho Exactly!! Greetings from N-Italy!

    • Librarian-at-Large says:

      @Dennis Feenstra But we don’t know how or why it kills the elderly at a faster rate.. People with chronic conditions that are already being treated, die. Smokers die. Asthmatics die. Diabetics die. something in the virus attacks your key organs like lungs, liver, kidneys when you need them to stay alive. A healthy 100 year old lived. People in polluted cities die. People who never immunized against the flu, die. People exposed to carcinogens on their jobs, die!

      If it is true that you cannot cure the common cold with a virus; this will be hard to kill. We must not let it run its course through the bodies of our weaker populations. We are all 99.9 % alike. Anything that can mutate in our bodies and move fast can waste a lot of people in a hurry! Weaker, immune-suppressed children must be protected so they keep their natural immunity!

    • Aurora's Harbinger says:

      @Cicciabacimba Be careful–“cure” in English means to free a person of a disease completely. In your comment, you mean “treat,” as in “we have enough places to treat patients” (…but they are going to run out and the death rate will rise).

    • Dichtsau says:

      covid in italy got a mortality rate of 5,5%, that’s freakin high. global mortality rate is at 2,3%!

    • ferret meret says:

      Thank you for speaking the truth.

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