Bill Hader Breaks Down His 9 Best Roles | GQ

Bill Hader Breaks Down His 9 Best Roles | GQ

Bill Hader, the star of HBO’s “Barry,” tells never-heard stories about his favorite roles—including the one from the children’s movie he doesn’t remember being in. From Officer Slater in “Superbad” to studio executive Rob Slolom in “Tropic Thunder” to Stefon on “Saturday Night Live,” here’s Bill Hader on his favorite roles.

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Bill Hader Breaks Down His 9 Best Roles | GQ

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68 Responses

  1. mike jones says:

    Love this guy. One of the best SNL turned actors out there

  2. LaFonzo Crawl says:

    I loved him in The Office

  3. Vishnuh Bala says:

    Go Bill! Beat all the HADERS!… I’ll show myself out.

  4. Renato Contreras says:

    4:57 ups

  5. hp123434 says:

    You guys covered some very minor voice roles but not his great part in “Adventureland”? Come on now.

    Love Bill though.

    • Peter Perez says:


    • Sunnydoe says:

      hp123434 you have Netflix huh

    • TJ Sherminator says:

      Sniffs the corndog

    • rshooty says:

      TJ Sherminator “Fry these babies up.”

      Every time I watch Adventureland I enjoy Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig’s characters. They don’t add to the depth of the story, but it doesn’t matter because they did such a great job with the roles they were given. It seems like a lot of it was creative freedom they were given, but I’m not sure. It’s like every scene, too: the corn dogs, running the horse race, in the clown mouth, chasing the guy off with a bat in his khaki shorts, the mustache, pirate bananas.

      I prolly missed some. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M CAPABLE OF!!!”

  6. The Patsy Family says:

    great stories.

  7. The SilverBlood Studio says:

    “Hey Dave, mom wants to know if you want grape punch.”

  8. softnpeachyg says:

    new york’s hottest club is…

  9. Craig B says:

    Bill Hader is a national treasure!

  10. jessicaaaturbox3 says:

    i love the press tours actors do when they have a new project bc i get to binge watch their TV appearances

  11. Shirley Toussaint says:

    If Jim Carrey doesn’t figure out his “comeback role” soon, then Hader can take the baton. A worthy successor, lol.

    • HOSS_PLAYS __ says:

      I doubt Jim needs to do anymore roles, unless he ran out of money. Bill is hilarious so hopefully he gets more roles soon.

    • Mister Galaga says:

      Shirley Toussaint i think Jim’s “comeback role” was Yes, Man. and that was 6 years ago.

    • Shirley Toussaint says:

      Yes, that was 6 years ago, which is 26 in “On-Demand Hollywood” years. Carrey and Robin Williams took chances and are masters in this genre , but you’re as hot as your last role. Hader is filling in their void and I live for him as Stefon.

    • jesus ponce says:

      Shirley Toussaint naaaah

  12. A.M Lash says:

    I love this man

  13. Chris Selig says:

    I used to not care at all about Bill Hader, but the more time that passes, the more I realize that he’s one of the best comedic actors around. I love almost everything he’s done.

  14. carmineglitch says:

    Bill Hader voiced BB-8, da fk?

  15. Antonio Paquette says:

    He worked at my local blockbuster in Tulsa Oklahoma and him and my dad would do an alpachino impersonation every time they’d see each other and he got to see me grow up a little when I was a baby but I’m glad that he’s doing well it makes me super happy to see that

  16. ArchCraftGaming says:

    He almost said Star Wars lollll that’s going to anger the Star Wars and Start Trek fued

  17. littlemissoptimism says:

    Bill was so great in Trainwreck too

  18. k a y l e e says:

    oooooh wow i totally forgot about ‘skeleton twins.’ that was a fantastic movie.

  19. Luke Perry says:

    So underrated as an actor

  20. madalynn says:

    Hi. Where’s the step brother in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?! Iconic.

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