Bill Maher Responds to UC Berkeley Petition

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Bill Maher addresses the controversy surrounding his invitation to deliver UC Berkeley’s commencement address.

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19 Responses

  1. lobinho lua says:

    Bill Maher you give Jews a bad name

  2. debbiewasshername says:

    maher is a rageing raceaholic. 

  3. Donbol Don says:

    Bill Maher is smart. It is tough to be smart in a world full with idiots

  4. TheGoogler77 says:

    Now Bill Maher knows what it feels like to deal with his liberal ilk. They
    believe in free speech………until you say something they disagree with.

  5. OldskolFan says:

    boycott Berkley….

  6. ElHoncho1 says:

    Sorry, I stopped paying attention when I saw Wes Clark. I had the distinct
    misfortune to serve under his command. Biggest piece of shit to ever put on
    a uniform, and proof that not all Rhodes scholars are smart.

  7. Zarathustra Z says:

    Maher is a bigot. I can’t stand Ben Afleck but hes absolutely right. If you
    judge millions based on the actions of a small minority then you are a
    moron and that is exactly what Bill does.

  8. Usman Sultan says:

    its nice to see youtubers have become more interested in politics and
    nuance. even if a lot of em are just atheists blindly supporting bill

  9. joshua carter says:

    me an superstar jimmy hart would kick yalls republican asses. go obama, our
    lord an savior.

  10. Golam Rasul says:


  11. attlee2010 says:

    I’ve gone off him after this, quite arrogant

  12. iha asc says:

    Accusations of Islamophobia are just a cowardly, intellectually dishonest
    effort to ignore reality. The human rights situation throughout Muslim
    nations is appalling. But the cowards wont address it. 

  13. Manchester Wine says:

    Islam is not a race, it’s a religion, so the idiots from Berkeley just
    showed themselves very ignorant. Bill for President!

  14. pizzahutlovinhulk says:

    If i was president and choosing my crew the first person id choose would be
    Bill Maher

  15. Justin Richards says:

    short sweet to the point exactly what we need to hear and see .come check
    out my coin collection 

  16. Wali Kamal says:

    I’m a practicing Muslim student at UCLA (not Berkeley), but I’m friends
    with one of the people who started the petition. I think rationale for not
    wanting Bill Maher to speak is that Bill says some things in a way (with
    great frequency) that greatly stoke anti muslim hatred and sentiment. Bill
    makes it seem that the your average joe muslim in the world has too much in
    common with ISIS and other extremists, when the world’s most prominent
    Islamic scholars have unilaterally condemned them. It’s because statements
    that Bill makes set muslims in this country back years in terms of
    integration into American society, because people think we want to kill
    apostates, stone adulterers, and oppress women.

    And then we wonder why anti-muslim hate crimes are rising. A girl’s
    headscarf was pulled off at a UCLA football game last year. Bill may not
    have intended that to happen, but it’s a byproduct of how he recklessly
    goes about characterizing muslims. 

  17. Anibal Raposo says:

    He is an asshole

  18. Storie Grubb says:

    he’s coming and he won’t pull out.

  19. MrLAraider says:

    Bill Maher and co are clinging to a small slip from Ben Affleck about
    Of course it isn’t racism when Bill Maher generalizes about Muslims but it
    is still wrong.
    Millions of Muslims have given charity, excelled in their education, built
    great strong families and did many other great things based on their faith.
    Yet Bill Maher and his followers choose to focus on the minority that kills
    and destroys then claims to base these actions on their alleged Islamic
    faith. The fact of the matter is that no one can tell for sure who backs
    these terrorist groups and what agenda they might truly be serving.

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