Bill Maher Spars with Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill Maher Spars with Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Trump2016 Campaign Manager and frequent Real Time guest Kellyanne Conway joins Bill live from Trump Tower to discuss the Republican nominee’s latest comments in this clip from September 16, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Howard B says:

    She’s surprisingly normal and intelligent.

  2. Ángel Melendez says:

    she has some points, but its all quickly drowned away when she talks about
    anything to do with drumpf.

  3. Howard B says:

    Goddamnit she’s got me convinced. Holy shit Hillary could lose.

  4. Justin Holden says:

    She is amazing at turning the questions into talking points about Hillary.
    Not once could she aptly defend Trump or explain his lies. It’s like
    watching Kardashian defend OJ all over again.

  5. Heldermaior says:

    South Park did it brilliantly. These elections are between a giant douche
    and a turd sandwich.

  6. pezzamange says:

    So a question is asked and every time she deflects and diverts. She never
    actually addressed the questions, just turned them into Hillary bashing
    every time. Is this the new brand of politics? It’s identical , actually
    worse, than before.

  7. justgivemethetruth says:

    Ugh, what a monster, working for a monster.
    Hillary’s message HAS TO BE ANTI-TRUMP, because Trump has never said
    anything that he has stuck by for more than 10 minutes … the problem is
    the man himself.

  8. Kira Barsmith says:

    Kellyanne Conway is good at what she does, but she’s trying to fool the
    public to vote for what’s not in their best interest, and because of that
    she’s nothing more than a con-artist.

  9. ben ben says:

    Regardless of the facts bitch! Just wait for the debates!

  10. Richard Jeffery says:

    This bitch is just like the arsehole she represents. She never answers the

  11. Timothy Burke says:

    no the giant douche is still losing in the polls and still has zero chance

  12. shoorveer singh says:

    “She called ISIS her determined enemies”
    Now that’s a problem too?

  13. Onyx Cutts says:

    Holy FUCK, Kellyanne is good at her job.

    Trump isn’t even remotely fit for office though, am I right?

  14. robert rigopoulos says:

    i hate it when people compare Donald Trump with Hitler, they are not the
    same, Hitler had a moustache.

  15. ZachAsa says:

    The funny thing is, the more people that call him a racist and compare him
    to hitler, the more people get sick of that kind of talk and switch to
    Trump, he WILL win because the left has made themselves the fascists and no
    body wants to be associated with that any longer, I used to be left wing
    until I woke

  16. The Stern Dragoon says:

    That woman is SCARY levels of delusional. But then, I guess a Trump
    campaign manager would have to be.

  17. Ian Monam says:

    She keeps saying he is cherry picking, but she does not attempt to refute
    Trump’s lies.

  18. dannyfrog says:

    What’s so mind boggling to me is that Trump gets proven to be a liar on a
    daily basis and just throws shit against the wall to see if it will stick
    and all of his voters and followers believe everything he says. I’m not
    endorsing Clinton or defending her, but, you really have to question the
    mental capacity of the Trump voter. And their IQ.

  19. Jorge Gómez says:

    I sincerely think she is brilliant. I think she is supporting orange
    Hitler, but even though that, she is brilliant. She has to work with this
    stupid candidate, and she have to make him look presidential and she is
    doing it.

    Ill think the racists and xenophobic would do better with her as their

  20. Norman Koleman says:

    Thank you Bill for giving everyone a chance to see the truth about Hillary
    on national tv. Now Trump’s just gained more supporters and that make us
    deplorable’s happy.