Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Bill Nye uses the power of Twitter to answer some common science questions.

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Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Starring: Bill Nye

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20 Responses

  1. SOUR S4G says:

    Bill NYE 2020!!!!!

  2. Livechio says:

    Could listen to him and Neil Degrasse Tyson answer science questions all day.

  3. nssheepster says:

    Who would be stupid enough to build an AI like that? Well, how many stupid things have humans done? I certainly can’t count. Assuming that something can’t happen because nobody smart enough to do it would be stupid enough to do it suggests humans are completely rational, and we know that isn’t the case. At all. Ever.

  4. Tammi Matsukiyo says:

    Bill Nye is done with your shit

  5. Bih fuh Dih says:

    Bill nye looking like a fine guy ???
    No homo ???

  6. Brennan Bennett says:

    Nobody’s gonna say anything about why his legs look so tiny???

  7. Bruno Rehder says:

    Random Dude – ”What is dark matter?”

    Bill Fuc#ing Nye – ”It’s not clear…”

    I see what you did there

  8. rachelle says:

    “burning coal is tHE WoRsT tHiNG wE CaN bE dOinG” ??

  9. Titanlizard says:

    If we are made of sand, why is there still sand???

  10. AFLoneWolf says:

    It was kind of sad watching his frustration grow as he was answering stupid question after stupid question. Like he couldn’t believe the ignorance of the people posing them. Don’t most people learn this stuff in elementary school?

  11. foster says:

    “I recommend an avocado with a poached egg, that’s living.”

  12. MoreAmerican says:

    Wait, these people can tweet, but cannot google their own questions to find scientific answers?

  13. dtkendall14 says:

    Do a Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson answer most searched question about themselves

  14. Gojira5400 says:

    I want to see a collab video with Bill Nye and Dr. Ken Jeong, who else is with me?

  15. Mystery The Seahorse says:

    Bill sounds like he would be the best science teacher.

  16. Geekella says:

    note to self: don’t ask Bill Nye science questions. he might be a dick about it ?

  17. Dominic Balistreri says:

    When your teacher rolled in the tv you knew it was about to get lit

  18. Mariana Gomez says:

    i never realized how sarcastic he was lol

  19. Zack says:


  20. saturo96 says:

    He is still trowing jabs at his old boss, like we all do.

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