Bill Nye Explains Your Brain on the Internet with Emoji

Bill Nye Explains Your Brain on the Internet with Emoji

Bill Nye is here to explain how our brains process so much information when everything in our world is connected to the Internet, using a language everyone can understand: emoji!

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20 Responses

  1. Speedswiper says:

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  2. Chorp Squatch says:

    +Stardarkmario13 Oh god, shut the hell up. If you feel like trolling step
    up your game or go back to 4chan.

  3. Stardarkmario13 says:

    +First I do get invited to real parties. Unlike you who only gets invited
    to Roblox parties. Fag

  4. I Sell Children on Ebay and Craigs List says:

    Bill Nye DIFFERENT?

  5. iilikecereal says:

    100th like!

  6. randomflashbacks says:

    Sup bitches.

  7. vtbombz says:


  8. Brian Ramirez says:

    still remember the vids I watched in. elementary good good times back then

  9. 2xtream says:

    It’s obvious Nye is Ghey, that explains why he thinks he came from a rock.
    Because he’s hard headed -

  10. Moonbeam says:

    What if your brain IS the Internet?

  11. Nikola Bijeliti says:

    Suppose you visited an Asian country and learned that the government was
    busy importing millions upon millions of non-Asians into the country.
    Supposed you were told that non-Asians were projected to be a majority in
    the country within a few decades.
    Suppose you found that Asians were called “racists” if they objected to
    Wouldn’t you say to yourself, “What’s going on here?”?
    Now change “Asian” to “White” and that’s exactly what’s happening in ALL
    White countries and ONLY in White countries. It’s White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  12. Kainkamuna Pita says:

    his still lives

  13. Bacontaco Cat says:


  14. Michael Young says:

    Can’t wait until everything is connected to the internet. U want to invest
    in my company? It’s called Skynet and it will change the world

  15. SniperNinja-115 says:

    I like Bill :)

  16. googlejse says:

    So technically then future is for liberals ?..