Bill O’Reilly’s ’98 Novel Is Rich With Foreshadowing

Bill O’Reilly’s ’98 Novel Is Rich With Foreshadowing

You don’t have to Google ‘Bill O’Reilly’ to read about a television journalist who gets fired from his comfy network gig. It’s all in his 1998 novel ‘Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Television and Murder.’

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Bill O’Reilly is what happens when xenophobia and Viagra become one.

  2. MrTotosaurus says:

    It’s kind of weird to see Colbert and others hate on papa bear so publicly–not that I don’t share the sentiment–but these same people always had him as a guest on their shows, and showed him respect, never pushing his buttons or anything. Which I always found weird.

  3. KingOfMadCows says:

    Bill O’Reilly can finally retire and join Roger Ailes in his palace on Tatooine. Until he’s crushed by a mechanical gate activated by Luke Skywalker.

  4. Cunncuts says:

    You guys may enjoy my Trump Song video

  5. Cami H says:

    Whenever we’re in a serious crisis and there’s a matter of national security that needs to be taken care of, you can always count on President Trump to not handle it in an appropriate and mature way or to just completely ignore it.

  6. Anthony Jackson says:

    When Stephen Colbert’s dance moves are better than yours

  7. PN Houle says:

    Maybe O’Reilly will replace Steve Banon as Trump’s strategic adviser and female White House staff handler.

  8. The Legend says:

    Trumptards haven’t woken up. I can tell because of the amount of LIKES this video has! I’m early and I love it!!

  9. Nancy Perez says:

    goose step for us Stephen ??

  10. zirioz says:

    Hi there.
    I’m a White Nationalist. Jared Taylor is my mentor. My main sources of knowledge are Youtube and Wikipedia. I believe that, on average, women and negroes have lower IQ values than white men. My race is experiencing a genocide, and I daily share my anger with my brethren and call for action. Meanwhile, I spend my day on Reddit and 4chan, often masturbating.

  11. mineMissHellsing says:

    Somehow I want to see Bill going on a mad vengeance hunt and start killing TV people left and right. It’d be a good supervillain story. Then to stop Mad Bill, Jon and Stephen would finally have to become the superheroes they were meant to be, Batwart and Nightbert.

  12. virgen fj says:

    “Or as they are affectionately known as… the plaintiffs.” ?????

  13. David Hall says:

    How will you celebrate when Trump gets impeached?!!

  14. Gurpreet Singh MAtharoo says:

    *Welcome to the Late Show. I’m your host, Steve and cold bear.*

  15. Eunice says:

    stephen is savage hahaha

  16. Cheap 'n Chic says:

    ??? Stephen dance moves

  17. andromidius says:

    $25 million for getting fired? The world is insane.

  18. socrappyicoulddie says:

    Fuck, this was a great monologue.

  19. My Channel says:

    When will conservative men realise that women are not their property and that they need to keep their filthy hands to themselves? O’Reilly is an entitled piece of shit.

  20. Viktoriya Evstyukhina says:

    * Тhе bеst рlасе tо mееt singlеs nеаr уоu. Gо hеrе ->>>

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