Bill O’Reilly’s Report From Buenos Aires Protest-June 15, 1982

Bill O’Reilly’s Report From Buenos Aires Protest-June 15, 1982

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19 Responses

  1. John Townsend says:

    Whether or not O’Reilly gets punished by Fox (he won’t), this controversy
    is still damaging for Fox and O’Reilly. It may be great for ratings, but
    it’s terrible for their credibility – which is already in short supply. How
    can you dedicate your entire week to attacking Brian Williams, and then
    turn a blind eye to the same type of tall tales told by your marquee
    anchor? The lies are well documented and undeniable. During his ‘defense’,
    O’Reilly failed to address his own quotes from the original Mother Jones
    article. And now with the JFK-related suicide story, it’s even more
    blatant. Yet he refuses to apologize like Brian Williams did, even though
    the lies are just as obvious. Ratings will be fine, but O’Reilly’s
    reputation will never recover from this. He will be poked fun at for the
    rest of his career. And rightfully so.

  2. Rational Camel says:

    The 1982 New Year sales in Harrods were more violent than that Bill.

  3. Trev S says:

    Oh dear Bills been telling porkies

  4. Francebrasil says:

    Fox News, where pathological liars meet. 

  5. FreedomFighter2112 says:

    Wow…that’s one heck of a “War Zone”…lol. Since when did covering
    protests and riot constitute a War Zone? O’Reilly should be ashamed of
    lying and comparing this to the War Zones that we (Military
    Members) actually enter and fight in.

  6. rayjay6361 says:

    O’really caught in his own lies by his own words, Bahahahahaha Fox News
    and its viewers are liars and terrorist sympathizers !

  7. WinsomeWinnower says:

    O’Reilly, Liar Liar I’d like to see your pants on fire. BRAVO! Mother
    Jones! Well DONE!

  8. LotusDream8 says:

    Bill O’Reilly is just an opinion jockey. He hasn’t been a News Reporter for
    decades. He’s no different from Rush Limbaugh,Michael Moore, or a talk show
    host. He shouldn’t have exaggerated but, that’s how show business is. Ask
    Howard Stern or Jerry Springer. It’s a talk show hosts job to stir the pot.

  9. frank furter says:

    the spin STARTS here

  10. Taffy Brooks says:

    Where is the footage from the Falklands? Oh yea, he was never there.

  11. raelmontes says:

    I have seeing more chaos at a rock concert.

  12. Benjamin Filbert says:

    You guys don’t understand. They weren’t just coins. They were BIG coins.

  13. jim f says:

    O so mr high and mighty from fox news some how forgot what really happen
    and made himself a hero LOL.Give it up bill every body see what a liar you

  14. suchima del papero says:

    WTF NO 

  15. 1zombie4v says:

    He got coined as a pussy

  16. Ambush Bug says:

    I hope Liberals understand that Bill isn’t going anywhere he will survive
    as he always has. If you didnt get him after the fake Peabody, “MFer iced
    tea”, “we’ll do it live!!!”, the countless times Olbermann tried and failed
    (who incidentally was fired twice and currently suspended by ESPN, for
    playing on Twitter), not to mention Andrea Macris, you are never going to
    get him. Just accept it, you guys will never beat Papa Bear on his home
    court. You can’t win this battle, ever.

  17. TheJewishSongs says:

    got tell you Mother Jones missed fired this time, i won’t say its because
    O’Reilly is so powerful, but rather the story had no legs……

  18. diecheneydie says:

    Peabody Award-winning stuff!

  19. Brad Beard says:

    More proof that O’Reilly’s a “Minor” want to be reporter.