Billie Eilish – A Snippet into Billie’s Mind (Artist Spotlight Stories)

Billie Eilish – A Snippet into Billie’s Mind (Artist Spotlight Stories)

A Snippet into Billie’s Mind is an audiovisual journey into the thoughts of Billie Eilish, exploring the inspiration behind songs from WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Produced in collaboration with YouTube Music, this installment of Artist Spotlight Stories acts as the final chapter of our journey inside Billie’s head, and unveils the deeply personal, unexpected and infinitely visual creative process of this generation-defining artist. Whether she’s watching music videos with the sound off, drawing camera angles in her sketchbook, or ascribing a color, shape and texture to each of her songs, Billie breaks down her unique visual language and gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of her mind.

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53 Responses

  1. ELMO IS ON FIRE! OH NOO!!!! says:

    dont blink or you’ll miss a hour of editing

  2. c g says:

    Props to the editors and animators for capturing what she was saying and turning it into something visually

  3. sajitha nair says:

    I feel dizzy just looking at it!


  4. Melina Ferrauilo says:

    I love your brain ❤️ thank you for your music and art

  5. Clickbayte says:

    She writes music for girls who think they’re psychopaths when in reality their too afraid to ask for more napkins.

  6. Uncle SAM s.72 says:

    Billie Hello New Friend Here thank you for sharing your Time and magic to make this part of your life as beautiful as it is on film take care God Bless you Always My Friend

  7. Jerry VanNuys says:

    She’s a “Lucid Dreamer”.
    I’m jealous because I have to work at it and she seems to come by it naturally.

    • Ella Yeet says:

      Ok ni

    • Ella Yeet says:

      I hate this society

    • Gamer Wolf says:

      +Jerry VanNuys that was fucking insensitive bro, but never take shit seriously on the internet. Dumbass.

    • Jay Johnson says:


    • Jerry VanNuys says:

      Fuck all of y’all. I post about Lucid Dreaming and how envious I am over how easily she seems to accomplish it…. and you fucking moronic lunatics are all over the place talking about pointless, self-absorbed babble and not a single one of you idiots (except honkeykong) is addressing the fucking topic I posted on.
      Y’all need to up your Prozac and ADHD meds because you’re all fucking blithering imbeciles and not a single one of you is capable of holding an intelligent conversation!
      So do the world a favor and kill yourselves!
      Go ahead… all the cool kids are doing it.

  8. MrLatinKing13 says:

    That angle is what I believe to be called depth. The depth can extend or contract. Tunnel vision also comes to mind in reference to the hallway sketch.

    • TheDriftingStig says:

      I’d say it’s called wide angle because you can achieve that look with a wide angle lens!

  9. Dominic Vega says:

    Every time I hear her voice I have to clean the shit outta my ears

  10. V3ry Sp0oky! says:

    Fans: i can’t wait for you to be famous! It won’t take long!
    Pedos: hold my restraint papers..

  11. termostaatti says:

    Woah this is SICK!
    I remember when I started subbing her, and she had only 2 million subs. Look at her now!! So proud of our baby?

    • shakur laflare says:

      Wow you really are special you started following at 2 million what a real fan you are so cool ?

  12. SEANYMONEY -_- says:


    People with Epilepsy:

    *I have said enough*

  13. F A C T S says:

    no one:

    Billie: Smoke is one of the most beautiful things I think in the world

  14. Sherry Dsilva says:

    Director:what kind of arts u want in the background


  15. eye says:

    director: how many effect do u want
    billie : yes

  16. The Real Deal Listen up says:

    I did watch first part without sound…but it was so good I had to listen…you’re right…you’re great either way !

  17. Francesco Urso says:

    Yasss ? ❤ she’s so amazing, oh my, I love her way too much ? ?

  18. Kamil Henri Music says:

    If you get a snippet into my mind, all you’ll see is Billie

  19. Franklin Truby says:

    Hey Billie, Is God important to you and the life he had given you, just wondering , peace.

  20. Даша DIY says:

    Самаяяяя лучшая (very good, beautiful)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????

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