Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette Syndrome

Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette Syndrome

Billie Eilish spoke candidly with Ellen about living with Tourette Syndrome, and why she decided to go public with it only last year. Plus, the 17-year-old pop star talked about celebrities like Paul McCartney and Sporty Spice, who she couldn’t believe were fans of hers.


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72 Responses

  1. That guy that you see everywhere says:

    *can I have a popsicle this is too good*

  2. Vanessa_2000 says:

    „Your eyes are so beautiful.“ Cute 😀

  3. TARUN GUSAIN says:

    0:47 Your eyes are so beautiful…..??
    I mean so random and so true….
    Billie is Life❤?

  4. 정연 Fangirl says:

    Your eyes are so beautiful- HOW CUTE

  5. ScarlettP says:

    0:28 Billie’s laugh tho *Haha* Love it!

  6. Zquad and Swiftie says:

    0:53 “Your eyes are beautiful” Y’all that was SO cute

    • kiarimarie says:

      Due to the title, I actually wondered for a second if a tick could include randomly complimenting people in the middle of a conversation ? (to be clear, I know very little about Tourette syndrome). Either way, she’s such a lovely person from what I’ve seen, always very open and giving and genuine with complimenting others.

    • Zquad and Swiftie says:

      @Maymuna Huq ? Thank you!

    • waterparks lord says:

      +Nina so is Billie

    • Aya Taylor says:

      +Naty Nat samee mine was for baby bodywash?

  7. Peach c: says:

    I’m a simple girl.
    I see Billie.
    I click.

  8. Bethany Minar says:

    She’s soo pure. “Your eyes are so beautiful.” ? She just complimented Ellen so flawlessly and it’s giving me life.

  9. TARUN GUSAIN says:

    Now we want Billie and Spice Girls to collaborate…….❤
    Billie gonna be *Psych* *Spice* ?

  10. OPJuiceBox says:


    So many recent videos of her! I’m not complaining! ??

  11. Gheorghe says:

    Pleasantly surprised that she has a brilliant personality

  12. L K says:

    Thank you Billie for your courage. You’re reaching a demographic that doesn’t often get reached from this angle.

  13. Hexador Zaras says:

    Billie: K can I tell you something?

    Ellen: Well you’re here.

  14. TaffyChu says:

    I never knew that she had Tourette’s. It makes me feel better that she’s so open about it, because I don’t have Tourette’s but I have anxiety tics. Like scrunching my face and yelling out things randomly.

  15. Margaux C says:

    Didn’t know she has Tourettes. She’s really controlling her tics very well. She’s really brave. It’s good to talk about it

  16. Marta V. says:

    Is everyone going to ignore that FREAKING DAVE GROHL is sitting in the audience?!
    Literally goals

  17. Gizem! says:

    No one:

    Billie: *your eyes are so beautiful* 0:46

  18. Anshul Bhandari says:

    Dave Grohl just sitting there in the audience like a random mom and just waves at the camera like one too…..I loved that??

  19. Michelle Morera says:

    “Can I tell you something?”

    Ellen: “well you’re already here” ?

  20. Esohe Obasuyi says:

    *When people with blue eyes just compliment each other* ???

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