Billie Eilish – NDA (Live)

Billie Eilish – NDA (Live)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing NDA (Live Version). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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47 Responses

  1. Yumy Apple says:

    She’s an angel. 🖤

    • lovely ! says:

      @War of Hearts You know I will thanks for the tips but I won’t touch grass why? Because it’s a waste of time and won’t do anything anyway night.

    • Sumukaiku says:

      Yeeeeeeesss… all the good girls go to hell:333

    • Issa Flo says:

      @B Hey uhm… Do you know what the entire meaning of Queerbaiting is… Cause I don’t think you do…

    • B says:

      @Issa Flo yes, yes i know if someone asks that question one more time istgggg dudeee

    • Emmelie Hiemstra says:

      @I love women please peg me ma’am she isn’t racist or homophobic and she also posted a apology on her insta so just stfu

  2. Aureal says:

    why do people say she sucks with autotune?? finneas and her are just experimenting with her voice, she has proven she doesn’t need effects on her voice and it shouldn’t always be a voice competition. anyway, stan finneas and billie 🤍

    • Stinger Smith says:

      @Paula Rodriguez I love the autotune she can do no wrong in my book !!!

    • Beatrice Cruz says:

      Amazing!! This makes me even more siked to see them at Governors Ball and the World Tour !! Her and her team are such great performers and make great music to hear and see 💜

    • Elena Kouroukli says:

      The concept of that part was the use of aututune so i don’t get why everyone is complaining. She sounds perfect

    • Tiago Matos says:

      That autotune part give me life! I disagree with everyone saying that’s not good! Cause I fucking love it!

    • Chris MpThree says:

      Thankkkk youuuuu

  3. panthercat says:

    Billie doesn’t know how to make boring songs! This is a masterpiece! (┛✧Д✧))┛

  4. RachyRooM says:

    The autotube is part of the song, it’s an effect to enhance the FEEL of the song, not correct her pitch etc. I think it’s symbolic of how she is controlled (“you can’t let me go”), since someone else is adding this effect.

  5. Prabhkirat Kaur says:

    Haters gonna hate Billie’s still gonna shine brighter than a star.
    This is probably the best song of Billie. LOTS OF LOVE FROM A LIL KIDDIE🥺😀❤

  6. Sierra says:

    love the autotone hands down. she literally can maker her music however she wants. dont like it, dont listen. anyways, this was better than the record. she always surprises us which makes her live performances that much better. billie and finneas you are legends.

  7. Bayezid Music says:

    Mutlu ol yeter, Billie Bülbül

  8. wailet says:

    вооот, как раз в студийной записи не хватало этого полного звучания Билли, очень ждала лив !

  9. Laura Celis says:

    Just to remind everyone with two brain cells that she doesn’t need autotune, she has an amazing voice. Her and finesse have this thing called creativity and honestly the autotune sounds fucking sick

    • Astha Pathak says:

      This comment was so funny

    • Sarah Aiken says:

      *Finneas 🙂

    • Jeannette Reyrel says:

      FR ! They’re geniuses and extremely versatile. Yeah she for sure doesn’t need autotune but she’s also really good with it, it really adds something to the song and made it deeper imo.
      Also why does she gets a lot of hate for using autotune once when all
      your favourite artists are themselves using it? Leave the girl alone wtf 😭
      ANYWAYS this song is a bop 🕺🏽

  10. The Cosmic Note says:

    If they really wanted to use autotune as pitch correction, they would use very less which wouldn’t be so noticeable, like they do for every other track. Billie doesn’t need so much autotune…remember, ‘your power’ is a song from this album too? You can’t hear a lot of autotune there, but it’s still there (a little good amount) to make it sound perfect and professional, and the live performance was so beautiful, meaning she can sing and has good pitch live. But in this song, it is used as an effect that’s why it’s extremely noticeable….there’s a reason for it, which is stylistic preference.
    If she needed so much autotune wouldn’t she use it on other tracks too, and you would hear it! 🤔

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