Billie Eilish: Same Interview, Ten Minutes Apart

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, Ten Minutes Apart

Billie Eilish has done the same interview, one year apart, but how much does the ‘Bury A Friend’ singer’s life change ten minutes apart?

#BillieEilish #BuryAFriend

See Vanity Fair’s original Same Interview, One Year Apart now:

Read more about when Billie dropped by Capital:


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66 Responses

  1. zynkdina 7 says:

    Capital FM : Do you have boyfriend?

    Billie: Bad guy!!!?

  2. Rachel Amber says:

    If they played happier music, this would have been way more pleasant and funny

  3. KoiKoi FishBoi says:

    Billie: what the hell is a grape?

    Also Billie: turdles can breathe with their butt holes!!!

  4. h I says:

    Billie: *turtles can breath with there buttholes*
    Honestly such a queen I love it

  5. Layla Rose 卌 says:

    *_”WHAT’S A GRAPE”_*
    *sad music continues to play*

  6. Quan Anh says:

    mama: “i love you”
    billie: ” MAmA GeT mE sUM fUD”

  7. Elsa Stone says:

    “I got ppl I don’t want to talk to on my phone so if it dies I got an excuse” is the MOST Sagittarius thing I’ve heard all year

  8. Angelic devil says:

    Okay, but why has this got this melancholy music?

  9. hm ? says:

    “Mama got me some food”

    Awh, that melted my heart

  10. kmsfxx¿Cr says:

    I love how in many interviews her mom appear at the end hugging her or kissing her its so cute <3

    • heydisme says:

      kmsfxx¿Cr Agreed and I love that she has a healthy relationship w her mom from what is shown instead of the relationship Danielle Bregoli has w her mom

  11. Itz Becca says:

    She goes up by 9000 followers in ten mins
    I go up by 2 in 10 years

  12. Ashlyn Tibbs says:

    Billie- what am I thinking about? How I’m being ignored by the one person I don’t wanna be ignored by.



  13. IDK says:

    Billie: Horses cannot feel anything in their manes at all, so tugging it wont hurt.

    Also Billie: *_wHaT tHe HelL iS a GrApE?_*

  14. Aishah khanom says:

    I think….turtles can breathe….With their but holes?….LOL BILLIE LOL LMAO

    Mama got me some food

  15. Itz gacha Galaxy says:

    Billie: *Momma got me some FOOD*
    Me: *Our happy Billie is back! *

  16. Cristi says:

    Aw she looks so much happier in this than most interviews I’ve seen of her.

  17. LahyeX says:


    Capital: let’s interview billie twice in 10 mins

  18. AppleYum Yum says:

    She went up 9000 instagram followers in 10 minutes… *I don’t even have 40 followers*

  19. William Xon says:

    Billie with no food: Sad and depressed

    Billie with food: Happier and more active

  20. Kaleb Smith says:

    This video is cool and all but let’s not ignore that has AirPods 75% off rn???‍♂️

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