Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Sixth Year | Vanity Fair

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Sixth Year | Vanity Fair

“I feel hopeful and I feel happy and I feel in a good spot in my life right now.” We’ve spent the last six years following Billie Eilish on her journey through pop superstardom. Was 2022 her biggest year yet? After completing her Happier Than Ever The World Tour, headlining Coachella and Glastonbury, and winning an Oscar, the answer is clear.

Year Two:
Year Three:
Year Four:
Year Five:

Director: Joe Sabia
Director of Photography: Matt Krueger
Editors: Estan Esparza, Cory Stevens
Celebrity Talent: Billie Eilish
Producer: Funmi Sunmonu
Line Producer: Jen Santos
Associate Producers: Emebeit Beyene, Grace Lauson
Production Managers: Andressa Pelachi, Peter Brunette
Production Coordinator: Carolina Wachockier
Camera Operator: Lucas Vilicich
Audio: Kari Barber
Post Production Supervisor: Nicholas Ascanio
Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James
Supervising Editor: Kameron Key
Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds
Composer: Soundthoughts
Production Assistants: John Brodsky, Faith Evans

00:00 “My name is Billie Eilish”
00:54 “Alright, Billies… we’re gonna do something new”
01:21 How are you feeling today?
01:57 Biggest thing to happen in your career?
02:41 Advice to yourself one year ago?
03:15 What’s most important to you right now?
04:21 Do you feel pressure?
05:23 What did you eat today?
06:03 How is your bedroom currently decorated?
06:34 “More footage of me being a little idiot”
07:10 Craziest fan moment?
08:33 What constructive criticism would you give your fans?
09:20 Do you get free stuff?
09:49 How big is your entourage?
10:49 Is Finneas around as much these days?
11:17 What question do you hate being asked?
11:57 “Speaking of creative questions…”
12:08 Fan Questions from Instagram!
13:19 Non-musical inspirations?
14:13 What about next year?
15:03 Biggest rumor about you?
15:21 Do you have a boyfriend?
16:42 What makes you happy in a relationship?
17:25 Describe your style in 3 words
17:55 What’s your favorite movie?
18:10 Favorite artist at the moment?
18:21 Biggest thing you’re struggling with?
19:24 Lowest note you can sing?
20:01 “This is my mom…”

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22 Responses

  1. Annie Burke says:

    She’s gotten so much more happier, spunky, witty. She’s like all of us cringing at her past self. I’m glad she looks forward to the interview yearly!

  2. Julia Falando Coisas says:

    I love it when Billie cringes over her past selves, but I love MORE the absolute love in her eyes looking at herself. It’s so beautiful

  3. mariamaria fujoshi in ur area says:

    I honestly don’t even know all of her songs, like i am not a huge fan of hers but i always come back to this video every year . Idk , it always slaps me in the face that another year went by and as i see her mature every time i can somehow relate to myself and see where i am in life too . I hope that they ll never stop making these videos unless she dies then I’ll have to deal with it as she said lol

  4. StapleGolf says:

    6 years?! I can’t believe how the years have flew. The growth is so so surreal and the fact that I’ve been able to witness it all is such a blessing ♥️

  5. Ava Williams says:

    when her mom came in the end and started saying how she misses billies past self made me cry I’m so proud of Billie and how much shes matured. I’ve been watching these interviews since the first one that was released and it’s crazy to watch them every year and see how she’s grown. ❤️

  6. DreSaidSo says:

    this is a certified billie eilish classic

  7. Carisa Rose says:

    When she told us to trust her and that’s she’s okay I literally started sobbing.

  8. Allie Williams says:

    As someone who’s going through a difficult time in my life. Billies interviews are proof that the tough times are just bumps in our roads and things always get better and we will feel better and be happy one day!❤️ I do have hope thank you Billie!🥲

  9. Tom Stanley Lopes says:

    I’m not a Billie fan, but I come back here every year to watch this series. She seems so happy right now. And that moment with her mother was so touching. 🥹

  10. T. N. says:

    Billie is practically glowing! I love how much she’s grown and how happy she seems. I remember connecting with her music during my darkest times and struggling with depression. So so happy for her. What a difference it’s been

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