Billie Eilish Scares Her Fan Melissa McCarthy – EXTENDED

Billie Eilish Scares Her Fan Melissa McCarthy – EXTENDED

Melissa McCarthy, who was joined by her “The Kitchen” co-stars Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss, talked about her love for Billie Eilish and the music video Melissa put herself in during her recent guest-hosting gig for Ellen. Since Melissa hadn’t heard from the pop star directly about her thoughts on the video, Ellen decided to invite Billie to the show… with a scare.


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43 Responses

  1. renaee morgan says:

    I clicked so fast when I saw Billie AND Melissa in the title!

  2. Brianna Ellis says:

    Billie: yeah buy a ticket

    Tiffanys thoughts: y’all on Groupon?

  3. Ichan Ceska says:

    ‘Bruises on both my knees for you don’t say’

  4. Livy Berg says:

    That was literally the best thing ever. Also, Ellen totally needs to have more celebrities hide in the box. ?

  5. Alana H says:

    I love Billie so freaking much!!! Hahah “ITS SANTA”?❤️

  6. Harrik - says:

    She attacc
    She protecc
    But the most important thing
    She got a hearthattacc

  7. Octava says:

    Best video I’ve seen today!
    I love how they all love Billie ? this is so cute!

  8. Mima Rocks says:


  9. Rutab Umar says:

    THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST SCARYING (out of box version) indeed?

  10. Kyla Hearts says:

    Billie has came so far from peeing on cups in closets to jumping out of boxes on Ellen?❤️

  11. Gracie George says:

    Who else wonders what they do in the box while waiting to scare the person besides waiting because I always do ?

  12. Komal Sandhu says:

    THIS IS SO CUTE how can u not love Billie

  13. Yumna says:

    I want to be famous enough to go to Ellen’s show so that I can meet billie?❤️

  14. Draw With Me says:

    Awwwwwwwwww when Billie hugged her ???❤️ THAT WAS THE FRICKIN CUTEST THING EVER

  15. Hanxi Guo says:

    Melissa WAS a huge billie elish fan…
    ??? Ellen!

  16. Debnam 101 says:

    “Them claws is real!” ?? love you Billie, so kind of you to do this.

  17. ALY YEET says:

    You know she had a concert last night and I was there and she was AMAZING I luv u Billie

  18. Kayla Marie says:

    You should have Billie do more of popping out of a box to guests. This was hilarious!!

  19. Nona Manlosa says:

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly,
    She almost gave melissa a heart attac

  20. OPJuiceBox says:

    “Billie Eilish scares her fan”

    Excuse me! what about me

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