Bills vs. Browns Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 2

Bills vs. Browns Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 2

The Buffalo Bills take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL preseason.

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92 Responses

  1. Kybron Mvp 18-1Forever says:


  2. AGK927 says:

    The new helmet rule is so garbage. There even calling it on running backs now it’s out of control

  3. Connor Muckerman says:

    Tyrod is a good QB. I don’t know why people don’t understand that.

  4. Bills Mafia says:

    Remember before the game everyone said baker vs bust? Lol. Ok bud

  5. Teal Town says:

    No 4-0 in pre season means browns about to have a good year 👀

  6. rayray33aoc says:

    Nathan peterman looked pretty good

  7. henry ha says:

    Nick O’Leary a G for not wearing gloves

  8. quackxhead says:

    Remember when Ramsey said Josh Allen sucks?

    • Deshawn Howard says:

      Go Wavy yeah I think Allen did ok but if you put in context his first td drive was set up by a Browns penalty, and his second and third drives were set up with good field position. The times he escaped the pocket were successful because orchard can’t contain. However I do give credit for him for not blowing opportunities I just feel like we have to wait and see the next two games. Hopefully the bills line can protect him this season better than they did mccaron tonight.

    • Leroy Brown says:

      A lot of blacks like to talk too much. They crave attention like little kids. It’s better to be silent and thought the fool. Than to speak and remove all doubt.

    • Mychal Dandrea says:

      John Johnson not really Brett Favre threw as many picks and had a worse completion percentage against the stout conference usa at southern miss. Allen and Favre struggled because yes the defenses they played sucked but their receivers were also jokes and couldn’t separate.

    • Louie says:

      John Johnson 119 and a TD against Carolina, now 60 and a TD against Cleveland. Keep on making up reasons to call him bad tho

  9. RHE3 says:

    The Browns looked like they tried different schemes tonight and treated it like a true preseason game. I feel like last year they tried hard to win which didn’t turn out well during the reg season. These games are to look for people who stand out and try out different game plans.

  10. CujoF17 says:

    I hope that Allen and Mayfield can make these two future playoff rivals! That will be very fun!

    • Tony Scar says:

      Tim Lincecum what don’t you like about him? He’s looking pretty good so far

    • Drums326 says:

      I’d rather see the rivalry from Tyron’s perspective and see him take another losing team to the playoffs two years in a row to make Buffalo regret losing him

  11. Malik Lander says:

    Browns gonna be good this year, maybe not playoff ready, but they can surprise people

  12. chimaobi njoku says:

    Brown fans better appreciate that man, Carlos Hyde.

    • Brian Baylark says:

      cbdawgpound I think that 3 headed monster in the backfield is gonna be one of the most dangerous in the league. Todd Haley is an offensive genius. He’s gonna have these guys in the end zone on the regular.

    • Stockton 209 says:

      chimaobi njoku he should be workhoarse forsure. Wtf he doing splitting with anybody at this point

    • killer Spinach says:

      we’ve been dying to have this guy on our team since he got drafted. Doesn’t make up for skipping on zeke but it helps.

  13. John Santos says:

    Personally, I think the Browns uniform looks better with a pure colored helmet. The logo gotta be that elf thing though.

  14. James Quick says:

    Josh Allen trash? I don’t know about that.

    • Chi- Nation says:

      It may be too early to tell but that wasnt exactly a dominating performance. He threw for 60 yards averaging about 6 yards per completion

    • James Quick says:

      Chi- Nation I had my worries about the rookie QBs and i though Allen might struggle but right now he looks like man amongst boys. I thought Allen wouldn’t be able to control his accuracy but it looks like the sky’s the limit for him.

    • Louie says:

      Chi- Nation it is preseason but he easily looks better than all rookie qbs except Mayfield, and I’d argue he looks better than him too.119 and a TD last week and now 60 and a TD.

    • Chi- Nation says:

      Louie Josh Rosen has looked just as good if not better than Allen, after Baker the rest of the rookies are on about the same level

  15. Bills Mafia says:

    People not talking bout this kid marcus Murphy..this dude has been outstanding lol.. he joined us on the last game last year and came from no where. This dude a beast!!

  16. Alexander Carter says:

    Did baker mayfield just stiff arm a defender and win?

  17. geminiwolf91 says:

    I’m not a Browns fan but I’m rooting for them this year. It’s about time the Browns get some respect.

    • reginaldino enchillada says:

      lilnorth larsinyha ha ha

    • reginaldino enchillada says:

      Zayne simard moore do u mean the cheating or the getting spanked in the superbowl and outsmarting yourself in order to screw malcolm butler over but then screw tb12 and your team over instead? Or do u just mean Aaron hernandez? That’s the pats 4 ya.

    • OKC Nation says:

      Zayne simard moore eagles gonna crush the pats first 😂😂😂

    • JayTy Harris says:

      Tony Scar I agree and disagree. I feel sorry for the Browns and feel as if they should be respected, but I think they should earn it.

  18. Steven Bern says:

    That’s the Tyrod Taylor I know.
    Drive your team for a TD n look good doing it.
    Then go 3&out 4 series in a row.

    As for Allen, well the tape speaks for itself 💪

  19. # Guiltless says:

    Still say SF messed up dumping Hyde.

    • JdubFS says:

      As a 49er fan, I agree. Even though he doesn’t fit our scheme, he could have been the power back on short yardage downs and goal line downs.

    • Lior Kheiman says:

      Cleveland will end up benching Hyde mid season for Chub. He’s a better running back

    • troyMLG says:

      Seth Caprio Don’t sleep on Denzel Ward. Dude is going to be a number 1 corner starting Week 1

    • Gilbert Brown says:

      Seth Caprio lol you better be joking about tyrod. He’s trash and throws for 120yds a game and 14tds a season. Hugh Jackson is a complete moron naming tyrod the starter. He got carried by McCoy and the bills defense to the playoffs. Really sick of clueless fans saying the bills messed up trading him…he’s cheeks

  20. Avery Hikina. says:

    Browns fans FINALLY have somethin to look forward to… I’m happy for them

    • Dwight Love says:

      Avery Hikina. I keep telling ppl don’t sleep on the Browns.They have a backup WR named JEFF JANIS that scares the hell out of me.He put himself on the map in the playoffs for the Packers vs the Cardinals catching a career high 7 passes for 145 yds 2 scores including a 41 hail mary that made the NFL history books.

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