Bills vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

Bills vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

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47 Responses

  1. Gabe Erwin says:

    This game was insane! Both teams crushed it and should be proud.

    Definitely one that we will all probably keep going back to and rewatching.

  2. KENNY KO says:

    This honestly should’ve been the Super Bowl game!

    • Arizona Audits says:

      @Not Pandemic p The Bills had the opportunity to score more than the Chiefs in regulation already. Although I do feel like if a game goes into overtime, the team that lost the opening coin toss at there start of the game should automatically be granted the winning coin toss for any overtime situation. Just makes it a lot more fair in my opinion. Team sport though Bills defense could’ve won this game so many times. No turnovers.

    • Arizona Audits says:

      @Josh Arnold Last minute and 52 seconds, but nice try. You heard that stat from an announcer during the game loser lol trying to sound smart.

    • Arizona Audits says:

      @Raresnce Bengals are on the East coast you idiot lol. Dang you’re ignorant i’m laughing.

    • Ti Nicole Official says:


    • Arizona Audits says:

      @Jellybeantiger ?? yuck really bengals vs niners lmaoo. Rams vs Chiefs would be way better. Tf outta here,

  3. MattHDGamer says:

    Best game i’ve ever seen

  4. aRBy125 says:

    I’ve been a fan of football of since like ’87. This was the best game of football I ever watched, no hyperbole. As a Saints fan, those last 3 minutes reminded me SO much of the last 4 minutes of the Saints-Niners game in 2011. Absolutely wild. I feel for Bills fans…

  5. Charles Urbanczyk says:

    As a Bills fan, it was the greatest football game I’ve ever seen. Still upset the defense couldn’t hold them with 13 seconds left but you have to give credit to the Chiefs for making it down field. Only complaint is that with the OT rules and not even giving the Bills a chance with the ball. Rules are rules but we lost on a coin toss. Unbelievable game.

    • raving videos says:

      Its like a shootout in hockey or soccer , but then you have games like last year where there were 5 OT periods (set a record). for a championship game i agree that the rules could change for OT in NFL.

    • Brian Brannan says:

      The last drive in regulation with 13 seconds is soley on the defensive coordinator having all defenders 15 -20 yards off the ball bad defensive play calling. In OT on 2nd and 6 Kelcey did an illegal cheap shot pick that the refs chose not to call thus allowing the Cheifs to continue the drive.

    • AspireGD says:

      OT rules in the NFL are completely stupid, so many times it pretty much is just whoever gets the coin toss wins, very probable bills would have won if allen didn’t pick tails since chiefs defense was a catastrophe themselves just like the bills, it isn’t really fair at all and I don’t know what the hell they were thinking with that rule.

    • Atheism Is Over says:

      @Brian Brannan ^^look up

  6. mizofan says:

    Magnificent game, a shame there had to be a loser, i like Mahomes and the Chiefs very much but of all the play off teams was hoping Allen and the Bills would win Super Bowl.

    • Ani Sharma says:

      I just wish that the NFL would change their overtime rules for the playoffs. I really wanted to see Josh Allen again and it’s disappointing that he didn’t even get a chance to compete.

  7. Rhoan Jenson says:

    As a Pats fan since 1971 this was the best game I ever seen. Coin toss pretty much determined who was going home. Hats off to the Bills, they will be the dominate team in their division for a long time, I was routing for them. This whole weekend had amazing football, best in a very long time.

  8. Juan Medina says:

    Honestly, I don’t think the Super Bowl will live up to this game. I’m not the biggest football fan but this game was insane! 🤯🔥

  9. IntroSpecktive says:

    This is the new Brady vs Manning. The best QB duel I’ve ever seen, incredible play from both Mahomes and Allen. Sad there could only be one winner in this game!

  10. Mac Lethal says:

    I’m a lifetime Chiefs fan. Yes, obviously, this game was incredible. But, I want to write a few words to all Bills fans out there.

    Be proud of what you’ve built. I remember in 1993, when the Bills beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. I was heartbroken. I wouldn’t see the Chiefs in another AFC Championship game for nearly 30 years. I know you guys have experienced a horrific drought, and have yet to win the big game. But make no mistake about it: Josh Allen is your answer. You guys will not only win multiple titles with him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you won the SB next year. He’s ready. You’ll be RIGHT back. Congrats on an all time classic game.

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