Billy Bush Believes The Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Assault

Billy Bush Believes The Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Assault

Billy Bush confirms the authenticity of the infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape. And then some.

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90 Responses

  1. TheCalvin says:

    Billy got screwed – should’ve never been fired for that.

  2. Jakob Rabitsch says:

    Did the band just play a dramatic rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus” when he walked in?! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  3. ScreenFunFacts says:

    Your country is insane. The guy who brag about sexually assaulting women get elected president. And the guy who listen… get fired.
    Also… A pedo for Senator soon. You guys there have become completely morally bankrupt.

    • audrey obrien says:


    • Sarah Shah says:

      Jay Torr If the whole world is the same, can you tell me how many countries have voted for leaders who have been accused of sexual assualt or of being a pedeophile?

    • Barnettstrongman Jnes says:

      That’s nothing. They knew Clinton had raped women n ha a child by a black prostitute or the jews knew and the politicians knew but did the Republicans say hey, this guy screws prostitute. No, but if he did the jews would have said STFU.We want him in he’s corrupt. Jews select our presidents. They’re not going to allow us to elect David Duke because then the party is over for them.

    • gemmi42 says:

      ScreenFunFacts uhhh, not all of us are morally bankrupt. Trump is a complete garbage person. A lot of people hate him. Trump is a monster. He belongs, at LEAST, in jail. And Twitter needs to be taken away from the huge orange baby.

    • LackeysLack says:

      We’ve got moral people over here. The problem is the catch-22 of power.

      Those who could be trusted with power, don’t seek it.
      Those who can’t be trusted to use power, have the ambition to get it.

  4. Hooman Dario says:

    Remember, This guy got fired and his career got destroyed for just listening to a predator and the predator is in the white house.

    • Barnettstrongman Jnes says:

      My grandfather was a true gentleman but those kind don’t want the job. The power hungry bastards want it an they o shit to women an at the time the woman might get a gig like Amarosa.

  5. DarqueQueen7 says:

    I always felt Billy Bush was backed into a corner. Whenever I’m put in an uncomfortable situation, I laugh. Billy was laughing the same way I do when I’ve had someone say or do something questionable around me. When I was younger, I probably would’ve punched the Orange Man in the neck to shut him up. Now, I giggle happily as I watch him dig himself deeper.

    You know, it took 17 years to finally end Hitler’s reign. How long do you think it will take now?

    • Alexia Tr says:

      DarqueQueen7 true, mostly if it is a client saying it, in this case he was making a lot of money for the network at the time, he would have kill his career for nothing.

    • Barnettstrongman Jnes says:

      Hitler’s reign? Uh, prior to WW2 the jewish Commies had been murdering millions of Slavic people. a in fact in 1933 when Hitler was elected Chancellor.and he jews declaed an economic boycott on anything made in Germany. The jewish Commies were stll murdering the Slavs right up till WW2 broke out. an the only thing that stopped it was the Germans driving out the jewish Commies clean to Moscow where they originated. The jewish Commies wanted to take Germany but the Germans knew what they were doing in Polandand they said not today and they had the right to drive the Commies out of Europe an the USA had no right to bomb the German cities and Hitler was in power for 11 years.

    • James white says:

      the soviet union was unabashedly atheist even going so far as to destroy churches,mosques and synagogues.

    • DarthCruciare87 says:

      Agreed, some people laugh when they are uncomfortable. It’s a nervous tick, doesn’t necessarily mean you are amused.

    • Michael Pasta says:

      @barnettstongman, you have your facts twisted. USA has every right to bomb german, mostly because Germans declared war on USA 1st, and the US attacked Japan because of Perl habor killings, also your painting of jews before WWII is very grossly misleading.

      Technically it was 11 years if you count Hitler being the FΓΌhrer, however if you recall the Enabling Act of 1933, which even Hitler as Chancellor which gave him full and legal control over the legislative and executive branches of government. Hell open up a history book to see on 14 July 1933 the NSDAP was considered the only party and killed all of his alot of his opposition via Night of the Long Knives to have fulll legal power even before Hindenburg’s death, which made him the FΓΌhrer.

      Also the jewish people at that time weren’t mostly communist, but they were a minority in alot of countries they were in, and fact because of being a minority and despised by a good percentage of the christian population were one of the reasons there was so much tension. Also don’t know if you actually did some research on the holocaust, but Germans didn’t liberate the slavs, they also joined the jews in the concentration camps, in fact germans killed Poles, Soviets, Serbs, Slovenes, Romani, and alot of opposition. So the germans weren’t slavs or anyone liberators, and in fact the way Hitler betrayed Russians in their nonaggression pact proves that anyone sympathetic to the axis side was soon to be played. So please stop defending a maniacal government/attitude hell bent on achieving power at the cost of everything around him, minorities be damned.

  6. Amsterdam Calling says:

    Billy’s account is believable about playing along with the cash cow Donald. But if you watch the tape when they get off the bus and meet the women, Billy tells one of the women to give Donald and himself a hug. Very creepy in a work related environment especially after hearing the bizarre comments Trump made on the bus, whether true or not.

    • Kyra Wilder says:

      YES. If Billy Bush is going to waste the public’s time and attention with what he’s learned, he could at least be transparent about this glaring part of the tape and address it rather than try to pepper over the whole situation as him “just” laughing along to a performance. I’m actually really bothered Stephen Colbert didn’t take him to task on that the moment Billy Bush started changing the narrative.

      I mean, don’t get me wrong – I appreciate that he’s being accountable and honest about the emotional aftermath of this tape coming out to some degree, since all of this is a part of the wider process of actually taking sexual abuse seriously and setting standards to better protect and support victims, but the revisionism of his own role does a huge disservice to those efforts and reflects poorly on his intent.

    • Jason Rushing says:

      God I hate liberals

    • Sb Espn says:

      He was kissing ass and being a wingman for Trump. But it was a long time ago, and has lost millions and his reputation. At some point people need to learn how to burry the hatchet and forgive a person.

  7. Jerrin Thomas says:

    So the guy who says the stuff gets elected president and the guy who was listening got fired from his job. Thanks a lot republicans

    • John Smith says:

      I know. Why didn’t the fainting, lying, Uranium-selling, Libyan Ambassador killing, hot-sauce toting, adulterer defending, primary-stealing, hater of America win? That was clearly the more popular choice. Piss off!

    • Colonel Gayfur says:

      Brad P dude… Just wake up and stop thinking you know everything. Your american and its just a known thing you guys dont know shit about the world around you. When you will realize it you will actualy progress a bit. Cmon

    • Leroy Brown says:

      You’re welcome, pussy.

    • Colonel Gayfur says:

      Shiv Desai thing is 50% did… Stereotypes doesnt mean “all of them are” but a big enough chunk to actualy make it a reknown thing worldwide.

    • Colonel Gayfur says:

      Mc FruityBooty im sorry you think im stupid because the truth hurts your feeling. Have a nice day

  8. Elijah The Truth says:

    They should’ve extended the makeup to Billy’s neck. His nervousness and when he was lying/saying too much was way to obvious

  9. Ocean's 8 is coming in 2018 says:

    Interesting how everyone feels sorry for poor Billy. Nobody is mentioning those 2 poor women that were treated just like pieces of meat by BOTH of them if you recall the end of the tape. I have 0 tolerance for perpetrators AND enablers. He can FOH

    • ELBandido says:

      Ocean’s 8 is coming in 2018 oh stfu. Nobody got offended

    • hudson fox says:

      at least he didnt actually sexual assault some women

    • Onholyservicebound says:

      People feel sorry for him because he faced massive consequences, whereas Trump, who said much worse things, became president.
      The problem people have is with fairness, it’s not a matter of whether they think Billy was in the wrong or not.

    • Michael Ferreira says:

      when you start deciding who you have empathy for we all fall back into othering. Social movements should be about progress, not revenge.

  10. Ris G says:

    Laugh at a guy for bragging about sexual assault – Gets fired.
    Brag about sexual assault – Becomes president.
    America you are weird.

    • I like to watch says:

      Ris G Please don’t judge us all. We are just as outraged about this guy as the rest of the civilized world is. We are also embarrassed to have this guy representing our country internationally. Plus we have to live with the fact that half of our fellow citizens are complete idiots.

    • Worst Commenter On Youtube says:

      Uh don’t blame us. The guy got fired and rightfully so, the other guy got elected and I’m not one of the people who voted for him. You should blame those people.

    • Mikey B says:

      … pisses off almost every world leader, sells weapons to saudi arabia, bombs civilians in Syria, drains the budget of the secret service into his own pockets, rigs elections, lies to the public every time he speaks, has pissing contest with nuclear power…… I could go on and on

    • Aram Jr. says:

      Better him than the one who has got a lot pedofile and predator friends Killary.

    • John Smith says:

      “accused”, is the operative word in your sentence structure. You’re retarded if you think that is what republicans think. R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D!!!

  11. K Pope says:

    Bush pushed that girl into Donald for a kiss knowing what Trump said. He’s not innocent. He’s an enabler if not worse.

    • Executive 1 says:

      K Pope did he physically force he Woman to hug him?

    • Aurora HΓ€kli says:

      Yeah, and continued to persist for an answer from her to the question if she’d rather go on a date with him or Donald. And commented on one of women’s legs in the bus.

      (By the way: Arianne Zucker was 31 at the time, so not exactly a “girl”.)

  12. Ric o says:

    He should’ve never lost his job… Trump was a powerful guy and his guest that day.

  13. JR N says:

    Dude lost his job because he laughed aboutΒ it and the orange asshole who actually said itΒ got in the WH. There’s something wrong with America.

  14. OIlie Warren says:

    Colbert is the only person who could do this interview. He never excuses Bush or let’s him off but gives him a fair chance to apologise

  15. DC 1810 says:

    Billy Bush did not actually join in the conversation with Donald when he was bragging about sexual assault.All he did was say” they let you do anything” just repeating what Trump just said infront of him.So he shouldnt actually feel that much guilty.Guilty should be Weinstein Spacey Matt Lauerwho were actual abusers

    • Aurora HΓ€kli says:

      Billy Bush: Sheesh, your girl’s hot as shit. In the purple.
      Trump: Whoa! Whoa!
      Bush: Yes! The Donald has scored. Whoa, my man!

      Bush: Uh, yeah, those legs, all I can see is the legs.
      Trump: Oh, it looks good.
      Bush: Come on shorty.
      Trump: Ooh, nice legs, huh?
      Bush: Oof, get out of the way, honey. Oh, that’s good legs. Go ahead.

      Zucker: Here, wait, hold on.
      Bush: Yeah, you get in the middle, there we go.
      Trump: Good, that’s better.
      Zucker: This is much better. This is β€”
      Trump: That’s better.
      Zucker: [Sighs]
      Bush: Now, if you had to choose honestly between one of us. Me or the Donald?
      Trump: I don’t know, that’s tough competition.
      Zucker: That’s some pressure right there.
      Bush: Seriously, if you had β€” if you had to take one of us as a date.

  16. Caleb Brown says:

    What’s messed up is all this guy did was laugh at what he said and has been blacklisted while the Trump admitted to it on tape and became president

    • PreCode FilmFiend says:

      Caleb Brown It’s definitely not apples to apples – but what BB did at the time was essentially a blessing and approval of the behavior. It’s the kind of thing that contributes to a pro-rape, anti-respect culture targeted at women. Men are responsible to stand against behavior like this when they hear about it – otherwise, they are complicit in its perpetuation. And there must be accountability for that.

    • Debbie Clark says:

      Caleb Brown that is simply not true. Trump admitted to forcing himself on women, then when they got off the bus Billy Bush tried his best to play creepy match maker. That makes Bush an active accomplice. What type of man would try to set a woman up with someone who freely admits to being a sexual predator?

    • Brianna Kubiwood says:

      Ya it’s some serious fucked up shit! You’d think if Donny supporters had any sense of fairness, they’d at least defend Billy

    • Susan Barbier says:

      Caleb Brown Thank you captain obvious.

  17. Birgitte Roel says:

    Why did Billy Bush pay the price, it’s just horrendous

    • MRostendway says:

      TrueAlpha100 But he didnt say anything bad on the tape. Shoukd we reallt be firing people for being around when someone else says something bad??
      Thats crazy.

    • Emily Wilkerson says:

      MRostendway You mean like how Bush heard Trump brag about sexual assault and then Bush asking the girls to hug Trump? Thats not a problem to you? Enabling sexual assaulters isn’t a problem to you?

    • Edward Terry says:

      Billy Bush left Access Hollywood with paycheck big enough to fund the rest of the lives of you and your children’s’ children. Let’s, not all cry too big of a river for him.

    • seigeengine says:

      +TrueAlpha100 Get out of jail for what? He made a couple slightly inappropriate comments. The other man bragged about sexually assaulting women, and has a long history of being accused of sexual harassment, assault, and rape.

      Are you sure you didn’t mean to name yourself TrueRetard100?

    • seigeengine says:

      +Emily Wilkerson I think there’s a ton of nuance involved in judging that that you’re ignoring because it isn’t convenient to your desired conclusion.

  18. Brent Davis says:

    45TH president sucks

  19. Brent Davis says:

    Believe all women

    • BSK says:

      I don’t doubt these allegations, but as a general rule, there needs to be evidence for allegations. Believing all women (any group of people for that matter) all the time as a general rule would be disastrous. There have been innocent men falsely accused by lying women of rape who have been sentenced to years in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.

    • Josh Jo says:

      I couldn’t agree more BSK. I always lean very heavily towards believing women in these kinds of cases, however, people should try to remain as unbiased as possible and rely on evidence for such allegations. I do believe that the vast majority of women who allege to have been assaulted are telling the truth. Its important to try and take every measure to ensure that victims of assault get the interpersonal, legislative, and professional support they need/deserve. But its also important to remember that lying isn’t gender-specific.

      I’m just speculating but I think what Brent Davis is trying to say is that, women are often undermined and called liars.Whenever women come into the light and allege accusations of sexual assault, I always here male coworkers and acquaintances (and even some girls/women) say stuff like, “Something is fishy” or “Women can’t be trusted” or “They’re just accusing powerful men to get money and fame” or “I dunno…. THAT many women all coming out at once? Something isn’t right” or “Maybe she wanted it, then changed her mind”.

      I think Brent Davis is taking the extreme stance of “Believe all women” to try and counter these kinds of beliefs and opinions I hear all the time. I agree with Brent’s sentiment that women deserve to be trusted more often; even when they are proven to have been assaulted, they’re victim-blamed. But I also agree with BSK, that women (and any group of people) shouldn’t automatically be trusted simply for their being. Also… it could also partly be that “Believe women more often” isn’t exactly as catchy as “Believe all women”.

      #Sorrynotsorry for #virtuesignaling

    • mori1bund says:

      Brent Davis: Tell that JΓΆrg Kachelmann…
      (Google it!)

    • TheDestroller says:

      Brent Davis FUCK NO! WOMEN ARE LIARS

  20. jabbermocky says:

    “He’s a repeater…” says Bush. The clinical word is perseverate. Perseverators get mentally stuck on a word or phrase and repeat it over and over again. Typically, perseveration is a symptom of mental impairment. People on the Autistic spectrum sometimes perseverate, so do those with Dementia. Drunks do it, too. It’s not “normal”.

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