Billy Joel “Uptown Girl” Wrigley Field w/ Guest Amy Schumer 8/27/15

Billy Joel “Uptown Girl” Wrigley Field w/ Guest Amy Schumer 8/27/15

Billy Joel at Wrigley Field sings “Uptown Girl” with surprise guest Amy Schumer From “Trainwreck”

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20 Responses

  1. Jeff Schall says:

    They are such dorks. lol Glad that some celebs can feel comfortable enough
    to be silly when they don’t need to be. :-D

  2. Bill Schick says:

    You seriously could not bring your self to record in landscape? This is so
    horrible to watch.

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  4. Pastel says:

    Amy and JLaw are my favorite duo, along with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

  5. Libellula Liberty says:

    Jennifer ?????❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Rooh Tertu says:


  7. Ivan Cherbody says:

    You either hate JLaw, don’t care for her or don’t know who she is ! haha

  8. Angela Savage says:


  9. Amanda Sharples says:

    Love this new friendship of theirs

  10. Lucy87 says:

    Amy is hilarious!!!

  11. Greg Bellan says:

    If only this dude knew how to use an iPhone to record video. Landscape
    sir…. It’s your best friend. #PetPeeve

  12. Nichole Kmett says:

    I want Kyle Dunnigan to be on top of that piano with his TOP HAT!! He’d be
    walking on air.

  13. John Payne says:

    This makes me so happy.

  14. Amolak Singh says:

    Amy schumer went from talib kweli earlier this week to billy joel thats

  15. Dan Guy Fowlkes says:

    Landscape, please. I don’t need to see the stage lights. You could have had
    everyone in frame at once, looking bigger than ants, rather than having to
    pan down the chorus line or cut out most of what was happening at any given

  16. John Doe says:

    Look! A pig dancing on a piano!

  17. Joshua Kavevz says:

    5,000 views and this is under most popular?

  18. Ed Junior says:

    That piano needed to break for the hilarity.

  19. Josiah Tropp says:

    was at the concert as well. it was so awesome! Not just Amy Schumer, but
    also Jennifer Lawrence.

  20. Aron Kozin says:

    OMG turn your phone to shoot video. What is so hard about that for people?